*NEW* Xbox Series X UNBOXING! (I got the NEW Xbox EARLY)

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Xbox Series X Unboxing, Controller, Size + MORE! (New Xbox Console)
► PS5 Unboxing - noburn.info/id/video/k3WWf7KdYKqcjqQ.html
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Runtime: 10:15


Ali-A - 26 dager siden
2 NEW consoles in 2 days - Enjoy the unboxing! 🥳🙌🏻
Tristan Jumeau
Tristan Jumeau - 9 dager siden
I got it to
JASON MERINO - 10 dager siden
Xbox made a Xbox x series fridge
chappy - 16 dager siden
happy birthday
Freddy Alejandro
Freddy Alejandro - 17 dager siden
Batteries in next gen, lol.
Abdulmanx Gul
Abdulmanx Gul - 19 dager siden
@Fabrizio J. no
Abood Meshan
Abood Meshan - 3 timer siden
Can Xbox upload fortnite
Carla Almeikdahahaha
Carla Almeikdahahaha - 23 timer siden
Alia play fortnite on xbox series x please
sih 0408
sih 0408 - 2 dager siden
Guys I got both ps5 and Xbox light work
sih 0408
sih 0408 - 2 dager siden
sih 0408
sih 0408 - 2 dager siden
Hey guys I got the ps 21 for free
sih 0408
sih 0408 - 2 dager siden
What is up guys my mum got me a ps5
sih 0408
sih 0408 - 2 dager siden
Hey guys I have never used a x box in my life but guess what I still get it for free don’t be salty
sih 0408
sih 0408 - 2 dager siden
Other YouTubers: hey guys today we are playing miles morals . Ali a : hey guys in the fortnite update
S. Rz
S. Rz - 2 dager siden
It’s true tho
S. Rz
S. Rz - 2 dager siden
U better pay for it
sih 0408
sih 0408 - 2 dager siden
S. Rz
S. Rz - 2 dager siden
It ain’t free
S. Rz
S. Rz - 2 dager siden
Y do u get it for free
sih 0408
sih 0408 - 2 dager siden
Bro stop getting gased bro u never x box in ur life
Lauren Budgen
Lauren Budgen - 3 dager siden
Witch do you prefer xbox or playstation
CadenGamer 3778
CadenGamer 3778 - 3 dager siden
I have not been able to find one of these since the release and return....
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - 3 dager siden
I exposed my girlfriend on my YT! ༼⊙ʖ̯⊙༽
flashyD - 3 dager siden
ps5 is 100 times better

sorry xbox fanboys but playstation is just way better
DoomedThunder66 - 4 dager siden
The Xbox series X doesn’t look much different from the previous gen, just bigger. But the PS5 is atrocious. The PS5 looks like a reverse ice cream sandwich.
Freal Clips
Freal Clips - 5 dager siden
They shouldv called it the xbox tripophobia x. Disgusting
Nathan 2610
Nathan 2610 - 8 dager siden
am i the only one who's ps4 takes clips of the last 15 minutes instead of 15 or 30 seconds
Janice Welcome
Janice Welcome - 9 dager siden
Anthony Lewis
Anthony Lewis - 9 dager siden
Xbox controller comes out with a cord like they did with the Xbox 360 will you don't have to waste batteries I'm in but otherwise I will have to wait if it comes down to cheap I go for it I am wasting batteries I'm waiting it came up with a cord where you don't have to I'm down
Anthony Lewis
Anthony Lewis - 9 dager siden
First gets a little cheaper I'm going with Xbox if the PlayStation ever make something a different color they would have me but Xbox I liked it the black color matching everything it goes with
SoaR Fishy
SoaR Fishy - 10 dager siden
Me and my dad tried to get a series x for 6 hours and didn’t get one😭😭
Nadia mutoni
Nadia mutoni - 11 dager siden
ps5 is better
Finn Gully
Finn Gully - 11 dager siden
I got the Xbox series X the other day but I haven't got a chance to play it yet
Doot Bast
Doot Bast - 11 dager siden
Joey Davanzo
Joey Davanzo - 11 dager siden
I think the Xbox is a better console. It is built better and the ps5 has been lighting on fire
Reece Bernhardt
Reece Bernhardt - 12 dager siden
What do your think is better

What one would you also buy
Comment your answer
Taco Good
Taco Good - 12 dager siden
My dad got it, it was open for less than 2 mins
ThreeToedSloth6 - 12 dager siden
He's Never going to use it
Aiden Arellano
Aiden Arellano - 13 dager siden
Ali a stop clickbaiting stop clickbaiting ur 9 yr old viewers lol
Juliussmoothie - 13 dager siden
Do the Xbox one rechargeable batteries for controllers work on the new Xbox ones??
SUHAAN C - 13 dager siden
jelly has 20 M subs dont ever abuse jelly
BAKIR DAYEM - 13 dager siden
i mean i can buy the xbox series X but i want the xbox S
BAKIR DAYEM - 13 dager siden
xbox 1S
BradBetteridge - 13 dager siden
Think the Xbox looks better imo, I’m a hard psn fan aswell
T0MZ - 13 dager siden
looks very simple, im a fan of simplicity so i like the design
Sour Goat
Sour Goat - 14 dager siden
Xbox Series X Is bettet
King gaming
King gaming - 14 dager siden
ps5 is the best
Quixy - 14 dager siden
Imagine playing on a garbage can
xd chemicall
xd chemicall - 14 dager siden
Tomorrow 👀
Floaty Memes
Floaty Memes - 15 dager siden
Wasn’t the new Xbox a mini fridge? Or was that just a joke?
The Hulk
The Hulk - 15 dager siden
Sorry cuh I beat ya already on that console
Peter Paul
Peter Paul - 16 dager siden
I hear a ringing sound in all of your videos... very annoying
XciZ3r-_- - 16 dager siden
The Xbox’s packaging is way better then ps5
Fono Mila
Fono Mila - 16 dager siden
can I have one of them pls
Tyler King2014
Tyler King2014 - 16 dager siden
Honestly man I'm torn... I've always stayed true to Sony but really feeling like Xbox took the cake and might need to switch over..
Begotten Z
Begotten Z - 14 dager siden
It is , Xbox is great and people hate on it for no reason , trust me you wouldn’t have no regrets having an Xbox . Master chief is waiting for you bro 😎
Dark Angel Games
Dark Angel Games - 16 dager siden
Not gonna lie 4:03 scared me, I think I might a peed a little bit..jk. Alia I love you but sheesh my heart man. What game is that tho, frikin scary.
John McBrien
John McBrien - 16 dager siden
Like= X Box
Reply= PS5
Freddy Alejandro
Freddy Alejandro - 17 dager siden
Batteries in next gen, lol.
Freddy Alejandro
Freddy Alejandro - Dag siden
@AA BB Nah.
AA BB - 14 dager siden
Batteries are better
Dkyle Bridges
Dkyle Bridges - 18 dager siden
aha his channels dying
Callen Soobramoney
Callen Soobramoney - 18 dager siden
Xbox looks huge on photo
Huncho Escobar
Huncho Escobar - 18 dager siden
Wait how did you get it
ASH CGK - 18 dager siden
how do yall afford wallets? im over here looking through my pockets
nemo fishye
nemo fishye - 18 dager siden
Totally not actually the console ITS obviuos he didnt Even play himself and the Button are the wrong color on xbox
Meme Monkey
Meme Monkey - 19 dager siden
I love how Ali-A doesn’t fight over consoles he has both and likes both of them that’s why he’s one of my favorite youtubers
Photique.Net - 19 dager siden
Im getting the x box Siri x
Typical Ghost
Typical Ghost - 19 dager siden
I like ps5 better
Johngallagher89 X
Johngallagher89 X - 19 dager siden
What up Ali A how is your day today and today is my birthday today and You make Awesome Video and I watch your video every day and can you please give me a shout today please and I Subscribe to your YouTube channel
Katie Butler
Katie Butler - 19 dager siden
WOOOH NOW LETS GET A SWITCH PRO UNBOXING ya know when it comes out
Logy at Work YT
Logy at Work YT - 20 dager siden
Batteries in 2020... nice job
Yo guys It is Me fraz
Yo guys It is Me fraz - 20 dager siden
Ps5 is bigger
hippo master
hippo master - 20 dager siden
The Xbox over the PlayStation play the intro now.
james williams
james williams - 20 dager siden
In case for that call of duty game 7:25
james williams
james williams - 20 dager siden
Daryle Williams
Daryle Williams - 20 dager siden
Gamestop just charged my card and my order status has changed to preparing for shipment. Does that mean I may possibly get it before the 10th
Crispy Cream Lord64
Crispy Cream Lord64 - 20 dager siden
Petition for Ali-A to do xbox series x gameplay
Brayden Cameron james
Brayden Cameron james - 20 dager siden
That’s disgusting the PS five’s are better
Iv Impostor
Iv Impostor - 20 dager siden
Im going to get the new controller when its comes out
Dameion Elliott
Dameion Elliott - 20 dager siden
It maybe a powerfully console but it looks like a mini fridge
brick_Dark460 - 20 dager siden
Not xbox a frige
Matt Faria
Matt Faria - 20 dager siden
Ps5 @2.5 millions views and xbox @850k.....
Chief Xesty
Chief Xesty - 20 dager siden
Fortnite just optimized the game for next generation Consoles. Play fortnite on the new consoles!!
Aaronthegamer KL
Aaronthegamer KL - 20 dager siden
You should get the fridge next
Super LTB
Super LTB - 20 dager siden
Hey, can u give me a Xbox series I really want one
Super LTB
Super LTB - 20 dager siden
How do u start
Super LTB
Super LTB - 20 dager siden
How do u get those for free?
Uncle Gyro
Uncle Gyro - 20 dager siden
You didn’t unbox it, you gotta get screwdrivers and open up the third box
Tyr33c3 24
Tyr33c3 24 - 21 dag siden
If anything I’m still getting the ps5
Mason. - 21 dag siden
I love Xbox!! I hope i can get it
Jace Cottam
Jace Cottam - 21 dag siden
I want to get one
FBI - 21 dag siden
Gets ps5 commercial on Xbox series x video. Nice
Florent Owofi
Florent Owofi - 21 dag siden
Daniel Salahadin
Daniel Salahadin - 21 dag siden
Yeah mostly Ali-A uses playstation consoles then xbox. Xbox is🤮
obcy39 - 21 dag siden
1:33 ‘4K gaming with 20fps’ - yeah that’s about right
Rito - 16 dager siden
It’s actually very surprising that it runs 4k 60FPS on most games and not 30
Phoenix1 - 21 dag siden
midlight - 21 dag siden
He makes me up when I'm sad and I get happy after I watch his videos😁
Flght - 21 dag siden
Ainfinity 2000
Ainfinity 2000 - 21 dag siden
Eberhard Garrison
Eberhard Garrison - 21 dag siden
does anyone relize that when a youtuber asks a questoin and put your answer in comments no one does that
ThatGuyAron - 21 dag siden
Ps5 is better.
CreeperScopez - 21 dag siden
Petition for ali a to bring back his old intro. Btw plz subscribe
Ali Limbada
Ali Limbada - 21 dag siden
The xbox 1 controller was the best cuz you could charge it
Harrison Neal
Harrison Neal - 21 dag siden
Ily ali
Jack Langton
Jack Langton - 21 dag siden
Trash Xbox ps4 is and will allways be the best
Jack Langton
Jack Langton - 21 dag siden
Ik stop it but I’m just saying I think ps5 looks nicer to and Xbox could have a little more detail
Skrt Shadow
Skrt Shadow - 21 dag siden
Stop consle wars
big shaw
big shaw - 21 dag siden
So can we connect external headphones to the Xbox and ps5??
Juan Jurado
Juan Jurado - 21 dag siden
Love me some Xbox!!!!
Infinite Cod master
Infinite Cod master - 21 dag siden
Haych dmi cable
HunterMZx23 - 21 dag siden
Imagine if he was clickbaiting...and he pulls out a xbox 360😂😂
Electronic Freak playz fortnite and more!
I like xbox more
JOSE PISCIL-MARTINEZ - 22 dager siden
xbox player