*NEW* SEASON is HERE in Apex Legends! (SEASON 6 UPDATE)

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Apex Legends Season 6 Update - EVERYTHING that's new!
► Download #ApexLegends on PC (Origin, Steam) PS4 and Xbox: x.ea.com/64445
Video is #SponsoredbyEA - @PlayApex !
Season 6 sees the arrival of new character Rampart as well as the introduction of the Volt SMG weapon. Other features include a crafting system, a brand-new map and a major tweak to how armour works in Apex Legends!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
Runtime: 10:19


Ali-A - 3 måneder siden
iTemp and Ali-A are back! 🥳
xXAlexZordXx - Måned siden
More apex
3k3 -0
3k3 -0 - 2 måneder siden
You hate apex because you’re bad at it you’re horrible at it
Creative Royale
Creative Royale - 2 måneder siden
X2-Lxrd - 2 måneder siden
Yes sir
Akiiro Thomas
Akiiro Thomas - 2 måneder siden
ANNIDGEKSJ SLSSUUSK - 22 dager siden
Alia why did you not make a video on apex legends season 4
Cooper Mann
Cooper Mann - 23 dager siden
😲You’re making at apex
Lil raxzz
Lil raxzz - 25 dager siden
Thank you for playing something that isn’t fortnite
Tikx Collin
Tikx Collin - Måned siden
The Thum nail its a sham
Aaron Rowe
Aaron Rowe - Måned siden
Can you add me on apex Aaron4353
xXAlexZordXx - Måned siden
More apex
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - Måned siden
Congratulate me for giving $1,000,000 to a homeless person!
Vesal Daghighi
Vesal Daghighi - Måned siden
FROSTXBITEZ - Måned siden
Never knew he played apex.
Josh Skewes
Josh Skewes - 2 måneder siden
I hate when people make front of you
Damian Ronnebeck
Damian Ronnebeck - 2 måneder siden
You forgot the alia intro
Genius Is Small0_0
Genius Is Small0_0 - 2 måneder siden
No one care about that game we care about FORTINTE
Sylvie Mpanzu
Sylvie Mpanzu - 2 måneder siden
I love the new girl skin she better then season 5
Luca - 2 måneder siden
worst gamer still his gaming channel has 17million followers
Reilly Daghost
Reilly Daghost - 2 måneder siden
PM_ Syplex
PM_ Syplex - 2 måneder siden
Love how the fortnite vids get millions of views, 1 apex vid gets 500k at most 😂😂
Peter Pandemie
Peter Pandemie - 2 måneder siden
Yep he's not a very interesting person
Quinn Jones
Quinn Jones - 3 måneder siden
Plot twist he's actually secretly apex pred
Jonathan Bennett
Jonathan Bennett - 3 måneder siden
Hi al a
Gamerology 06
Gamerology 06 - 3 måneder siden
Please play more apex
tank cod
tank cod - 3 måneder siden
Need more apex legends
Skill Boys
Skill Boys - 3 måneder siden
U never play apex petion for Ali to play apex more
minecraft_slayer887 p
minecraft_slayer887 p - 3 måneder siden
we love ali keep geting those wins for me please enjoy the new season i love you videos
HiGhRaEcOn - 3 måneder siden
lets go
Freddie Burgess
Freddie Burgess - 3 måneder siden
Can u play apex on your second channel
Sylvie Mpanzu
Sylvie Mpanzu - 3 måneder siden
I thought it starts at September
Zycn Ψ
Zycn Ψ - 3 måneder siden
I hate apex
ghost_ skengzz
ghost_ skengzz - 3 måneder siden
He dont get the views like he does on fortnite 🤣😂
Archie Wakelin
Archie Wakelin - 3 måneder siden
No one cares about apex legends
Salem Saeed
Salem Saeed - 3 måneder siden
i didn’t update it
Yy Yy
Yy Yy - 3 måneder siden
The one vid ali-a doesnt make a fortnite vid it is actually very entertaining
NotTaman - 3 måneder siden
17 mil subs but only 400k views R.I.P Ali A
Mason M SanPedro
Mason M SanPedro - 3 måneder siden
Hi I’m a nuggie
ryhmer - 3 måneder siden
All his backgrounds for thumbnails are the same even if it's not fortnite
xEliteDiamond - 3 måneder siden
Why did u have a fortnite thumbnail
Josh Knight
Josh Knight - 3 måneder siden
Ali mate not gunna lie u kinda dog at apex
Maru-Chan -
Maru-Chan - - 3 måneder siden
Why the background Fortnite when it’s apex
hashem Ammar
hashem Ammar - 3 måneder siden
I got apex and they are not let me in
Ayaan Drifty12
Ayaan Drifty12 - 3 måneder siden
He hasn’t used his tactical in the whole bideo
Thenoobkingttv ttv
Thenoobkingttv ttv - 3 måneder siden
I’m sorry right but the dude doesn’t play apex he’s only playing it coz he got sponsored by ea
Alex Lunn
Alex Lunn - 3 måneder siden
Can you please make more apex videos
LiamPlays - 3 måneder siden
LiamPlays - 3 måneder siden
musty_ lopez6
musty_ lopez6 - 3 måneder siden
So you’re telling me Itemp, the dude that plays with soaR kobi, plays with Ali a
CxlIum 07
CxlIum 07 - 3 måneder siden
why is it a fortnite thumbnail
FM Cooder
FM Cooder - 3 måneder siden
Could you please help me ? My girl canceled her surgery because I lost my job and now I can’t pay anything or even help😔
Steelmeerkat827 Salazar jr
Steelmeerkat827 Salazar jr - 3 måneder siden
Ali-A can you add me give me the battle pass because I really need the battle so bad so Ali-A now are you going to give me the battle pass battle
Crazy FC
Crazy FC - 3 måneder siden
Freak fortnite
Harry Gilham
Harry Gilham - 3 måneder siden
my main legend is caustic
iGqD - 3 måneder siden
Alia not playing Fortnite?!?!
Ark AMV - 3 måneder siden
Sponserd by yay also love the vids
Thabani Maphosa
Thabani Maphosa - 3 måneder siden
apex is too op thata why i dont play it
George Scar
George Scar - 3 måneder siden
I u play apex legends once every season
PooDot StinkPants
PooDot StinkPants - 3 måneder siden
It will be a great season for everyone!
Tx 109
Tx 109 - 3 måneder siden
Finely apex
Jatziry Cruz
Jatziry Cruz - 3 måneder siden
fortnite vs apex legends
Gamer Kid
Gamer Kid - 3 måneder siden
You should play Apex legends more
Sophie xx
Sophie xx - 3 måneder siden
ok. but why was the update 41GB ?!
Elora B
Elora B - 3 måneder siden
I wish he made Apex vids without being sponsored
Neon Jay
Neon Jay - 3 måneder siden
Who else thought it was fortnite
Prox1212 - 3 måneder siden
Apex legends 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂sry
Origin Claps
Origin Claps - 3 måneder siden
Bring back rich
CBOYR7 - 3 måneder siden
I do YouTube to new vid out soon if u want to watch and subscribe thanks
james kelly
james kelly - 3 måneder siden
rip fornite
Kunaigamer 797
Kunaigamer 797 - 3 måneder siden
Bro ali needs to uploud more apex vids
Jahden Rxse
Jahden Rxse - 3 måneder siden
Who else feels lile wattson got a buff
Danielle Jacobs
Danielle Jacobs - 3 måneder siden
Lol 😂
Danielle Jacobs
Danielle Jacobs - 3 måneder siden
Nice alea you are a pro
Noah Rivera
Noah Rivera - 3 måneder siden
No offense Ali-A
brydamain bot
brydamain bot - 3 måneder siden
I been playing Apex legends in season 1
Grey Ortiz
Grey Ortiz - 3 måneder siden
KaiBlaze17 - 3 måneder siden
Mahn I miss playing the game already😭😭😭
Jung Kook
Jung Kook - 3 måneder siden
Why the fortnite background apex is way better
Tony Stank
Tony Stank - 3 måneder siden
Ok I wanna quit fortnite now
Victoria Blume
Victoria Blume - 3 måneder siden
Aila doesn't even care about apex
Among Us
Among Us - 3 måneder siden
I’ll donate
Among Us
Among Us - 3 måneder siden
Go back to call of duty please
Liam Stuart
Liam Stuart - 3 måneder siden
Miy name is Steveqomqey86
Liam Stuart
Liam Stuart - 3 måneder siden
Ad me
fort fight
fort fight - 3 måneder siden
Bring back Ali-A intro
Osman sesay
Osman sesay - 3 måneder siden
Osman sesay
Osman sesay - 3 måneder siden
Add me on fortnite so we can play fortnite everyday
the killer
the killer - 3 måneder siden
Plz play more apex legnds
MysticBEAST - 3 måneder siden
Ali should play apex without being sponsored
lilbb - 3 måneder siden
I miss the OG ali a call of duty and minecraft. Now its just fortnite🤦🏽‍♂️
Gamer of space 1684
Gamer of space 1684 - 3 måneder siden
I like how Ali used double tap on the g7
Evan Murrain-meade
Evan Murrain-meade - 3 måneder siden
Use your shield
Nick Eh 30
Nick Eh 30 - 3 måneder siden
why do you play apex legends it’s worser then roblox
Hugo Grice
Hugo Grice - 3 måneder siden
Shut up
Uma Maheshwari
Uma Maheshwari - 3 måneder siden
When he said EA in the intro I heard it as YAY
Arcelie Maniscan
Arcelie Maniscan - 3 måneder siden
10k subs with 3 Bad vids
10k subs with 3 Bad vids - 3 måneder siden
I have one question

Why did he put a fortnite background on the thumbnail for an apex vid
the derp sandwich
the derp sandwich - 3 måneder siden
He always does that but i like the look
I cant believe this
I cant believe this - 3 måneder siden
Lets go Ali
Thatapexbot - 3 måneder siden
More apex
GVC gamer
GVC gamer - 3 måneder siden
Disturbing lol:)
GVC gamer
GVC gamer - 3 måneder siden
GVC gamer
GVC gamer - 3 måneder siden
So long as I pull out my minigun. If it took that long then it isn’t mini is it 😂
shahista carrim
shahista carrim - 3 måneder siden
Why is everyone coming back after 3 to 4 years and now saying you want him to play apex you guys werent being fans while he was playing fortnite now where are you all coming from? He doesnt make call of duty videos anymore and he likes fortnite now. If you guys like his content now then why you watching him and if you hate fortnite find other youtubers who play call of duty and apex full time dont hate watch ali and say he must go back to his old content
FD_Tomz - 3 måneder siden
shahista carrim I think u need to have a closer look cause he rarely does gameplay vids mate
shahista carrim
shahista carrim - 3 måneder siden
@FD_Tomz how do you know that, watch his fortnite videos and see
FD_Tomz - 3 måneder siden
He doesn’t like fortnite that much anymore he’s only doing it for views if u didn’t know :)
Simon Hotdawg
Simon Hotdawg - 3 måneder siden
ALI! you seriously need to get a wired camera! it has been turning off for like every 8/10 videos!
Yaman Köroğlu
Yaman Köroğlu - 3 måneder siden
Please more Apex Legends
NA Esports
NA Esports - 3 måneder siden
When I used code Alia 🔥 I won 3 back to back pub games
Malerie Mcgee
Malerie Mcgee - 3 måneder siden