*NEW* MYTHIC VENOM is OP in Fortnite! (Galactus Update + MORE)

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Fortnite Mythic Venom, Galactus Update + MORE!
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Runtime: 11:06


Ali-A - 14 dager siden
Official RaZe Gamers pt2
Official RaZe Gamers pt2 - 9 dager siden
I also got that skin 😭😒
Bruce Lenh
Bruce Lenh - 11 dager siden
Ya ya ya I KNOW
Sive Ronny
Sive Ronny - 12 dager siden
@Malachai Morales and youre adopted
SUPERJAM 1345 - 12 dager siden
Hi alia
Ella Kai
Ella Kai - 12 dager siden
I have a challenge for you 😉 play a game of fortnite and you can't build or jump
vivz - 5 dager siden
can galactus just destroy the map so we can get the old one back
Markuss A
Markuss A - 6 dager siden
I wish I had the venom skin
Justin and Tammy FitzGerald
Justin and Tammy FitzGerald - 7 dager siden
Love your vids
ButterflyHalo - 8 dager siden
Also, can you bring back your minecraft series pls
ButterflyHalo - 8 dager siden
Ali, I had your gaming headset but a different version and they broke :/
Official RaZe Gamers pt2
Official RaZe Gamers pt2 - 9 dager siden
I almost had that skin 😭😒
Ana Melendez
Ana Melendez - 9 dager siden
Your saying footnite
shey r
shey r - 9 dager siden
I don’t have s 4 I at s 3 c 2
William Jackson
William Jackson - 10 dager siden
I thound something called destruction island
William Jackson
William Jackson - 10 dager siden
I thought some thing called destruction island
James VIGIL - 10 dager siden
The groot mythic is here again
DJMarkie Smiler
DJMarkie Smiler - 10 dager siden
Me and my friend got 3 venoms in a row
Valeria Oruma
Valeria Oruma - 10 dager siden
Mokey man Hi
Mokey man Hi - 11 dager siden
Cyprinz - 11 dager siden
“Don’t lie who’s been a FAN of Ali-A before 2020?”🌨
“ɪ'ᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ"☃️
Cyprinz - 11 dager siden
“Don’t lie who’s been a FAN of Ali-A before 2020?”🌨
“ɪ'ᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ"☃️
muzaffar chaudhry
muzaffar chaudhry - 11 dager siden
My shop layout was like that on friday
Daemian Costeniuc
Daemian Costeniuc - 11 dager siden
To be honest, whenever I watch your videos and you show off the new stuff in the item shop, I can't see some stuff because your face cam you have is on the top left and I can't see some of it.
mostapha chaarani2007
mostapha chaarani2007 - 11 dager siden
lol the skin is a girl so nick eh 30 is a girl hehehehehehehhehehehehhehehhehehehe
NJ - 03FL 862654 Settlers Green PS
how did you get the joker sikn
oliver h.h
oliver h.h - 11 dager siden
Ove jad that item shop layout for months
Beastboy Gamer
Beastboy Gamer - 11 dager siden
Beast boy gamer sorry
Ella Kai
Ella Kai - 12 dager siden
I have a challenge for you 😉 play a game of fortnite and you can't build or jump
tony brown
tony brown - 12 dager siden
Can I have the venom skin please please please please please
Mohamed Othman
Mohamed Othman - 12 dager siden
Ya I know right
Fiendish Gamer
Fiendish Gamer - 12 dager siden
J J channel
J J channel - 12 dager siden
C a r t W h e e l
C a r t W h e e l - 12 dager siden
Can anyone tell me how he just downed the stark robots in battle lab?
Or is it creative
Wissam Elsaket
Wissam Elsaket - 12 dager siden
galuctaus:im coming
iron man:😭😭😭😭
The Doge【ツ】
The Doge【ツ】 - 12 dager siden
Why nobody is talkimg that they reverted the choppa, by not exploding instantly
Red Wf4
Red Wf4 - 12 dager siden
Alia in the the picture for venom on the bottom left u can see a building it looks like avengers tower
Kaitlyn Coomer
Kaitlyn Coomer - 12 dager siden
hate the new update on itemshop
Deadliestfrg - 12 dager siden
My brother had the new item shop for 2 months I think his game glitched
Harrison Carlon
Harrison Carlon - 12 dager siden
Hi love your videos ☺
jason walters
jason walters - 12 dager siden
I am your biggest fan could you please add me my name is Ash Ketchum10 😀
Ian Swanson
Ian Swanson - 12 dager siden
Spring Bonnie
Spring Bonnie - 12 dager siden
Hmmmmmm the $1 million dollar cup is tomorrow... so is my birthday party :I
T2Relevance - 12 dager siden
T2Relevance - 12 dager siden
Slaytic Gaming
Slaytic Gaming - 12 dager siden
So black panther and antman aren’t coming
Rohan Parekh
Rohan Parekh - 12 dager siden
Kalen Williams
Kalen Williams - 12 dager siden
I have the skin
Teddy Bradd
Teddy Bradd - 12 dager siden
what if the giant robot comes back
GALACT1C4 - 12 dager siden
I mean Galactus eats planets for a living so I would except him to be decently big.
Zenia Garza
Zenia Garza - 12 dager siden
That is dope
Nibras Eshaq
Nibras Eshaq - 13 dager siden
the venom skin is so sickkkkk
TheWalfordBros - 13 dager siden
Prefer old
Jayme Stadnyk
Jayme Stadnyk - 13 dager siden
Vortex887 - 13 dager siden
HYDRO FTW - 13 dager siden
So the event will likely be on my birthday (28th November)
Harharkillings - 13 dager siden
I want snorkel ops back in Fortnite itemshop
HyperzDarkz - 13 dager siden
So our hero is travis scott
Just Jnl
Just Jnl - 13 dager siden
It's not new it been came out lol
Matthew Robertson 2005
Matthew Robertson 2005 - 13 dager siden
Can you Gift me the out west Emote 👍👍😭😭😭
Mic Ang
Mic Ang - 13 dager siden
I hope if a galactus skin comes out it's after the event I think having 30+ galactus' in event lobby will ruin the experience for me:L
dharshan prakash
dharshan prakash - 13 dager siden
bro 21st is my birthday
GVM Sword legends
GVM Sword legends - 13 dager siden
Skins that is bigger then normal: venom brute
Super MegaUltra
Super MegaUltra - 11 dager siden
Netflix: Are you still watching? Somebody's daughter: 0:13
bryan garcia
bryan garcia - 13 dager siden
why was there a laugh in the background beat
Dhruv Bakshi
Dhruv Bakshi - 13 dager siden
I wish venom had a style in which he wears a normal black Spider-Man suit
Cannise James
Cannise James - 13 dager siden
Pls gift ne
Freiteez - 13 dager siden
I’ll buy Venom with Creator Code AliA. Why not?
demetrius davis
demetrius davis - 13 dager siden
Noah - 13 dager siden
what is the song in the background when u receive that item
Golden G
Golden G - 13 dager siden
I wish I could still Play Fortnite
Ryder Gang
Ryder Gang - 13 dager siden
Venom skin is dope cant lie hugs but u just can fell them
Dase Boy
Dase Boy - 13 dager siden
You need to explain me why did Ali-A said that the venom power is new when it was out like 2 weeks after the season was released?
messy room mayhem
messy room mayhem - 13 dager siden
im just a defult and want at least one skin PLSSSSSSS!!
Sn5pes Plays
Sn5pes Plays - 13 dager siden
Drake Gay
Drake Gay - 13 dager siden
Old item shop you can see everything easier
XtraceGaming - 13 dager siden
8:13 he said my birthdate
Ismail Abuzaid
Ismail Abuzaid - 13 dager siden
I sadly don't have venom lol but my friend said he might gift me so I hope he does lol
Dante Francisco
Dante Francisco - 13 dager siden
Ali-A is your friend infinet List
Tameke Davis
Tameke Davis - 13 dager siden
When I was playing squads I won and I got a not a post to be in the battle pass
umbrella glider
R4INYY - 13 dager siden
imagine the robot from last season comes and fights galactus
Christian McKinney
Christian McKinney - 13 dager siden
The mythic Venom item has been here since the start of the season and now you guys notice it.
fazel. kermani13
fazel. kermani13 - 13 dager siden
Awesome Gamer
Awesome Gamer - 13 dager siden
does Ali a actually play fornight
GARRETT COARTNEY - 13 dager siden
YT XJoZhyX - 13 dager siden
Venom let Go🔥
you gay
you gay - 13 dager siden
Hi alia can I get buck?
Miguel Leon
Miguel Leon - 13 dager siden
Hey Ali jelly has more Subscribers then you
TheStampette - 13 dager siden
How do you get it
yeetboy roy
yeetboy roy - 13 dager siden
when the event???
Austin Price
Austin Price - 13 dager siden
cube in steamy
Thomas Nsowa
Thomas Nsowa - 13 dager siden
Wow jelly has more subs then u
Orion odom
Orion odom - 13 dager siden
I love venom!!!!
Norman McCluskey
Norman McCluskey - 13 dager siden
The children probably dont know because of FoRtNiTe but who else of the ogs miss ali's call of duties days. Man had some bangers
STILL - 13 dager siden
Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos🔻Non-Duality
Cannon Atlas
Cannon Atlas - 13 dager siden
Me hoping that we lose for a new map :O
Kathryn Fallon
Kathryn Fallon - 13 dager siden
I don’t like the item shop layout
VipeRYt - 13 dager siden
Every update is boring I like fortnite but its not fun anymore I used to play fortnite for hours but not I don't play it to much fortnite is boring
Conor Hamer
Conor Hamer - 13 dager siden
i love it
Jay Bayasi
Jay Bayasi - 13 dager siden
We will probably loose to him and we fight him again in season 5.
Jack Klobuchar
Jack Klobuchar - 13 dager siden
Can you go back to clash of clans like so he can see
SKY BOY Monkey
SKY BOY Monkey - 13 dager siden
Alia:The helicaries are lowered
Me:It is a quinjet
Jan Beyati
Jan Beyati - 13 dager siden
ali i am so so so happy that venom is hear
daniel koch
daniel koch - 13 dager siden
old design
Arkh - 13 dager siden
bro play the new cod fortnite is a dead game go back to cod it would make my day seeing you back on cod
Maximus Thrasher
Maximus Thrasher - 13 dager siden
I almost got the skin in the tournament... 😢
Shannon Kearns
Shannon Kearns - 13 dager siden
Bring the old intro back