*NEW* LACHLAN SKIN unlocked in Fortnite! (EARLY GAMEPLAY)

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Fortnite Lachlan Skin early gameplay - Check it out!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
Runtime: 11:41


David Troya
David Troya - 7 timer siden
The pon pon will be the greatest icon series emote in all of fortnite history even when the new emotes come out
Change my mind
Kaiser349 - 2 dager siden
I honestly didnt realise how bad ali a is a fortnite
Titaqua BOEIE
Titaqua BOEIE - 5 dager siden
Ali-A sure deserves his own skin. There's so much in getting your own skin!!
Dream Gamer
Dream Gamer - 6 dager siden
I got your skin Lachlan
Nice fortnight
Danil BananaPeel
Danil BananaPeel - 8 dager siden
my birthday is on the same day as yours 6th november
Catlikedad 57
Catlikedad 57 - 10 dager siden
Your next ali
MTKnite - 13 dager siden
"Fortnite has realised that they are an important part in the Fortnite community"
-Alia 2020
Kyle Fay
Kyle Fay - 13 dager siden
Hey man just wanted to say keep up the greasy work I love all your vids never fail to make me smile Ali-A your cool:)
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - 13 dager siden
I made a tutorial about picking up girls on Discord.
MATHIAS KASEMAA - 14 dager siden
Hi Ali-A
Falke Nicholaj
Falke Nicholaj - 14 dager siden
I saw the Travis Scott event it was insane I saw it on mobile
Noah Cook
Noah Cook - 15 dager siden
Use code Lachy in the fortnite item shop if you are picking up the Lachlan skin
Peter Harper
Peter Harper - 15 dager siden
Hi alia my name is Luke please may u add me on fortnite my name is Lukey_Boy314 I've been trying to add u because I really really like your videos and so I can play with you
Jake Singh
Jake Singh - 15 dager siden
Ali a should have his own skin he deserves it more than any one
Yeriko Buitron
Yeriko Buitron - 16 dager siden
Alia I sub and like and I use code Alia, can I have the Lachlan skin please.
Yeriko Buitron
Yeriko Buitron - 16 dager siden
Alia I subsu
NF headhunter
NF headhunter - 18 dager siden
if anyone wants to 1v1 reply ur epic name
Raze_Noob Aziz
Raze_Noob Aziz - 18 dager siden
Respect to Ali a
Carla Brunt
Carla Brunt - 19 dager siden
Hi Lachlan
Jon Sistoso
Jon Sistoso - 19 dager siden
I want the lachlan skin but i can't afford it
GhoulXTropr Twitch
GhoulXTropr Twitch - 19 dager siden
I’m buying the Lachlan skin
Mayra - 20 dager siden
Sid Elsworthy
Sid Elsworthy - 20 dager siden
I unfortunately didn't get the lachlan skin 😞
Cyprinz - 20 dager siden
“Don’t lie who’s been a FAN of Ali-A before 2020?”🌨
“ɪ'ᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ"☃️
Jason Parten
Jason Parten - 18 dager siden
Jason Parten
Jason Parten - 18 dager siden
Me bro
Xx_Shadow_xX - 20 dager siden
I might get the lachy skin 💙
owen metcalfe
owen metcalfe - 20 dager siden
hi lachy ur my favourite youtuber i come to all ur streams
49rc - 20 dager siden
The reason the reactive doesn't work when your wearing the jet pack is because the skin gets the power from the back bling and if it's not there it can't get the power I think
Milan Basadur Colonna Preti
Milan Basadur Colonna Preti - 20 dager siden
Hi lachlan add me my epic is MBCP2005 if yo want to play sometime. I also like your skin. It's my favorite skin at the moment.
Rabia Imran
Rabia Imran - 20 dager siden
I got the lachlan skin 150 points
Ryan Tomsich
Ryan Tomsich - 20 dager siden
Use code lachy for Lachlan skin
Anthony Madueno
Anthony Madueno - 20 dager siden
The travels Scott event was the best
Zypro1 - 20 dager siden
Justyna Mroszczyk
Justyna Mroszczyk - 20 dager siden
I have ninja
ammar hasan
ammar hasan - 21 dag siden
I want a Ali-A skin with the intro music playing in the glider at 100% Bass
TTV AzlaaN
TTV AzlaaN - 21 dag siden
alii dont say that you are a great content creater you need a skin
Sama playz
Sama playz - 21 dag siden
Use code lachy and Alia in the item shop
Brandon's channel 8
Brandon's channel 8 - 21 dag siden
Hes coming 11th
Joseph Romero
Joseph Romero - 21 dag siden
Joseph Romero
Joseph Romero - 21 dag siden
Someone remind me why Ali A doesn’t have his own Skin?? He is so Supportive!!!!!
Kaiser349 - 2 dager siden
Cause hes cringe and has an annoying voice
Stan412 - 15 dager siden
Yeah I would cop it
Aditya Harikrishnan
Aditya Harikrishnan - 17 dager siden
I know right. Ali A, Fresh, LazarBeam and Typical Gamer should get their own skins
Ian De La Cruz Perez
Ian De La Cruz Perez - 21 dag siden
Alia can u ask epic if u can get ur own skin that people can compete for please
Kreay Cruz
Kreay Cruz - 21 dag siden
i will do code LACHY in the item shop at friday
MemeNoob - 21 dag siden
Nyan cat
Nyan cat - 21 dag siden
I am getting the skin from the tournament
Carlo Casella
Carlo Casella - 21 dag siden
hii lachlan and ali a
scootsYT - 21 dag siden
Ramiro Ramirez
Ramiro Ramirez - 21 dag siden
No code Ali
Luke - 21 dag siden
HD_Solo - 21 dag siden
im buying the picks now
Mr Cruz
Mr Cruz - 21 dag siden
Alia actually needs his own skin cmon
KingGamer - 21 dag siden
That skin is fire
Sajjad Nathani
Sajjad Nathani - 21 dag siden
I feel like at 2.50 he is literally begging saying that I'm the same as lachlan and ninja, please can I have a skin....
Sajjad Nathani
Sajjad Nathani - 21 dag siden
PikachuGamerSMT - 21 dag siden
Best set in my opinion
Mr. Yaw
Mr. Yaw - 21 dag siden
That skin is trash XD
Tropical Rainforest
Tropical Rainforest - 21 dag siden
Fortnite hater
KYN Mirzy
KYN Mirzy - 21 dag siden
wasnt the first lufu
XD boi
XD boi - 21 dag siden
Lachy dochy
Farhan Mahmood
Farhan Mahmood - 21 dag siden
How come Ali-A don’t got his skin yet. He’s set would be so much better then Lachys
stew5650 stew5650
stew5650 stew5650 - 21 dag siden
Can you please do sun Flowers next an
stew5650 stew5650
stew5650 stew5650 - 21 dag siden
infinite Thanos 39 Aboytes
infinite Thanos 39 Aboytes
Aill can you make a call of duty video
Benoni Muluken
Benoni Muluken - 21 dag siden
I like the skin
Epik eggyツ
Epik eggyツ - 21 dag siden
Petition for fortnite to make an Ali-A skin with his old intro logo and plays Music backbling
Cameron Abramowitz
Cameron Abramowitz - 21 dag siden
How much is the lock-in skin
T3MP3R3D WH0S0N - 21 dag siden
Ama get my 2FA squad and get that skin
monster playz
monster playz - 21 dag siden
Ali-a simping for epic games
Jodie Saunders
Jodie Saunders - 21 dag siden
the skin looks sick🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍 congrats to Lachlan also use code lachy
Disney vlog
Disney vlog - 21 dag siden
Who wants Ali-A skin
Meerbergen Nzanana
Meerbergen Nzanana - 22 dager siden
I love the ending XD
Al Lo
Al Lo - 22 dager siden
Rip ali intro F in the chat boys
Katie Barnes
Katie Barnes - 22 dager siden
One of my friends is a higher level than him😂😂😭
Knack Aaa
Knack Aaa - 22 dager siden
Yeet Machine
Yeet Machine - 22 dager siden
Lachlan skin 7.08
Colin Jack
Colin Jack - 22 dager siden
It’s a diplodocus
ahmed warsame
ahmed warsame - 22 dager siden
nah i need to sleep
ahmed warsame
ahmed warsame - 22 dager siden
iwatch all ofyour videos and maybe you could shout out me out on one of your videos it is10 o,clock i will come back in ten minites
ahmed warsame
ahmed warsame - 22 dager siden
my name is mystical whorl in fortnite reply and gift me midas skin and your skin andthe 1500vbucks
ahmed warsame
ahmed warsame - 22 dager siden
i only have battle pass and seeker skin i only have 200vbucks can i get 1500vbucks
ahmed warsame
ahmed warsame - 22 dager siden
i want your skin ali
ahmed warsame
ahmed warsame - 22 dager siden
i meancan i get your skin in item shop
ahmed warsame
ahmed warsame - 22 dager siden
alia can i get your sski in item sshop
Isaac Rodriguez
Isaac Rodriguez - 22 dager siden
Gg Alia I believe you came #1
Kimberlynn Voumard
Kimberlynn Voumard - 22 dager siden
I was wondering if he gifted one to you too after seeing typical gamers!! So glad he did!!
XxRichxX - 22 dager siden
Ali A is so content, he rlly should get his own skin. C'mon EPIC!!!
Baby Oof
Baby Oof - 22 dager siden
I really wish i could've got the astro jack
Samantha Palker
Samantha Palker - 22 dager siden
Little lochie
Ismail Abuzaid
Ismail Abuzaid - 22 dager siden
It starts November 8
Judah Lefton
Judah Lefton - 22 dager siden
voidz xeon
voidz xeon - 22 dager siden
Grefg getting angry that lachy got his skin first
Marquel Gaming
Marquel Gaming - 22 dager siden
Happy Birthday 🎉
Thatfortnite Kid
Thatfortnite Kid - 22 dager siden
Ali-A skin?
JP - 05JP 959311 Northwood PS
Don’t you guys think the Storm picaxe also matches the skin and company
YTN_Shadow 90
YTN_Shadow 90 - 22 dager siden
Let’s go
Jayoffthejamiez YT
Jayoffthejamiez YT - 22 dager siden
You can tell he’s kinda jealous by the way he’s speaking
Andy Green
Andy Green - 22 dager siden
I really want to win it in the tournament but I don't have 2fa 😢😢
I love bass
I love bass - 22 dager siden
Awesome 🤩 👌
nuwie van der Walt
nuwie van der Walt - 22 dager siden
Ali if you get your own skin can I get it for free pls where short on mony my name is Markuz1095 pls❤️❤️❤️❤️
nuwie van der Walt
nuwie van der Walt - 22 dager siden
Ali a: taking wheel peopelin to fortnite
Us:jou sed wheel peopel
paul reader
paul reader - 22 dager siden
To me Lachlan and the fortnite skin’s faces look 100% the same.