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Fortnite Update - Wolverine Boss Mythic + Midas Fish FOUND!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
Runtime: 12:47


Utji Djuwaningsih
Utji Djuwaningsih - 2 dager siden
The pistol didn't turn LEGENDARY because it doesn't have the legendary type.
Steve wilson
Steve wilson - 5 dager siden
I got 4 midas floppers in 1 day
Awesome Games
Awesome Games - 6 dager siden
I caught 6 midas floppers 5 in battle lab and one in a pub
hunter barnett
hunter barnett - 7 dager siden
i got the logan wolverine stile
Adil Ali
Adil Ali - 8 dager siden
Adil Ali
Adil Ali - 8 dager siden
Kitten cat
Kitten cat - 10 dager siden
the pistols didn't change because there wasn't a legendary form of the pistols, there were only the revolvers
mohamed madbouly
mohamed madbouly - 10 dager siden
Can you Give me Season 4 please I need it please I did everything please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please
Lazer Beam
Lazer Beam - 11 dager siden
I caught the Midasflopper 2 Times
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - 14 dager siden
Love you
Emery Anderson
Emery Anderson - 14 dager siden
Wolverine is to op more players would die to him then to eachother like if you agree commen if you disagree
Esete Lulseged
Esete Lulseged - 14 dager siden
Jacob Stapnes-Jacobsen
Jacob Stapnes-Jacobsen - 17 dager siden
I have Two minds flopper
Crewstor OMG!
Crewstor OMG! - 18 dager siden
Fady Safnat
Fady Safnat - 19 dager siden
I got Midas fish !!!!!
Dodo Ghazal
Dodo Ghazal - 21 dag siden
Vendetta flopper is easy to get i got it 15 times in 1 month
Just a dude who likes guitars
CM JAIN - 23 dager siden
wolverine can self revive but nothing can happen when shaking down wolverine he can only self revive himself
Nicholas Collier
Nicholas Collier - 24 dager siden
You can only find the Midas flopper at the authority
Viviana Burgos
Viviana Burgos - 26 dager siden
Ali a you should put Vishal sound effects on to find wolverine faster drop a like if it helps for you?
Cliff Hoyland
Cliff Hoyland - 26 dager siden
I have it
Amer Hana
Amer Hana - 26 dager siden
pistols didnt change because legendary pistols vaulted
UwU - 27 dager siden
How do you get 3 hours before storm?
Brady Lowder
Brady Lowder - Måned siden
I caught the midas fish
Ashton Slater
Ashton Slater - Måned siden
he heals himself
ACE X - Måned siden
The pistols didnt change because it hasnt got a legendery version
Parker Burnette
Parker Burnette - Måned siden
i got the minas flopper
mabuisba - Måned siden
Stark robots are to op
mabuisba - Måned siden
I for real have got the midas flopper
volcanoMMA - Måned siden
I'm not sure how to do that
Ran and Raj
Ran and Raj - Måned siden
He is in walling woods 5:45
Mr. Pow
Mr. Pow - Måned siden
The pistols didn’t change because the top rarity is blue they took the gold and purple out
Monster Helpers
Monster Helpers - Måned siden
Got it in fifth pond lol
BIGBOYELIJAH09 - Måned siden
6:47 yes Ali, kraken hunter indeed *wink wink*
Sub please For more fortnite
I found the Midas floper
XavierLovesToys - Måned siden
Hunt for midas flop flop starts at 8:35
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - Måned siden
Sir! If you watched my channel you wouldn't be poor right now.
One sub before 2021? ?
One sub before 2021? ? - Måned siden
Petition for AliA to bring back his old intro
XXX Yuilx the Wolf XXX
XXX Yuilx the Wolf XXX - Måned siden
Luvmybrandon - Måned siden
Oscar Palmer
Oscar Palmer - Måned siden
Wolverine can also spawn at slurry swamp
Max does everything
Max does everything - Måned siden
he didn't notice the healing symbols!?!
urmila sharma
urmila sharma - Måned siden
Woverine has unlimited health
hayden scott
hayden scott - Måned siden
Pistols didnt change cause there isnt a gold pistol
Elijah Parfitt
Elijah Parfitt - Måned siden
Alia: let’s shake him down. He’s in battle lab?
Elijah Parfitt
Elijah Parfitt - Måned siden
Already got the Midas fish it’s actually not that hard same with the vendeda fish
Rodrigo Fishy God
Rodrigo Fishy God - Måned siden
Pistols they romv gold and prouple pistols
Galaxy Productions
Galaxy Productions - Måned siden
I caught the Midas fish
Galaxy Productions
Galaxy Productions - Måned siden
I catch it the madas flopet
Zanrich Vorster
Zanrich Vorster - Måned siden
What mode are you playing in
RevrseFN - Måned siden
Smashing it! Entertaining channel! Take a look my page and join along if you like my content 👾🔥
Xp - Måned siden
Solo duo and quads?
Super rockin trio
Super rockin trio - Måned siden
Because of how fast he talks he never gets a chance to breathe......
Miguel Ramirez
Miguel Ramirez - Måned siden
Ali A if Wolverine was in the truck or something then who killed the big robots so Wolverine was not in the truck it was someone else
Andrew Miguel Villegas
Andrew Miguel Villegas - Måned siden
My friend caught the midas fish
Xxsweat- God
Xxsweat- God - Måned siden
I don’t think bc wolovrine was In the trask trunk bc Wolverine was already in taken out sentles
ashraf fardzli
ashraf fardzli - Måned siden
I need to catch 6 more fish to complete my fishing book
Caden Carson
Caden Carson - Måned siden
He rivievded him self u can see the healing a live him
Kenna_Kitty Playzz
Kenna_Kitty Playzz - Måned siden
I do not think the Midas flopper is in the game I spent four hours trying to find it
Pixels - Måned siden
Sending virtual hugs to anyone who subscribes to me with notis❤️👀
Geo Football mad
Geo Football mad - Måned siden
the pistols didnt change because pistol rarity cant go over blue rarity
Wylie Cronin
Wylie Cronin - Måned siden
u can only catch the midas flopper in authority
Harry Tremaine
Harry Tremaine - Måned siden
I was casually fishing in battle lab for 30 minutes and caught the Midas fish!
EpixPvP - Måned siden
I caught the Midas fish 4 times in less than 24 hours
Adrian Ferati
Adrian Ferati - Måned siden
Because the legendary pistol is not in the game anymore and so is the epic pistol
Markus Dierolf
Markus Dierolf - Måned siden
I Caught four midas flappers
Artur Fraj
Artur Fraj - Måned siden
my friend catch it
Yoly S
Yoly S - Måned siden
The pistols can only be up to blue
DST Skelly
DST Skelly - Måned siden
I found TEN MIDAS floppers total
shadowsan joku
shadowsan joku - Måned siden
8:35 thank me later
Fahima Atif
Fahima Atif - Måned siden
It’s weeping woods
Ninja Bot 900
Ninja Bot 900 - Måned siden
I got it twice
Cooper hollows
Cooper hollows - Måned siden
And then his game crashes
lilmil - Måned siden
What if you use the wolverine power and stay in the storm the whole game
Natalie Keefe
Natalie Keefe - Måned siden
Wailing woods
Liz Wilson
Liz Wilson - Måned siden
Kerri - Måned siden
Ali-A I went to weeping woods but it didn't work and I couldn't find Wolverine I didn't a second time it still didn't work
Garith Lim
Garith Lim - Måned siden
Do you know i was playing team rumble my and my teamate caught a midas floper and gave it to me for free
Sebastian Andrei Stoica
Sebastian Andrei Stoica - Måned siden
I GOT the midas flopper in battle lab in my 2nd day of season 4
Ashar Ahmed
Ashar Ahmed - Måned siden
Alia I am not showing off but I promise I found midass and veddenta flopper like 2 or 5 times
Anthony Eptaminitakis
Anthony Eptaminitakis - Måned siden
Dude my friend said he liked and believe it or not he got the Midas fish
Legend Gamez
Legend Gamez - Måned siden
Dude only wolverine claws heal the boss or the user of the claws
Harry Brear
Harry Brear - Måned siden
I use code alia
Gabe Kent
Gabe Kent - Måned siden
It's fricking weeping woods not wailing woods it's so annoying when you say that
Irish Playz
Irish Playz - Måned siden
No lie I got Midas flower in two minutes I swear I’m not Lying
Kasey Edson
Kasey Edson - Måned siden
Ooh Midas flower!!! Wow!!!
Sally Rivera
Sally Rivera - Måned siden
The scoped AR is not vaulted in the game because I have had it and I don't think there is the blue ones but there is purple and gold
Jon Rees
Jon Rees - Måned siden
4:40 Day Walker?
JON BLOCKWELL - Måned siden
I found midis flopper and vendetta flopper to
Trippiy - Måned siden
AnTsAnS - Måned siden
“Solos, duos and quads”
Edit: 3:33
FoxyDevloper YT
FoxyDevloper YT - Måned siden
0:40 I didn’t get the skins :(
Emmanuel Mendez
Emmanuel Mendez - Måned siden
There is no legendary pistols anymore
Max Steel
Max Steel - Måned siden
i have used the scoped ar
Christopher Sutphen
Christopher Sutphen - Måned siden
Dana Roberts
Dana Roberts - Måned siden
Charlie Mcardlr
Charlie Mcardlr - Måned siden
Why is there red lettters
mrjamesmaths - Måned siden
I got it
Tristan Rosales
Tristan Rosales - Måned siden
I got Midas fish also
Luke Mayo
Luke Mayo - Måned siden
I meant I got the hand enter