*NEW* MYTHIC WEAPONS in Fortnite! (Secret Skins, Guns + MORE)

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Fortnite Mythic Weapons - NEW Marvel skins, guns and MORE!
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Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - 7 timer siden
( ° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮
Ali alid
Ali alid - 18 dager siden
Play Fortnite
Play Fortnite - 26 dager siden
we love fortnite! support my channel to watching more videos. thanks👍
ahmed hakim
ahmed hakim - 27 dager siden
TeamQazer - 28 dager siden
Hey love your video, hoping you can check ours out! 💜
Karla Calderon
Karla Calderon - 29 dager siden
I hate what Apple did to us
Hunter Stangland
Hunter Stangland - Måned siden
Hunter Stangland
Hunter Stangland - Måned siden
Hunter Stangland
Hunter Stangland - Måned siden
Im sad im grounded
Hunter Stangland
Hunter Stangland - Måned siden
Im sad im grounded
Hunter Stangland
Hunter Stangland - Måned siden
I rilly whant to play
Unity Wavez
Unity Wavez - Måned siden
Imagine still playing Fortnite
Emma Latham
Emma Latham - Måned siden
Ghost rider
Asea Nessa
Asea Nessa - Måned siden
U are the worst youtuber 😂
Denia Nunez
Denia Nunez - Måned siden
Pov: you are here because of the tiktok
gaming with matthew
gaming with matthew - Måned siden
ghost rider was in the comic
marilen ramos
marilen ramos - Måned siden
Alia remember the shogun it was a actualy in another game shodow fight 2
Pretty Lady
Pretty Lady - Måned siden
Ibrahim LOL
Ibrahim LOL - Måned siden
Petition for AliA to bring back his old intro
snowfake 808
snowfake 808 - Måned siden
Ali-A stop clickbaiting
Unstopbul Beats
Unstopbul Beats - Måned siden
Ghost rider not in there
Nintendo random Switch
Nintendo random Switch - Måned siden
8:31 I saw the background it’s the old map
Nintendo random Switch
Nintendo random Switch - Måned siden
Or possibly a new island
Piggy The pig
Piggy The pig - Måned siden
I love how you mentioned Ferris bueller 10/10
Lathan Cummings
Lathan Cummings - Måned siden
Ali-A my username is spider06
AdAm SULLY - Måned siden
captin marvel
Ty Beavers
Ty Beavers - Måned siden
You were in battle lab when you said you were in a public game
DAYLIGHT ツ - Måned siden
How do I play new Fortnite on my tablet?
Tyler Navalta
Tyler Navalta - Måned siden
Is ThAt GhOSt RIdEr
Kerian Sanders
Kerian Sanders - Måned siden
ghost rider
Luka Risteski
Luka Risteski - Måned siden
rust lord my favorite
RypzFN - Måned siden
Lisa Nordvall
Lisa Nordvall - Måned siden
Ghost rider
T R - Måned siden
Ghost rider is in the comic
Cinicle - Måned siden
Why did he put superman in there thats dc
Ayaan Shafiq
Ayaan Shafiq - Måned siden
I am a iOS player
Sad 😪😪😪😪
Heemo Pop
Heemo Pop - Måned siden
Gian Lierry Landicho
Gian Lierry Landicho - Måned siden
Rip me coz I’m in ios
Reina and Matt McDonald
Reina and Matt McDonald - Måned siden
The galaxy skin but it is different
NovaDaSupernova - Måned siden
I just switched from IPad to pc so I’m catching up on Ali A videos for Fortnite news
Ikydagoat Tyus
Ikydagoat Tyus - Måned siden
Tell tico to Emmy as a friend I had them everyday but he never accept ed every day as a friend but he never said
pooja khanna
pooja khanna - Måned siden
Gost ridr
Miriam Alhamarnah
Miriam Alhamarnah - Måned siden
i hope mystic is a boss cuz all the bosses are FRICKN boys we need some girls
Harry Potter
Harry Potter - Måned siden
Bruh moment-
Mathew Smith
Mathew Smith - Måned siden
I saw a ghost rider
JaMiya Gilliam
JaMiya Gilliam - Måned siden
Ghost rider
Jody Ramcharan
Jody Ramcharan - Måned siden
Ghost rider
Pixels - Måned siden
Sending virtual hugs to anyone who subscribes to me with notis❤️🤩
Jboy M
Jboy M - Måned siden
POV: you came from TikTok
Dendy the gamer
Dendy the gamer - Måned siden
ghost rider
Jack Oborn
Jack Oborn - Måned siden
I call it stark's ocean mansion
Johnathon Plata
Johnathon Plata - Måned siden
I’m 13 know
Johnathon Plata
Johnathon Plata - Måned siden
I was watching you when I was 3 I’m a big fan I used your code
Eimir Mu'adz
Eimir Mu'adz - Måned siden
I hate Apple😠😠
Mason Lawles
Mason Lawles - Måned siden
I am on ios
Potatotype1 On YT
Potatotype1 On YT - Måned siden
Fortnite is dead 💀
TheVisitor - Måned siden
I won’t tell you..
Norma Zaragoza
Norma Zaragoza - Måned siden
the skull with fire and the black leather jacket
ArzUndershot - Måned siden
Less Go!
Chas Cook
Chas Cook - Måned siden
I can't wait!!!!!!!!
Alicia Gonzalez
Alicia Gonzalez - Måned siden
Daniel larusso
Elle M
Elle M - Måned siden
Heck yea 123456789
BLO_sheild - Måned siden
He didn’t see the ball in the rocket league house in the bedroom

Who saw the ball
Prince Davis
Prince Davis - Måned siden
Why he don’t try to read comments
Nolan Vinson
Nolan Vinson - Måned siden
I saw red skull 🛑💀
Quaz RuffCrowd
Quaz RuffCrowd - Måned siden
petition for ali to play rogue company
Juston O'Reilly
Juston O'Reilly - Måned siden
Mhm Mhm
Mhm Mhm - Måned siden
Ali-a: ok I just hopped into a game me: bro ur in a battel lab
Britney Wilson
Britney Wilson - Måned siden
i am a mobile player and i am still in season 3
Tza gamer
Tza gamer - Måned siden
What is the safe mode on PS4
Stormwarrior 16
Stormwarrior 16 - Måned siden
Xee_fwendduehhzx9874 - Måned siden
Halloween is in 24 days
Leticia Lopez
Leticia Lopez - Måned siden
I see ghost rider
Dragon Gamer
Dragon Gamer - Måned siden
Where is on the bottom corner Ghost Rider
Lance Dominique Bayudan
Lance Dominique Bayudan - Måned siden
i wish mobile fortnite come back :(
Roger Bartley
Roger Bartley - Måned siden
Is it true
Gian Nunez
Gian Nunez - Måned siden
Allia can you add me please to 1v1 my name is GSupreme1
Zanejamin Games
Zanejamin Games - Måned siden
Can you add me Ali a
wpswitch - Måned siden
Who else saw the thumbnail on his editor's tok tok
Rory Affleck
Rory Affleck - Måned siden
I'm excited to see ghost rider skin
Z NP - Måned siden
They should've released Blade during Fortnitemares
Ryan Schnese
Ryan Schnese - Måned siden
the guy with the fire head
Big brain Doggo
Big brain Doggo - Måned siden
Like the 5 percent of its people that play fortnite on their iPhone it all about
Challenge to get 15,400 subs with no vids
I’m soo excited for what Fortnite are gonna do for Fortnitemares!!!
Challenge to get 15,400 subs with no vids
🥰 let’s go
rushing boy yeet pr pl
rushing boy yeet pr pl - Måned siden
My birthday September 23
TREVOR _37 - Måned siden
please pass BATTLE for TREVOR_37
Mariah Cotterill
Mariah Cotterill - Måned siden
Twitzy YT
Twitzy YT - Måned siden
I'm starting YouTube again, would people please watch my newest videos and consider subscribing
Wiston 123
Wiston 123 - Måned siden
Whos here from tik tik lol
Davia F
Davia F - Måned siden
The last gun looks like flamethrower
ampat playz
ampat playz - Måned siden
i see tiko in comic last hahaha
kaleilev - Måned siden
It’s my son’s birthday in 5 more days
VenoVek - Måned siden
I Want The Mythics Gone Not More Mythics It's Just To Unfair
Lucas beez The king
Lucas beez The king - Måned siden
You know the car isn't only there i found it at sweaty sands
F4TAL Atlas
F4TAL Atlas - Måned siden
who’s here from that tiktok of the guy making the thumbnail
Ali gamer
Ali gamer - Måned siden
Cale Ketter
Cale Ketter - Måned siden
junior Keep_Lowkeyyy
junior Keep_Lowkeyyy - Måned siden
Reyoko - Måned siden
Jamie King
Jamie King - Måned siden
Your the best😃😃
Nate gaming Pro gamer
Nate gaming Pro gamer - Måned siden
My bday is the 18th of November
Eugene Crump
Eugene Crump - Måned siden
I did see ghost rider
Mr Boy
Mr Boy - Måned siden
Anyone here from the tik tok video?
Reyoko - Måned siden
mustache gamer
mustache gamer - Måned siden
Me lol
Mark Hailey
Mark Hailey - Måned siden
my xbox broke i cant play fortnite i havent played it for 5 months i wonder whats new ive always wanted to subscribe to you and hit the bells but i couldent but now i can
Mystic .D
Mystic .D - Måned siden
ghost rider