*NEW* MYTHIC JETPACK UPDATE in Fortnite! (Free Gifts, OG Defaults + MORE)

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Fortnite UPDATE - Mythic Jetpack, OG skins return and MORE!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
Runtime: 12:30


The Hoods
The Hoods - 9 dager siden
What bout iPad players curse you epic y u remove it I use to have it 😭
Filipe Almeida
Filipe Almeida - 13 dager siden
don't you play anymore?
Dexter Horne
Dexter Horne - 15 dager siden
no hate to Ali but you wont really gain much from fortnite because just play people are just so sweaty if put some more effort into your cod channel I. can see alt more growth on both of your channels
Tony Gonzalez
Tony Gonzalez - 17 dager siden
Why are you not playing the game anymore
WarafiamadPlaysFortnite - 18 dager siden
I’m dying help!!
byBiblen - 20 dager siden
can you show your obs settings
byBiblen - 20 dager siden
can you show your obs settings
Bob Evens
Bob Evens - 21 dag siden
Loved it
Francesco Gaming
Francesco Gaming - 21 dag siden
I use your code my name is InfinityFish16
Candice McCall
Candice McCall - 21 dag siden
Can you add me please my name is speedyrex08
Krbs - 21 dag siden
You guys know what I’m talking about if you play save the world
Doesn’t the ghost dead fire style look like the ghost pistol
Dad_j2 - 22 dager siden
Dad_j2 - 22 dager siden
Jayden Sussman
Jayden Sussman - 22 dager siden
Adi-C Music
Adi-C Music - 22 dager siden
upgrade to next gen when it can support 120 fps, it'll be cheaper
-_- TΘᎠΘRΘKI - 22 dager siden
Gift Me 1200 outfit
Bren Keils
Bren Keils - 23 dager siden
Use code ail-a 😎😎😎
Sad-Os the eggnog
Sad-Os the eggnog - 23 dager siden
where is lava theme season 4???
Eram Manzoor
Eram Manzoor - 23 dager siden
its not "maniac mayhem" style. it is "manic mayhem" style
Melissa Schultz
Melissa Schultz - 23 dager siden
Can I have the classic default skin Ali-A please
Melissa Schultz
Melissa Schultz - 23 dager siden
My fortnite username is trevor4728
Melissa Schultz
Melissa Schultz - 23 dager siden
Melissa Schultz
Melissa Schultz - 23 dager siden
Hey Ali-A can you gift the ogt default skin
Carolyn Mclamb
Carolyn Mclamb - 23 dager siden
Hi Ali!
Bill Nye Cod
Bill Nye Cod - 23 dager siden
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALI A Thanks for getting me through elementary school a few years ago with your amazing videos 🥳🥳
Martha Ruiz
Martha Ruiz - 23 dager siden
I used your code
Hassan Ramadan
Hassan Ramadan - 23 dager siden
I would like to see ninja skin into the item shop
Ayaan Kadir
Ayaan Kadir - 23 dager siden
ze jetpack is ............................TRASH
Kristin Rector
Kristin Rector - 23 dager siden
Christopher Koril
Christopher Koril - 24 dager siden
Tyler - 24 dager siden
Manthan_24 - 24 dager siden
Pls play GTA V if yes like
Liam Brand Year 7
Liam Brand Year 7 - 24 dager siden
Yayyyyyyyy default are epic lol
Liam Brand Year 7
Liam Brand Year 7 - 24 dager siden
Its epic
XnmPlayz - 24 dager siden
Hmm 🤔 I thought Alia plays on PlayStation and pc.....
seb__789 - 24 dager siden
You are a bot
RBC Sour
RBC Sour - 24 dager siden
1:13 Alia curses
Justin Hudici
Justin Hudici - 24 dager siden
midas was my boss
Arianna-Louise Reid
Arianna-Louise Reid - 24 dager siden
What if in next gen fortnite
PlayStation represents Ghosts
Xbox represents Shadows
It could be why the ghost logo is on the PlayStation 5 back bling🤔
Allen Erickson
Allen Erickson - 24 dager siden
U are the best
Ryker Anderson
Ryker Anderson - 24 dager siden
The Lachlan skin should be free
Iroh - 24 dager siden
Does he know about the Wrath's Wrath wrap in creative
Alexander Spoor
Alexander Spoor - 24 dager siden
RIP Midas
Landon Gouviea
Landon Gouviea - 24 dager siden
Ali shut up no one cares about next gen
Rafelired930 - 24 dager siden
It would have been awesome if we can get the default skin for free
Timothy Colon
Timothy Colon - 24 dager siden
Timothy Colon
Timothy Colon - 24 dager siden
Can you gift me
Timothy Colon
Timothy Colon - 24 dager siden
Can you gift me
Anne Hart
Anne Hart - 24 dager siden
gideon Yamoah
gideon Yamoah - 24 dager siden
Bye midas
Johnathan Sinclair
Johnathan Sinclair - 24 dager siden
play I want to Iron Man skin
tlan mawia
tlan mawia - 24 dager siden
Jelly has more subs than you!
Joshua Radloff
Joshua Radloff - 24 dager siden
Jelly has more subscribers Haha oooofffffff
Kean Nolte
Kean Nolte - 24 dager siden
Can I please get a skin but I don’t have a mic so do it secretly
Aled Tustin
Aled Tustin - 24 dager siden
Ali any news on something happening to Retail Row dont know if it was a glitch but I have a in game screenshot of what looks like a missile or rocket hovering about it. If your interested get in touch il show you the screenshot as I can't upload it here in the comments.
ben_da_bender - 24 dager siden
The Jetpack is just a jetpack but with starks colours
Evolvez - 24 dager siden
Ali A skin pls
Joao Sousa
Joao Sousa - 24 dager siden
Ali 2 years back was making COD videos and got more videos than today playing Fortnite , I don't understand I why he left COD behind , I loved is videos but now I can't even watch one , still subscribed but I wish he come back to COD :(
Maddi Visnick
Maddi Visnick - 24 dager siden
ali-a so cool
Abir Aggarwal
Abir Aggarwal - 24 dager siden
pls do fortnite gameplay like chalannges
X Zerczer X
X Zerczer X - 24 dager siden
Rishxb Plays Fortnite
Rishxb Plays Fortnite - 24 dager siden
Lazarbeam is 300k subs to defeat you!!!!
Filip The Gamer
Filip The Gamer - 24 dager siden
My friend krabben1980 is a big fan
Vola - 24 dager siden
“¡ᴍ ɢɪ🄵T̶ɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏöꪀᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ꒒ɪᴋᴇꇙ ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙ𝑺 ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”🍹
Vola - 24 dager siden
“¡ᴍ ɢɪ🄵T̶ɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏöꪀᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ꒒ɪᴋᴇꇙ ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙ𝑺 ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”🍹
The Red
The Red - 24 dager siden
Stop self promotions Edit: Nice channel of yours
Erin Coll
Erin Coll - 24 dager siden
I live in Glasgow
Erin Coll
Erin Coll - 24 dager siden
Inlive I Glasgow
Erin Coll
Erin Coll - 24 dager siden
And liked the video
Alex Petrov
Alex Petrov - 24 dager siden
Please gift me skin
Mr.fishyo - 24 dager siden
Wait is the new looking fortnite going to be on the ps4 or just the ps5
Erin Coll
Erin Coll - 24 dager siden
I sub to your channel
VIVEK RAI - 24 dager siden
Looks fun
VIVEK RAI - 24 dager siden
I can not play fortnite the hole session :(
Itz Rose
Itz Rose - 24 dager siden
Hey AliA, you should check if ghost rider in in fortnite China since it has a skull and also see if the updates are there
RTF - 24 dager siden
Alia is trash at the game. Heck he doesn’t even play the game. Cuz he knows he trash.
Stoneage Revolt
Stoneage Revolt - 24 dager siden
Titu Roberto
Titu Roberto - 24 dager siden
Bizunesh Babu
Bizunesh Babu - 24 dager siden
Aila im a sudscrider and can you give v dack i wasted my200 v dack on a staoped imote😫😫😫😫😫
Megan Martin-Skurski
Megan Martin-Skurski - 24 dager siden
my birthdays today!!! NOV 5
Kiran Dodeja
Kiran Dodeja - 24 dager siden
Every 1 minute you say the word fortnite stop you weird
Kiran Dodeja
Kiran Dodeja - 24 dager siden
Youre addicted ali a
Raees Anwar
Raees Anwar - 24 dager siden
I can use your code
Trey Wood
Trey Wood - 25 dager siden
Hey Ali you don’t know me but I wanna say thanks for the gift you gave me in 2018💙 sorry I’m just now seeing it tho😅
Rhys McHugh
Rhys McHugh - 25 dager siden
Has anyone noticed Ali is sooooo greedy
Dave the Awoken
Dave the Awoken - 25 dager siden
Theory:since galactus is coming on top of the ruins i have a theory I believe thate galactus is going for the zero point underthe ruins like if you agree.
Ashton N
Ashton N - 23 dager siden
That was my theory lol
PCM 2022
PCM 2022 - 25 dager siden
why u using xbox controller
Joanne Herlihy
Joanne Herlihy - 25 dager siden
Am a bot can u meac me a pro
Caleb Ashe
Caleb Ashe - 25 dager siden
I have the og pick axe already just go to the store on PS4 type up fortnite and scroll down till it shows the og pickaxe hit pre order and it will be in your account
07 Pedro Alfonso Francisco
07 Pedro Alfonso Francisco - 25 dager siden
ethan_LifeStyle Stronger every day
Equal_Thunder - 25 dager siden
The rifts in the new loading screen are seven

They represent The Seven
Equal_Thunder - 25 dager siden
SeerRex - 25 dager siden
0:07 YES PS5
Anver Raja
Anver Raja - 25 dager siden
.my epic name is SufyanXD
Evo1ve 1
Evo1ve 1 - 25 dager siden
Can you please play more gta 5 online I really loved when you played it
Jakov Sekulic
Jakov Sekulic - 25 dager siden
I forgot username:ruby_process5
Hira Tirmizi
Hira Tirmizi - 25 dager siden
Plz do a hitman3 gameplay when it comes out.
GETSET GAMERZ - 25 dager siden
I didn't get the free skin ☹️ I am on ps4
Alex Balan
Alex Balan - 25 dager siden
Elijah Guillermo
Elijah Guillermo - 25 dager siden
Hi Alia I am using your code for Fortnite😂😇😅😀😃😂😂
SOO ZHI WEI Moe - 25 dager siden
Alia play more Minecraft with mods
azar udeen
azar udeen - 25 dager siden