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Fortnite Secret Skins coming to Fortnite Battle Royale!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
Runtime: 10:35


Saleh deebelu
Saleh deebelu - Måned siden
Use code Ali-a
Aleatório '-'
Aleatório '-' - Måned siden
Where is the skin of the video cover??
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - 2 måneder siden
I have the secrets to time travel on my channel.
Wendy Scott
Wendy Scott - 2 måneder siden
I hope you’re doing well and hello hi
prince Charming
prince Charming - 3 måneder siden
It's thor next
Spencer Barnett
Spencer Barnett - 3 måneder siden
It triggered me so hard the way he said taco
Jack Revell
Jack Revell - 3 måneder siden
Use code alia
Cayla Lanier
Cayla Lanier - 3 måneder siden
I got the beach bomber skin
Danny Mohammed
Danny Mohammed - 3 måneder siden
I use u r code before I buy stuff from the item shop not one not twice but like A MILLTON TIMES also USE CODE ALI A.i never won a victory royal my name in fortnite is brotherhood9193 I'm only 8 it would be a dream come true if I could play with u
Tuggy T.F.P.
Tuggy T.F.P. - 3 måneder siden
Aia a
Noah Heath
Noah Heath - 3 måneder siden
Code alia
GAMING KNIGHT 7 - 3 måneder siden
Plz gift me any skin I have subscribed liked and used your code
Epic I'd AliAbdulWasay
Radin Kompany
Radin Kompany - 3 måneder siden
Code AliA
Coco Marli
Coco Marli - 3 måneder siden
Can u give me the battle pass pls add ninja248007
Russian F.B.I
Russian F.B.I - 3 måneder siden
Oh no not again
despxn - 3 måneder siden
The henchmen skins won't be added because then that would just be pay to win
Pizzaplanet2008 - 3 måneder siden
But “LazarBeam” They’re leaked Plus they removed those Henchmen from the game in Season 4 Also you’re not LazarBeam
Anna Castilla
Anna Castilla - 3 måneder siden
Jelly has more subscribers than you
Holly Hatton
Holly Hatton - 3 måneder siden
I did everything and I used code Ali a
Harry Seymour duck playz
Harry Seymour duck playz - 3 måneder siden
I use code AliA
galaviz0211 - 3 måneder siden
Blas the foto of the forrtila she purple eyes and but the foto red eyes that my be a skin coming to the future
1 - 3 måneder siden
I use code alia
Jake Kuhn
Jake Kuhn - 3 måneder siden
Ready for a copyright lawsuit with that music
Alejandro Arechiga
Alejandro Arechiga - 3 måneder siden
Ali-A i yoused your code my yousr name is aarech2719
Luallan Cardona
Luallan Cardona - 4 måneder siden
6:30 that looks like Jules with a rollerblade costume on
Xavier Mann
Xavier Mann - 4 måneder siden
I used your code alla
Jordan Matthews
Jordan Matthews - 4 måneder siden
I ues you’re code
Minecraft Torches
Minecraft Torches - 4 måneder siden
I always use code AliA
Idxlizer - 4 måneder siden
Alia i have been using your code :)
Rjevon77 Gaming
Rjevon77 Gaming - 4 måneder siden
i am used your code
Darius Bum
Darius Bum - 4 måneder siden
I like ur videos so much 😃😃😃
Dasan Goodteacher
Dasan Goodteacher - 4 måneder siden
Ala is the og
Frxst - 4 måneder siden
I use code Ali a
Indestructible X5
Indestructible X5 - 4 måneder siden
I’m using code alia
Jonathan Schroeder
Jonathan Schroeder - 4 måneder siden
I yused you're creater
kye Mathew
kye Mathew - 4 måneder siden
I use code alia
Mini Crewmate
Mini Crewmate - 4 måneder siden
jellyfish George
jellyfish George - 4 måneder siden
Midas is not dead because it is a simulation so he will respawn
wavy snipes
wavy snipes - 4 måneder siden
Use code Ali a
Jessica Hayes
Jessica Hayes - 4 måneder siden
xPopLemon - 4 måneder siden
ali a fortnite
Philip Marino
Philip Marino - 4 måneder siden
My fortnite name is flip1024 I need black manta
Lili López
Lili López - 4 måneder siden
Cod Ali-A
leen - 4 måneder siden
Mohammad -rehda Salam al-Ibrahimi
The guy in the window in oceans Loding screen is the black manta
hype house
hype house - 4 måneder siden
I've used code alia
NLS NLS - 4 måneder siden
Code Ali a me
Al Rama
Al Rama - 4 måneder siden
I love you Ali a
AstroFire - 4 måneder siden
I use code alia
Gary Drummond
Gary Drummond - 4 måneder siden
Dylan Lynch
Dylan Lynch - 4 måneder siden
Thumbnail is litteraly the iris pack 😂
Lucy Bowman
Lucy Bowman - 4 måneder siden
I found one of those chest beside the grotto
2K Maniac
2K Maniac - 4 måneder siden
i am using code alia
Lucy Bowman
Lucy Bowman - 4 måneder siden
Vergey - 4 måneder siden
AliA want to do a make a vid together I want to be just like you I think you the best
Cool Aryan
Cool Aryan - 4 måneder siden
Have you ever play split screen in Fortnite
Marge Burhart
Marge Burhart - 4 måneder siden
I used code AliA
Nikki Mcgee
Nikki Mcgee - 4 måneder siden
I subbed. My user name is kingfisher1965
Sai Gnandeep Reddy Duvvuru
Sai Gnandeep Reddy Duvvuru - 4 måneder siden
i use code Ali-A
Gemma Johnson
Gemma Johnson - 4 måneder siden
I am putting code AliA in the item shop
XGamerchampX - 4 måneder siden
I’m using code fresh
Max Frye
Max Frye - 4 måneder siden
The red eyes i think it is black manta
Louise Elliott
Louise Elliott - 4 måneder siden
Noes job🤩🤩🤩🤩
renツ - 4 måneder siden
oh yea, 200 iq
Mann gaming Bajwa
Mann gaming Bajwa - 4 måneder siden
Used code Ali a
#Ellie #Adam
#Ellie #Adam - 4 måneder siden
I think the roller skate skink will have an emote the emote will be rollerskating where it’s like conga
gloc haus
gloc haus - 4 måneder siden
Hi I love fortnite so much but I only have default skins so I would love it if u could maybe gift me something? My name is Master_gloc
Poke Tips
Poke Tips - 4 måneder siden
I used your code!!
Rebecca Hill
Rebecca Hill - 4 måneder siden
I used your code 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Rebecca Hill
Rebecca Hill - 4 måneder siden
I saw your skin in the item store
Elizabeth Flory
Elizabeth Flory - 4 måneder siden
That guy Zac
That guy Zac - 4 måneder siden
I u
I us
I use
I use c
I use co
I use cod
I use code
I use code A
I use code Al
I use code Ali
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I use code Ali-A
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Aubrielle lugue
Aubrielle lugue - 4 måneder siden
wear is other boses like aucwaman
Dinosaur Du Plessis
Dinosaur Du Plessis - 4 måneder siden
there is a wavebreaker skin it was chapter 2 starter pack
Cozy Chomps YT FORTNITE - 4 måneder siden
4:10 girl moving thick cute and right by a chest
JU - 05DN 802478 Whiteoaks PS
JU - 05DN 802478 Whiteoaks PS - 4 måneder siden
Archie West
Archie West - 4 måneder siden
Thor will be in the game
TXC Drifts
TXC Drifts - 4 måneder siden
I used code Ali a
C.A.C Daily
C.A.C Daily - 4 måneder siden
My epic name is Chrissaju
C.A.C Daily
C.A.C Daily - 4 måneder siden
I use code AliA can you gave me battle pass
DatbotguyXD - 4 måneder siden
6:35 isn’t that lynx?
Lopez_Official - 4 måneder siden
Plz my name is GUFF4Life
Lopez_Official - 4 måneder siden
Can you ad me I play on PlayStation
just Danny
just Danny - 4 måneder siden
I use code Ali-A please can you gift me summer drift me and a emote I HATE the battle pass also I need a skin and a emote epic is Rookyspy3868254
LEAH MOORE - 4 måneder siden
I use code Ali-A
Mobilegod360. Chill
Mobilegod360. Chill - 4 måneder siden
Fortnite gives Alia a career and Alia is exposing them🤦
freshy weshy
freshy weshy - 4 måneder siden
i use ur code
srt Wheel refurbs
srt Wheel refurbs - 4 måneder siden
I got shadow wild card on right now
adam nosseir
adam nosseir - 4 måneder siden
I used code Ali a
Sportbomber Boy
Sportbomber Boy - 4 måneder siden
At 7:25 it is shadow Meowscles obviously
nice time
nice time - 4 måneder siden
I USED Code AliA
nice time
nice time - 4 måneder siden
I Used Code Alia
Shadowed - 4 måneder siden
I use code AliA in the fortnite shop and I bought the new golden pack using your code AliA in the shop btw love ur content looking forward to more content
Lizzie Power
Lizzie Power - 4 måneder siden
Recon expert lava skin like the blaze skin it would be cool
Oinfinityboy - 4 måneder siden
On my friends list I have an epic games worker he has every skin and heas leval 5000
Lakshmi Priya
Lakshmi Priya - 4 måneder siden
Does anyone know the intro song name?pls reply
Daisy Does Gaming
Daisy Does Gaming - 4 måneder siden
I used you're code❤
Scot MacPherson
Scot MacPherson - 4 måneder siden
Abby Taylor
Abby Taylor - 4 måneder siden
Add me Please
FNgamingYT - 4 måneder siden
I used code Ali a 😁
CNG vortex
CNG vortex - 4 måneder siden
My theory: remember in the fortbyte loading screen in season 9 with all the past and future events in it. There was a monster in it, but not like the cattus monster, so my theory is those eyes in the loading screen was that monster, and we will have a long mystery involed with it, and then the event might be that monster versus a kraken.
Fr0zT - 4 måneder siden
It’s probs black manta well it is I hacked the epic servers and there are files of black manta
Anonymous Rebel
Anonymous Rebel - 4 måneder siden
The red eyed demon in the window is the Black Manta.....boo yeah!!!