*NEW* SECRET REWARDS in Fortnite! (Leaked Skins, Weapons + MORE)

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Fortnite Secret Mythics, Skins and MORE in this video!
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Runtime: 11:06


Angelia Potwin
Angelia Potwin - 15 dager siden
Harmon Williams
Harmon Williams - 27 dager siden
alia did you know that all the teloscopes may have ben loking at galacktus
leviticus maximus
leviticus maximus - 27 dager siden
I love that there putting my favorite marvel character into fortnite😁
Gemma Pope
Gemma Pope - 29 dager siden
Kevin Zhang
Kevin Zhang - Måned siden
Wow lotta kids here.
Maxito_Uzumaki_08 - Måned siden
Fishy army
Kim c Callahan
Kim c Callahan - Måned siden
Yo I have your logo
Karl Jacob
Karl Jacob - Måned siden
I subbed because of call of infinite warfare walk through
Anna Mohamed
Anna Mohamed - Måned siden
Wait since when did Fortnite get back on the app and the ruins is open the new season so how did the Midas update. Hmmmmm? 🤔
Mr Li Poor
Mr Li Poor - Måned siden
Insane Ninja
Insane Ninja - Måned siden
Fun but it’s not a big deal
Kirsas - Måned siden
Dude she hulk can double jump
Kirsas - Måned siden
Dude cool merch
Hi Im Gerold
Hi Im Gerold - Måned siden
3:08 don’t lie to yourself like that..
O M G Cadj
O M G Cadj - Måned siden
Ali-a sister is his girlfriend sweet home Alabama
Meram Adel
Meram Adel - Måned siden
Landon Westry
Landon Westry - Måned siden
Ya what did you start in
Chris M
Chris M - Måned siden
why is there a really high pitched cricket sound in the background
Doggo Boiz
Doggo Boiz - Måned siden
4:45 how is he playing the new season on mobile?
Shadow Clan
Shadow Clan - Måned siden
If there was a pirates of the Caribbean skin there would probably be a jonny depp skin
Riley Spruzen
Riley Spruzen - Måned siden
Amelia Garcia
Amelia Garcia - Måned siden
Ali a I have all your merch so far and your my favorite YouTuber please reply
IG - 04ME 836083 Shaw PS
IG - 04ME 836083 Shaw PS - Måned siden
I found some thing
geofff argent
geofff argent - Måned siden
I yous your code
Coop Playz
Coop Playz - Måned siden
They band it on phone Ali-A
matt jude peralta
matt jude peralta - Måned siden
I can't wait for Venom, and Ghost Rider but I like Daredevil also lots of more update for Halloween
Joey Villarinte
Joey Villarinte - Måned siden
Can u imagine if fortnite brought the guy from marvel called modak as a boss i wonder what that would look like..??!?!
ALIA have you ever heard of juice wrld I love his music and you vids.please replie
Folz - Måned siden
i feel like the hole shadow zombie thing that happens when u die should be an LTM who agrees with me
Ravanotics Gaming
Ravanotics Gaming - Måned siden
When he is doing the photo shoot I think he should get a haircut because his hair is going off the side of his cap
VIP-KING63 - Måned siden
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - Måned siden
I'm not first.
It's not my birthday.
No one passed away.
My family's ok.
All I want is... a like.
Keaton Wolfrom
Keaton Wolfrom - Måned siden
Tina Tim
Tina Tim - Måned siden
Gg was a great time for me and my friend and my dad and my sister in the past and she was gonna we were going out and she said hi to you I was just thinking of her I love ya so very very sad and I love ya and she was just gonna
Creamyy - Måned siden
YOUR DOGS ARE SO CUTE!!!! Awwww 😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰
Lily Collier
Lily Collier - Måned siden
theory; i think the gargoyles are from the movie gnome and Juliet 2 were they find sherlock homes and they get captured by the gargoyles, and they watch them so they dont get away. they watch the tv to get distracted and then gnome and Juliet can escape. ????
HydroShahin - Måned siden
The defaults are gonna be i guess
I used code AliA
Raquel Corona
Raquel Corona - Måned siden
I👍 to
Raquel Corona
Raquel Corona - Måned siden
👆 ALI. A
Vaughn Landicho
Vaughn Landicho - Måned siden
i think the ghost rider is a boss i think
VIVAN MEHTA_VII_D_38 - Måned siden
I wish I could buy these skins :(
XxNightmarexX _PR
XxNightmarexX _PR - Måned siden
My man doesn’t know who are Jekyll and Hyde or Baba Yaga 🤣
I draw Monsters
I draw Monsters - Måned siden
Has no one realized that that the echo 1 at camp cod is an Easter egg to the new ghostbusters movie
Zach Vande Voort
Zach Vande Voort - Måned siden
My brother said that everybody believes you
OThePro 10
OThePro 10 - Måned siden
Same lke Tube
Brad Fallen
Brad Fallen - Måned siden
I wish I got gifted
Blueicy_ 44
Blueicy_ 44 - Måned siden
I can't wait for ghost rider to come out no one cares and his movies are amazing
statrix gaming
statrix gaming - Måned siden
Yay red head defult 8s back tho
statrix gaming
statrix gaming - Måned siden
Green evil woman is liek the rip off of she hulk but punk style
EZC_DyllDiamond - Måned siden
7:07 HOW
Jose Corona
Jose Corona - Måned siden
FuRy_Death : /
FuRy_Death : / - Måned siden
And also alia they is a unbreakable tree near the ghostbuster car
Dylan Vance
Dylan Vance - Måned siden
BTW the gnome in bed with the gargoyles is a Sean from Sherlock gnomes when the the gargoyles are tricking the gnomes
Darkcross 2474
Darkcross 2474 - Måned siden
F-a-k-e title card
Dylan Vance
Dylan Vance - Måned siden
Keep up the work ali
Remersh Kaur
Remersh Kaur - Måned siden
Ali-A you are the best YouTuber on YouTube
Bunz - Måned siden
Alai is so fun to watch
Like if you agree 👍
ryan sakdaddy
ryan sakdaddy - Måned siden
Omega M Rumford
Omega M Rumford - Måned siden
why did you stop playing fortnite
Joe Is A Gamer
Joe Is A Gamer - Måned siden
Me:-sees shadow Midas ready to high five-
Also me:**slaps ipad where Midas’ hand is**
Kobee Giles
Kobee Giles - Måned siden
First comment

Looks at the comment and its the last

Flamur Dervishaj
Flamur Dervishaj - Måned siden
I use code alia
CrazyCrafts - Måned siden
How do they play in mobile?
BMarko - Måned siden
00:30 turn on titles and see it will say alien merch is dropping next monday
talha 0113
talha 0113 - Måned siden
Looks like weeping angeels
Hecko. GT
Hecko. GT - Måned siden
Fortnite is still a thing?
Marvin Ofori
Marvin Ofori - Måned siden
Leah Knight
Leah Knight - Måned siden
Hi Ali
Ruby hall
Ruby hall - Måned siden
Ali I can't get the merch straight away will there be tons??
Fishy Plays
Fishy Plays - Måned siden
I used your code.
Bader Ben Awadh
Bader Ben Awadh - Måned siden
Merch is out
wait how did mobile players got in season 4
HJ_Youtube - Måned siden
Alia helecopters are gone
Adam Memi
Adam Memi - Måned siden
Theory: Some sort of mythic will be added into the game that is related to ghostbusters that will allow us to capture the ghosts????. USE CODE ALI A IN THE ITEM SHOP
Lochy rex
Lochy rex - Måned siden
I would love pirates of the Caribbean skins if they made them
Rickster Gaming
Rickster Gaming - Måned siden
3:55 Thats Chariot Requiem
PotatoKingofGaming - Måned siden
theory: I think the gargoyles might be referencing to the episode of doctor who with the angel statues
Radioactive-hussnain Butt
Radioactive-hussnain Butt - Måned siden
Ik that alia
Leann Esguerra
Leann Esguerra - Måned siden
alia why when i yus code alia in fortnite it not giving me anything
suma latha
suma latha - Måned siden
Who all have noticed that Midas' injured eye is not injured no more...
JUSTYN WILLIAMS 1 - Måned siden
Is the silver surfer mythic gone ????
86. Snipz
86. Snipz - Måned siden
The dr is Dr Jekyll and mr Hyde
mahmoud saidy
mahmoud saidy - Måned siden
Hi aila u pro
Soog - Måned siden
remember when he used to do cod vids only
Benjamin Sragowicz
Benjamin Sragowicz - Måned siden
Victor CCAR
Victor CCAR - Måned siden
me mama
Dasher253 - Måned siden
There is going to be an Ariana Grande Skin coming soon in Fortnite Battle Royale, cop or nah?
Sammy Love
Sammy Love - Måned siden
the kid who knows how to dab
The henchmen are basically named Bill and Ted by the way I came up with that name
missoptimus88 - Måned siden
Elijah Alvarado
Elijah Alvarado - Måned siden
Make me use your support
Anthony Esparza
Anthony Esparza - Måned siden
They did a cross over on rocket league too of gostbusters
Finley Outram
Finley Outram - Måned siden
You do the best videos!!! I love them.I only miss a video when I’m on holiday or something like that
Maxi - Måned siden
Alia I know u gut a lot of hate but u soo help full and I use your code;)
Pragasen CHETTY
Pragasen CHETTY - Måned siden
Hi alia on the 1st of November the ghost rider cup is coming out with the skin so please do a video of u unlocking it,doing game play and talking about his mythics
durteh YT ッ
durteh YT ッ - Måned siden
I really don’t play Fortnite anymore but the Fortnite map is sickk
Jasper Kailus
Jasper Kailus - Måned siden
Broken Hearted Winner
Broken Hearted Winner - Måned siden
i just remembered that in the ghostbusters movies there are some gargoyles from a building which turn 2 characters into demons,anyone getting vibes that there might be an event for ghostbusters??👀
Ember Hughes
Ember Hughes - Måned siden
Just so you know Baba Yaga is actually Russian myth