*NEW* SEASON 4 BATTLEPASS in Fortnite! (Iron Man, Thor, Groot + MORE!)

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Fortnite SEASON 4 BATTLEPASS! (Iron Man, Thor, Groot + MORE!)
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Ali-A - 2 måneder siden
The CRAZIEST Battlepass ever - Check it out!
Tanya Paget
Tanya Paget - 10 dager siden
Can you gift me the lucky skin
79xllf - 12 dager siden
Harry- Haz
Harry- Haz - 12 dager siden
a saniyage
a saniyage - 15 dager siden
Galatus is not a live agent it’s a boss fight just letting you know
Iconix Spamz
Iconix Spamz - 17 dager siden
M uhhh
XxX_X_Salar XxX_X_
XxX_X_Salar XxX_X_ - Dag siden
How it feel jelly over taking you huh
Ch0pp3r Boy
Ch0pp3r Boy - 2 dager siden
Ali always has the best reactions
BrqkenPvP - 2 dager siden
bruh look at all of the fortnite kids in the comments its so funny like to not be a fortnite kid
Atypical Gamer
Atypical Gamer - 3 dager siden
Only true alia fans know who rich is alia please play with rich again :^)
Derrick Walker ford
Derrick Walker ford - 3 dager siden
Og duo
fortnite gamer
fortnite gamer - 3 dager siden
Can you send me a friend request my name is DEADPOOL_NIC_
dragon killer997
dragon killer997 - 4 dager siden
Fortnite I meen
dragon killer997
dragon killer997 - 4 dager siden
I thought you stopped paying for that
Hylke Lemstra
Hylke Lemstra - 5 dager siden
tu tududu tududu tdudud tu tu dudududududududu
Thinker Bell
Thinker Bell - 5 dager siden
Andrea Flores
Andrea Flores - 5 dager siden
Juana Alcantar
Juana Alcantar - 6 dager siden
Come on
Delores Gegg
Delores Gegg - 7 dager siden
You should play r6 again I remember years ago watching you play
Dani Bogus
Dani Bogus - 8 dager siden
My son loves your videos!
His Fortnite name is Rowe0609
Nicolas Gomez
Nicolas Gomez - 9 dager siden
Hi Ali A I use your creator code in the items shop
Jamie Parsons
Jamie Parsons - 9 dager siden
Please friend me my name is JALEN-123_321 I have subed and liked your the best I wish I could see you
Tanya Paget
Tanya Paget - 10 dager siden
Can you gift me lucky skin
Astin Hebert
Astin Hebert - 10 dager siden
Coco Puffs
Coco Puffs - 10 dager siden
Who’s here just to see If the memes are true
vlu42 - 11 dager siden
Arkem Zz
Arkem Zz - 12 dager siden
Dolores Chavez
Dolores Chavez - 13 dager siden
Shadowking8212 I used your code
snshalininisha - 14 dager siden
Jelly has more subscribers than you
Ayaan Sharma
Ayaan Sharma - 14 dager siden
Osadebamwen David Osamudiamen-Ojo
ali why is gg not midas
Joyce Tinsley
Joyce Tinsley - 15 dager siden
Ad me on fortunate I have been a fan for. A long time my name in fortnite is Spid3r1031
Joyce Tinsley
Joyce Tinsley - 15 dager siden
I love you
Joyce Tinsley
Joyce Tinsley - 15 dager siden
אימן חלבי
אימן חלבי - 15 dager siden
Jelly beat you hhhhh
Cathy Heppinstall
Cathy Heppinstall - 16 dager siden
Lol jelly got more subscribers then you
Veronica Ghali
Veronica Ghali - 16 dager siden
I have the Xbox series x effects like smoke
Shimayil Wani
Shimayil Wani - 17 dager siden
To get wolverine backbling secret style:
Equip wolverine’s trophy and land on the sentinel without a head
zaid personal trainer
zaid personal trainer - 17 dager siden
My username isv alen2010-Zaid
Abdulrahman14 - 17 dager siden
fouad Badji
fouad Badji - 17 dager siden
Joel Maldonado
Joel Maldonado - 20 dager siden
Mustapha Faiz
Mustapha Faiz - 22 dager siden
Galaxy #propal
Galaxy #propal - 22 dager siden
the mcg is short for marvel comic glider
ivan GREGURIĆ - 23 dager siden
Hey alia do you want to join hero army?if you want ad me Epic name:Ivan Greguric
Khloutz YT
Khloutz YT - 23 dager siden
Frank Barton
Frank Barton - 23 dager siden
Shinydanntdmfan 1
Shinydanntdmfan 1 - 23 dager siden
do the avengers challenge now with all the marval
vivianahdez23 - 24 dager siden
My epic is Dark Warrior 38
Newdi - 25 dager siden
Cheater R E T R O
Cheater R E T R O - 25 dager siden
Anonymous - 25 dager siden
I have subscribed your channel since 2019 and liked all your videos!!! I even supported you in fortnite item shop!!! I want to play a game with you!! That’s my only and only wish!!!! It will make my day☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
Fortnite id : beliver_35
Jodie Innes
Jodie Innes - 26 dager siden
I m 96
Opzooo 7
Opzooo 7 - 26 dager siden
found the secret on groots loading screen
clown boys
clown boys - 27 dager siden
Yow can you post a fortnite video on your ps5
Rxngo - 28 dager siden
Dub R
Maxine Goodwin
Maxine Goodwin - Måned siden
Hi I'm from the future there a midas boss
daily yew
daily yew - Måned siden
Ali a I got bullied for buying your merch help
LEYIS GAMING - Måned siden
Drxppy - Måned siden
What has happened to fortnite 😭
soheyl eskandari nia
soheyl eskandari nia - Måned siden
داداش ایرانی هستی
Ashton Sanson
Ashton Sanson - Måned siden
Ali a i love your vids can i please play fornite we you. My. Epic is. Pure Vida Paul please
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - Måned siden
Rahenne - Måned siden
at least some of us actually RANK up legit in the battle pass
BLAZE ALEX - Måned siden
Es mi logo
Lisa Mercer
Lisa Mercer - Måned siden
Have you ever even Read the comic book
Michael Moore
Michael Moore - Måned siden
why don’t you play cod anymore?
gooderf rarid
gooderf rarid - Måned siden
I cant download fortnite
From my Pc too hard to download my mom will angry if its virus so i download the fortnite with anti virus
Tyler Gaming and plays
Tyler Gaming and plays - Måned siden
hi Ali A i am
a big fan!!!!
Hayzz2X - Måned siden
Laura Martinez
Laura Martinez - Måned siden
my epic username is ulisses0727
ctittle8 - Måned siden
when my friend is getting bulled
my friend group 0:29
Lisa Kerley
Lisa Kerley - Måned siden
The reason why thor had his power drained as long as his energy, is because every time a match starts a skin gets its memory wiped like midas did in season 2, but he went back to his lair and keeps reminding himself of his plan to push back the storm with the device
chetan pandya
chetan pandya - Måned siden
My dearest Ali-A
Please can you play with me because I don’t have any wins in my account and if you want to play with me then my account is
Kaspy - Måned siden
Whoever clicked the like button must of looked wrong
Scotty Buckmaster
Scotty Buckmaster - Måned siden
keep up the great content 🐐
Dreaming Dolan
Dreaming Dolan - Måned siden
Alia is a lier
GH09 Master
GH09 Master - Måned siden
Jelly beat you in subscribers you are still in 17 jellies almost at 20 million
Lex Playz
Lex Playz - Måned siden
Sunny 2
Sunny 2 - Måned siden
Ali a intro is like avengers logo honestly
Ghost UFO
Ghost UFO - Måned siden
Alia the glider for these X-Men and marvel hero's are sick
Me doctor doom is not a X-Men 7:22
Z X Z X - Måned siden
علی تو ایرانی هستی؟
Diana Romero
Diana Romero - Måned siden
Conan Loughran
Conan Loughran - Måned siden
IS IT ONLY I NOTICE THAT Chapter 1 Season 4 Was also Superhero themed
Conan Loughran
Conan Loughran - Måned siden
I wish They add skrull skins that do the same as Mystique and take the form of another skin
Conan Loughran
Conan Loughran - Måned siden
Where’s the Fantastic 4 SKINS
Elite codename elf
Elite codename elf - Måned siden
Why dont you play r6
Rishxb Gameplay
Rishxb Gameplay - Måned siden
Can i have shout out, i used ur code
MAXTN 8936 PZ97 Best Fight Andd me on Xbox one
I want to ITem Sbop RECON EXPERT
Jordan Goldenberg
Jordan Goldenberg - Måned siden
Ali: she can lift the BATTLEPASS
Christian O'Reilly
Christian O'Reilly - Måned siden
Thomas Wiatrowski
Thomas Wiatrowski - Måned siden
i love your videos❤
Jackson Wilhelm
Jackson Wilhelm - Måned siden
i love how your acting like you still care
Dewayne Vélez
Dewayne Vélez - Måned siden
Anyone here from the old days where he'd post nothing but call of duty... now he's got a secondary channel for COD. Wild. I dont watch him anymore, just wanted to know if there were anyone here besides the drooling 12 year olds.
Titanium Dragon
Titanium Dragon - Måned siden
Alia your intro is brass
Attia Riasat
Attia Riasat - Måned siden
Ai never IKONIK skin
gamingwithnazim 1
gamingwithnazim 1 - Måned siden
It is been 1 month since it came out
MythicCheese357 - Måned siden
im gonna throw up
Zach Lee
Zach Lee - Måned siden
i liked all your vids and sub
Zach Lee
Zach Lee - Måned siden
ali can you plz friend me in fortnite my name is power space ganan
Ethan Larson
Ethan Larson - Måned siden
Can you add me please
Ethan Larson
Ethan Larson - Måned siden
Can you add me?
Amirali Lotfalikhani
Amirali Lotfalikhani - Måned siden
Can you ferennd rekoes my lm kahraman_joker
Shourya Saran
Shourya Saran - Måned siden
You have no life. Imagine buying all tiers for a video. Get a life
Jan Beyati
Jan Beyati - Måned siden
amira mostafa
amira mostafa - Måned siden
لعب اموجاس
.itzbrii - Måned siden
Can you send me the season for battle pass yeah I like in subscribe in my fortnight name DJ some fortnight name jay. bye-bye do you spell fortnight name jay. how do you spell I $.49 may be out just do Sadie to put it on the school you can’t work like I thought Halim don’t put it under scoring does all the games right
Subscribe Clan24
Subscribe Clan24 - Måned siden
1v1 me bot epic foortnite300