*NEW* SEASON 4 in Fortnite! (Leaks, Secrets, Skins + MORE!)

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Fortnite Season 4 LEAKS, secrets, skins and MORE!
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Runtime: 10:02


Ali-A - 3 måneder siden
Be sure to use code “AliA” in the Fortnite store! 👍🏻💙
Who’s excited for Chapter 2 Season 4? 😱
Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy - Måned siden
i love your vids
Yaqeen Mia
Yaqeen Mia - 3 måneder siden
Miriam Andrade
Miriam Andrade - 3 måneder siden
Ali-A I used your code 👍
Aryenn Feliz
Aryenn Feliz - 3 måneder siden
There was a crater in chapter 1 s4 now there's a crater in chapter2 s4. So I think your theory is correct
Archie Ascott
Archie Ascott - 3 måneder siden
Ali when Thor travels around the world and gets heimdale to send him back home he leaves a mark on the ground and that is the same mark that is on the black bling except for without the fish things
Joshuatheo 28
Joshuatheo 28 - 27 dager siden
Who is watching during chapter 2 season 4
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - Måned siden
I exposed the evil mastermind Elon Musk!
Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy - Måned siden
nice dude
Mt Funny amd games
Mt Funny amd games - 2 måneder siden
Renown Clips
Renown Clips - 2 måneder siden
how much times do I have to say that the briefcase is a call of duty nuke!!
liby balagy
liby balagy - 2 måneder siden
Did anybody notice that authority au thor ity thor
Tuna - 3 måneder siden
Ali-A is the BEST creator for Fortnite! I actually created my own channel called (Nitro Speedy) to show even more fortnite commentator videos as well as streams!!-come check it out and I will always follow YOU back!!!*
Tatum Partridge-Ryan
Tatum Partridge-Ryan - 3 måneder siden
Use code alia even though I can’t beacause I’m default and I am broke
alob1980 - 3 måneder siden
How are you
NobleX1 - 3 måneder siden
I like socks
Abigail Sotelo
Abigail Sotelo - 3 måneder siden
My name is Voidb0tz
Abigail Sotelo
Abigail Sotelo - 3 måneder siden
Can you add me in Fortnite and when you do can you give me the next season battle pass
Dawud Pro
Dawud Pro - 3 måneder siden
I did can you give me a skin my name is Mahmoodnoob21
oLaconas 300
oLaconas 300 - 3 måneder siden
I play pc and if I go to the epic games launcher and go on the application of Fortnite, it confirms that next season will be Marvel themed
FM Cooder
FM Cooder - 3 måneder siden
Could you please help me ? My girl canceled her surgery because I lost my job and now I can’t pay anything or even help😔
Jacob Araujo
Jacob Araujo - 3 måneder siden
If the Tennent crossover happens, and when it does, the silenced pistol might get unvaulted. Dont belive me. Look closley at the gun they are holding in the poster.
Agent Stinger
Agent Stinger - 3 måneder siden
i know that iron man is coming because iron mans ark reactor is a upside down triangel
Shoto todo Demon
Shoto todo Demon - 3 måneder siden
That’s on my birthday
BoOM Playz
BoOM Playz - 3 måneder siden
Harath Sandhu
Harath Sandhu - 3 måneder siden
Is Midas gonna come back in the game
ams25dec - 3 måneder siden
I think what they might do if Thor is the skin they might have stormbreaker his pick axe which can be changed to duel wielding that and mjolnir that can also be changed to just mjolnir tell me if I speed anything wrong
Larry Waisman
Larry Waisman - 3 måneder siden
I used code Ali a
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan - 3 måneder siden
I personally love the Fortnite story line, and don't get me wrong, I love when they do collaborations, but I think that the more they do, the more derived the story line is.
Cam Lango
Cam Lango - 3 måneder siden
And the teleport from avengers goes up to Asgard from avengers endgame to take the reality stone 😀
Cam Lango
Cam Lango - 3 måneder siden
That’s where cap came from compare the movie Asgard teleport and the Fortnite one 😃
Cam Lango
Cam Lango - 3 måneder siden
It’s Asgard
Anthony Tunstall
Anthony Tunstall - 3 måneder siden
If Galactus is coming to fortnite then silver surfer will come to fortnite because he scouts out planets for Galactus
Mr.SlimJim - 3 måneder siden
And they tried to stop a loop
Mr.SlimJim - 3 måneder siden
I watch dark and there was a Black Hole
Cooper Garcia
Cooper Garcia - 3 måneder siden
We aren’t going to talk about the gave stone under George lake we’re aqua man can change.
Karina Villagomez
Karina Villagomez - 3 måneder siden
Karina Villagomez
Karina Villagomez - 3 måneder siden
Paris - 3 måneder siden
I hate ale
Tania Hudson
Tania Hudson - 3 måneder siden
ShotStatue - 3 måneder siden
Time machine hopefully
Gaurav Vairamani
Gaurav Vairamani - 3 måneder siden
They should make a web-slinger for spiderman. it will be like a grappler plus harpoon gun
daniela rd
daniela rd - 3 måneder siden
Radek Duna
Radek Duna - 3 måneder siden
i don't really like fortnites story line but i like when they collab with marvel and other stuff i hope next season is marvel themed because i'm hoping a spider-man skin could come out that would be amazing
Noah Taylor-Dedman
Noah Taylor-Dedman - 3 måneder siden
That theory sounds like the marvel multiverse as well, awesome
Darian Tate
Darian Tate - 3 måneder siden
i am veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyexcited for next season
Darian Tate
Darian Tate - 3 måneder siden
i think the orange case is holding the teseract
DcDisneyKid !!
DcDisneyKid !! - 3 måneder siden
So Fortnite is basically the multi verse
Ayaan Gambhir
Ayaan Gambhir - 3 måneder siden
Is the live event be in party royal
Silvia Lopez
Silvia Lopez - 3 måneder siden
Fortnite is an actual billboard
Rockstar Ishit
Rockstar Ishit - 3 måneder siden
It no delaying coz in the game news it say battle
Pass ending soon and that only come when no delay and season almost end. So yeah
RNG _YODA11 - 3 måneder siden
Why u gotta be showin og clips bro :(
Eli Norum
Eli Norum - 3 måneder siden
i found the exact same breifcase by holly but blue and there every were
Muhammad Hasan
Muhammad Hasan - 3 måneder siden
I hate when he has *new* in the title
DrixleDan - 3 måneder siden
Who else is sad be they might not get to season 4 on mobile
DrixleDan - 3 måneder siden
your local monke but I already tried that
your local monke
your local monke - 3 måneder siden
you can, go to your purchases in the app store and you can update the game. no problem.
Irshaad Ashikali
Irshaad Ashikali - 3 måneder siden
Is fortnite mobile gonna get unbanned
Kendrick Escorza
Kendrick Escorza - 3 måneder siden
My fortnight username is Kendrick-28
mayra hernandez
mayra hernandez - 3 måneder siden
mayra hernandez
mayra hernandez - 3 måneder siden
Solist Cortaz
Solist Cortaz - 3 måneder siden
4:23 pure aimbot
Nolan Williamson
Nolan Williamson - 3 måneder siden
Bud go back to cod we need you
Richard Hellen
Richard Hellen - 3 måneder siden
i yoused your code
Andreas Hadjiyiannis
Andreas Hadjiyiannis - 3 måneder siden
Continue the avengers theme
Nonstop Gaming
Nonstop Gaming - 3 måneder siden
They should make their own Sideline
Adrian Barkey
Adrian Barkey - 3 måneder siden
Wow a orange brief and and a weird rock on top like to find out what it is umm it isn’t a rock
Elias Cano
Elias Cano - 3 måneder siden
Alt-a is so clueless isn't he
Sabrina Gordillo
Sabrina Gordillo - 3 måneder siden
Bro if we got a Spiderman skin, that would be awesome. I’d definitely buy it even if it’s expensive. I mean come on, it’s one of if not the most recognized superhero ever!!!
Suleiman Adam
Suleiman Adam - 3 måneder siden
DAMIAN Salinas
DAMIAN Salinas - 3 måneder siden
You’re so famous
Gingerbread Gamer11
Gingerbread Gamer11 - 3 måneder siden
😭😭😭😭😭 Why does Apple ban it deleted my fortnite
Asa Phillips Breese
Asa Phillips Breese - 3 måneder siden
kelly dobson
kelly dobson - 3 måneder siden
I can’t wait.
Unkempt Fro
Unkempt Fro - 3 måneder siden
Disney owns Fortnite
Savage - 3 måneder siden
Like👇🏻or you`ll have bad luck for 30 years. No joke
Raul Gonzalez Jr
Raul Gonzalez Jr - 3 måneder siden
Deadfire Gaming69
Deadfire Gaming69 - 3 måneder siden
Ali A is an amazing youtuber he gives us the latest news
zeynal_abidin_kutlu - 3 måneder siden
Can you send me a gift? My username is zeynelking
zeynal_abidin_kutlu - 3 måneder siden
Can you send me a gift? My username is zeynelking
Gamer gaming cod
Gamer gaming cod - 3 måneder siden
No Ali a Avengers are not coming to the game season 4 we'r ganna be under water that's why Atlantis is actually not called the atlantis
Connor Norris
Connor Norris - 3 måneder siden
I hope it is avengers season
nicola lakic
nicola lakic - 3 måneder siden
Frank Kozlowski
Frank Kozlowski - 3 måneder siden
My theory is that Season 4 chapter 2 is gonna be a lot like season 4 with the superhero theme but with marvel heroes maybe in a battle pass. Also like if you agree that epic should make a winter soldier skin.
Caden Meyers
Caden Meyers - 3 måneder siden
Another thing to go with his theory- all the bots in chapter one season 1-2 could have resembled the skill of the players in the first seasons in the first chapter.
King Knight
King Knight - 3 måneder siden
What if next season had asgard
CyberDragon 1
CyberDragon 1 - 3 måneder siden
It’s sad because I’m going on holiday so I have to wait for 2 weeks until I get to play
DinoDragon Gaming
DinoDragon Gaming - 3 måneder siden
I got the Ali A skin
Pixel__Pirate - 3 måneder siden
Explosive Gaming
Explosive Gaming - 3 måneder siden
Hey what about the rainbow that happens before cap comes same as Thor when he travels a rainbow like the print
Luella Pecina
Luella Pecina - 3 måneder siden
How to you get the Avengers pickax?
Cash Money
Cash Money - 3 måneder siden
That rock on the briefcase looks like iron mans arc reactor that’s upside down
DØGZ GAMING - 3 måneder siden
What if when you go actors and the fight The tear 80 skin and it’s boy skin help Thor and destroy Galactica’s and leave a creator
God tiers
God tiers - 3 måneder siden
I have heard water at the authoritie
Christian Hansen
Christian Hansen - 3 måneder siden
Thier own story
SGR - 3 måneder siden
Also the rock on top of the briefcase could be uru. What Thor’s hammer is made of. Maybe it was set on top of the box. As you know only worthy individuals can carry Thor’s hammer. Maybe only those worthy can open the box?
SGR - 3 måneder siden
Silver surfer is almost a minion to galactas as well. Silver surfer could appear in fortnite at some point.
Carter- Noble 1
Carter- Noble 1 - 3 måneder siden
I didn't ask
Lauren Lambert
Lauren Lambert - 3 måneder siden
You are my favorite youtuber
Lauren Lambert
Lauren Lambert - 3 måneder siden
Hey Ali my name is laker
Megasonic849 - 3 måneder siden
Fortnite story line
Stefanie Letcher
Stefanie Letcher - 3 måneder siden
No cap or ❌ 🧢
sir meme nani
sir meme nani - 3 måneder siden
Ali a never lies
Muneeb Mufti
Muneeb Mufti - 3 måneder siden
In the avengers game captain America dies but what if he was transported or telaported to he fortnite world
Connor Mckelvie
Connor Mckelvie - 3 måneder siden
I believe your theory
LucidWrld - 3 måneder siden
If a plane crashes between the borders of the U.S and Canada where do they bury the survivors? Read my name pls
somaswary somasudnaram
somaswary somasudnaram - 3 måneder siden
I have