*NEW* SECRET MYTHICS coming to Fortnite! (LIVE Event, End of Season + MORE)

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Fortnite SECRETS Mythics, End of Season EVENT + MORE!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
Runtime: 10:02


Gacha Swirlzzz
Gacha Swirlzzz - 3 dager siden
The glowing green thing on the battle bus is CORANA VIRUS!!
GentleDoor5 - 4 dager siden
Nice vid, my epic: FranzTheDemon
Christie K
Christie K - 5 dager siden
my user name is Dank Monster 9001 i wach your videos
Cara Foshee
Cara Foshee - 5 dager siden
Ali a you are cool
7. up. cool boy 2019
7. up. cool boy 2019 - 8 dager siden
How much more weeks
7. up. cool boy 2019
7. up. cool boy 2019 - 8 dager siden
Why is spiderman not coming
Ty and jack Adventures
Ty and jack Adventures - 9 dager siden
Done used code alia
GreatYoutuberGamer95 - 9 dager siden
My dream skin I said would be a marvel skin and probs either iron man venom or Spider-Man (mainly Spider-Man ) before the season was realeased
battle Bus fish
battle Bus fish - 12 dager siden
Sunshine Scrubs
Sunshine Scrubs - 12 dager siden
i love your vids plz make more
HOURLYSNIPES - 13 dager siden
Subscribe to FUSION
Ayaan oP
Ayaan oP - 15 dager siden
How much character are there to fight Galactus?
XxWEEFIxX - 15 dager siden
Wait... They put the of defaults to chapter 2, maybe they did that to hint at the chapter 1 map. Also the burger head skin came back maybe food fight will... I hope
Louise Havercroft
Louise Havercroft - 15 dager siden
Mason mcbeath
Mason mcbeath - 16 dager siden
I use ur creator code
bananas89 - 16 dager siden
So you think the heli carrier thingy that has the vault is holding the weapons in the vault that were gonna use for attacking galactus and I doubt it but maybe it could be holding a thing were we unable a weapon like past events
Alexgamer368pro - 16 dager siden
Where are my chapter 1 ogs?
jamie Andreasen
jamie Andreasen - 16 dager siden
"The epic battle is going to be EPIC" Its funny how you said EPIC twice XD
Mark Jardine
Mark Jardine - 16 dager siden
Lachlans skin Is so fire
Hypex ϟ Demon
Hypex ϟ Demon - 16 dager siden
BBH Baker
BBH Baker - 17 dager siden
Btw Ali-A uh the live event might be on November 28th!
Charlotte Stacy
Charlotte Stacy - 17 dager siden
Yo my like button is black
Natalya Romanov
Natalya Romanov - 17 dager siden
I liked and subscribe my username is soccerboy897
Mohammed Khan
Mohammed Khan - 17 dager siden
the epic battle is gonna be epic
Samuel Marrufo
Samuel Marrufo - 17 dager siden
Everyone: galactus is huge
Really: galactus is small
Everyone again: why is he so small?
nicky daniels
nicky daniels - 17 dager siden
your my favourite youtuber
Miguel Bautistacornejo
Miguel Bautistacornejo - 17 dager siden
I’ve been Doctor Strange got all the old stuff back to the CZZZZ might bring it back
Abdel Hadi KOBEISSE - 17 dager siden
any news for Spiderman?
Castle Clasher123
Castle Clasher123 - 17 dager siden
Please make a video where you hit galactus 65.000 times 😂😁
Daniel Xian
Daniel Xian - 18 dager siden
OCE NeZure
OCE NeZure - 18 dager siden
wow :)
Joshua Thomas
Joshua Thomas - 18 dager siden
Ask epic if we can have mythic wings in fortnie
Joshua Thomas
Joshua Thomas - 18 dager siden
wood plantian
wood plantian - 18 dager siden
I feel like that galactic event is kinda be like the storm king one
Neo James Peroy
Neo James Peroy - 18 dager siden
bro where the heck is black panther skin
i thought it was coming out?
jacob brantley
jacob brantley - 18 dager siden
Can I have a shout out I used to use code Alia in the item shop intil I got my supporter it’s Jb
Noah Abrahams
Noah Abrahams - 18 dager siden
when they say Christmas and ur Jewish :(
Gxbvy only Sniper
Gxbvy only Sniper - 18 dager siden
11 November 2020: epic games employer touch a YouTube server
11 novembre 2020: **bugs everywhere and site crashes**
Liam Clegg
Liam Clegg - 18 dager siden
You can also put code ali a into the rocket leauge
Dylan’s gaming Channel
Dylan’s gaming Channel - 18 dager siden
But if we sniped I’m then there would a... FLOOOD and I don’t wanna end up with another bad season like 3 so um you could make a new live event
Rhylee Luca
Rhylee Luca - 18 dager siden
Can I just say silver surfer has defeated galactus before in fantastic 4 the rise of the silver surfer
Crewmate - 18 dager siden
I actually want the map to disappear so we get a new one
Luke Knowles-Cardona
Luke Knowles-Cardona - 18 dager siden
8:12 what if all of are wepos are ready in the fault
En3rGy Clan
En3rGy Clan - 18 dager siden
Hayden Ricker
Hayden Ricker - 18 dager siden
maybe ther ewill be sheld wepons for the final figth
Adriel - 18 dager siden
I don’t like the word maybe
Seana Pitts
Seana Pitts - 18 dager siden
You are my fave Fortnite YouTuber plz like yay Fortnite
pogi _LP
pogi _LP - 18 dager siden
plis sub
pogi _LP
pogi _LP - 18 dager siden
se mi gdo suba
Zohaib Hussain
Zohaib Hussain - 18 dager siden
Jett Hesterman
Jett Hesterman - 19 dager siden
TACO - 19 dager siden
Purple or orange? 5:52
Yahya Sharef
Yahya Sharef - 19 dager siden
Ali are you Arabic
John Khoury
John Khoury - 19 dager siden
You know I think the battle buss Will have a sut up
welile mdede
welile mdede - 19 dager siden
epic account is troylee_sa
Konnor Egginton
Konnor Egginton - 19 dager siden
Why would you want yo say goodbye to the evil gnome
Dave santiago
Dave santiago - 19 dager siden
maybe nick fury might be heli carrior boss i mean it is his heli carrior
Katherine Gonzales
Katherine Gonzales - 19 dager siden
do some one have extra skin can i have one my name is vincentgonzales
namita Kapoor
namita Kapoor - 19 dager siden
I'm your biggest fan purpleman077 my username
Doggotexter - 19 dager siden
Just saying but it is possible u do get loot in the aircraft vault because u got in on battle lab in vaults on battle lab there is no chest in real games there are
Army men, and puppit channle
Army men, and puppit channle - 19 dager siden
Zach B
Zach B - 19 dager siden
Byron Aguilar (Student)
Byron Aguilar (Student) - 19 dager siden
The shadow and ghost henchmen might go to weeping bc they’re camping so
dizzylame - 19 dager siden
Theory the valt will help us with defeating him
Maximilian Gerschner
Maximilian Gerschner - 19 dager siden
Who else thinks that chair guys is Galactus son
Abraham Rodriguez
Abraham Rodriguez - 19 dager siden
I don’t know when I can trust you but I’m gonna trust you because glitches almost made me banned on my day channel but lucky I have a PS4
Abraham Rodriguez
Abraham Rodriguez - 19 dager siden
I like the PlayStation five video you posted and I Xbox to
kitty jess xD
kitty jess xD - 19 dager siden
does anyone know why they like button is now black ?
Anthony Arce
Anthony Arce - 19 dager siden
Would love to seen Some infinity blade original skins
Beroo World
Beroo World - 19 dager siden
Zachary Detzauer
Zachary Detzauer - 19 dager siden
Now thinking about it Spider-Man hasn’t been confirmed what if he is gonna be a battle pass exclusive
big chunges
big chunges - 19 dager siden
not the 7 there are 7 heroes in battle pas
J Storm
J Storm - 19 dager siden
Fortnite should be destroyed and the old map should come back
Carson Gee
Carson Gee - 19 dager siden
Go subscribe to to the PKs
Ice_cold_Prajit - 19 dager siden
fun fact: you forgot its called the *Nexus War* until now
Magnanimous - 19 dager siden
Where's the old intro I came just for that 😔✔️
Darius Fitzpatrick
Darius Fitzpatrick - 19 dager siden
Ali a I found a strange icon on the ground that I can’t search and sounds like the storm.
Courtney Vowels
Courtney Vowels - 19 dager siden
When I hit the like button it turns black
Keshytubetv - 19 dager siden
I used code AliA
Taimoor Buledi
Taimoor Buledi - 19 dager siden
Epic has announced on Twitter the y. Will provide fortnite for next gen console next week
C00KieMONSTR913 - 19 dager siden
I really want a Spider-Man skin
Aarav Singhal
Aarav Singhal - 19 dager siden
Ali (two years ago ) - roasted jelly for less subscribers.
Ali - 17 million Jelly- almost at 20 million
HyperBoom 28
HyperBoom 28 - 19 dager siden
Is black panther still coming out because I need to pick between black panther or lachy
Ernesto Flores
Ernesto Flores - 19 dager siden
Can you say when we can play on mobile
LOGDUD E - 19 dager siden
So epic doesn’t have to add a whole new mystique boss they should have a 25 percent chance of the boss being mystique with her pistols
Caleb Ricardo
Caleb Ricardo - 19 dager siden
itsjosh 7259
itsjosh 7259 - 19 dager siden
Bunders0207 - 19 dager siden
I love ❤️ fortnite and I only just got to level 💯
Brian Brewer
Brian Brewer - 19 dager siden
can you do like more live streams of you playing or learn how to play on keyboard so you can be better than ninja but ninja is the goat
Anthony Lopez Perez
Anthony Lopez Perez - 19 dager siden
I love the PS5 but I like Ali a better
roshan500 - 19 dager siden
I love ail a meme
andris _xo_xo
andris _xo_xo - 19 dager siden
0:15 "the epic battle is going to be epic"
-Ali A 2020
Phil Russell
Phil Russell - 19 dager siden
You get so much hate and you really don't deserve cos you have such a positive attitude and such a smiley face don't let it put you down :) ❤️❤️
Joel’s Channel
Joel’s Channel - 19 dager siden
How long does merch take to come because I ordered mine 2 weeks ago
Aiden Willson
Aiden Willson - 19 dager siden
its my birthday in 4 days!!!!!!
Minutemen Forever
Minutemen Forever - 19 dager siden
For nick fury’s boss in the heilacarrier I want a eye patch that can scan for players and a bazooka from avengers
Minutemen Forever
Minutemen Forever - 19 dager siden
That green flame is always there but in blue
wilbie1OG - 19 dager siden
can you add me as a friend on fortnite alia
Terresa Podmore
Terresa Podmore - 19 dager siden
Can you please play back ops 2 zombies on town please because I want to see you play it
Jordan Boswell
Jordan Boswell - 19 dager siden
ali a needs to get to 15 m
Hussain Ashkanani
Hussain Ashkanani - 19 dager siden
Ben Casasnovas
Ben Casasnovas - 19 dager siden
I laughed at when he fake cried for like a split sec 2:01 he was like hu