*NEW* LACHLAN SKIN coming to Fortnite! (How to get EARLY)

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Fortnite Lachlan Icon Skin, Event information from Epic + MORE!
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Check out Lachlan for his official skin reveal!
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Bevan Coulson
Bevan Coulson - 4 dager siden
"00:44"😂 Ok that is the best: *DADYA𝐏𝐏.PR0* 📌 disregard others they're BS
Harvey Dennis
Harvey Dennis - 15 dager siden
I have used code Ali-A you have the best videos ever
donna lyons
donna lyons - 17 dager siden
Theres some people in the world that have nothing and then theres ali with the flippin new xboxs and ps5s
Leah Heys
Leah Heys - 17 dager siden
Send us back to the old map Galactus! 😓
cookie clipz
cookie clipz - 17 dager siden
Why cant we be icons in fortnite but it has to be popular people
Its your mum
Its your mum - 17 dager siden
April Hayes
April Hayes - 17 dager siden
So happy
Nano Hawk
Nano Hawk - 18 dager siden
Hi, I actually want to say that i really liked your content, congratulations!
I have subscribed to your C h a n n e l 😉 Perhaps, You can do the same and we will become "real" Youtube friends
Fnaf Vr Boi
Fnaf Vr Boi - 18 dager siden
He didnt even show the real steve
The daily BS
The daily BS - 18 dager siden
8:21 I thought Marshmello was?
COVID-19 Is bad
COVID-19 Is bad - 19 dager siden
daniel mclaughlin-ward
daniel mclaughlin-ward - 19 dager siden
Hello Ali A i subed to u and liked pls gift me my name is Laytonward10 no space so yh pls gift
Brody Esposito
Brody Esposito - 19 dager siden
Don’t leake things
llstevell black ops 3
llstevell black ops 3 - 19 dager siden
Donald Trump
Own the gamer
Own the gamer - 19 dager siden
Kwakadoodle - 19 dager siden
The season ends on my birthday
Adnan Elfaham
Adnan Elfaham - 19 dager siden
Dude I am from Egypt and I moved to Canada
Doug Casper
Doug Casper - 19 dager siden
Henry Ponce
Henry Ponce - 19 dager siden
And don't forget to subscribe to faze rug😁😁😁
Vaguer - Rhombus
Vaguer - Rhombus - 19 dager siden
Ali A is a bot
Vaguer - Rhombus
Vaguer - Rhombus - 19 dager siden
Mast Gw
Mast Gw - 20 dager siden
Ali-A don’t deserve any hate👈✌️
Monkeyflee - 20 dager siden
Early squad
Eat-Drink-Sleep - 20 dager siden
Fortnite Grand Skin reveal @t
Eat-Drink-Sleep - 20 dager siden
Fortnite Grand Skin reveal @t
Ali Umar sara Zara Comedy
Ali Umar sara Zara Comedy - 20 dager siden
Ali a lachlan revealed it all ready
cOmmunity - 20 dager siden
Where is your skin bruuh
Faisal Kamel
Faisal Kamel - 20 dager siden
Why do people get so many likes for saying random words? Lemme try....
Here it goes. "🍍 pineapple 🍍"
idk if it worked yet.
Ayan Abbasi
Ayan Abbasi - 20 dager siden
You said that
Jelly that when he had 10 million subcribers you 15 million and you were flexing on jelly and now jelly have more than you hahahahahaha
Kylie Francis
Kylie Francis - 20 dager siden
Wers urs?
Sav Singh
Sav Singh - 20 dager siden
Where’s your official skin Ali
XD_POWER - 20 dager siden
Imagine using somone elses skin for content
Deshawn Henry
Deshawn Henry - 20 dager siden
i think he should get his own skin too.
Xavielys Bracetty
Xavielys Bracetty - 20 dager siden
Hahaha its so funy wen you say that wen jelly got to 10 million subs now you are yeloc BC he have more subs that you
Angela Terry
Angela Terry - 20 dager siden
Yes thank you
James Doane
James Doane - 20 dager siden
lunch box is Captain marvel did any one make the connection that captain marvel carried the space stone in a lunch box in the movie?????
Johnny Pacheco-Herrera
Johnny Pacheco-Herrera - 20 dager siden
hi i love your vids
armaan malik
armaan malik - 20 dager siden
Reload.mp4 - 20 dager siden
Galactus looks like a telly tubby without armour
mrtop15 Lol
mrtop15 Lol - 20 dager siden
I think that next season should be a YouTube battle pass
G Raff
G Raff - 20 dager siden
Sup Ali
mrtop15 Lol
mrtop15 Lol - 20 dager siden
Justin Farina
Justin Farina - 20 dager siden
Ali a should get a skin it whould be fire
Kian Evans
Kian Evans - 20 dager siden
You forgot about major lazar marshmallow Astro guy ninga
Elaine Byrne
Elaine Byrne - 20 dager siden
If thor is not the one to take galactus down I will stop liking fortnite
Derwin YT
Derwin YT - 20 dager siden
Lachlan has his skin why can't you have one then
Myanmar Burma
Myanmar Burma - 20 dager siden
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck - 20 dager siden
It’s sad I can’t get it because it’s on trios and none of my friends play Fortnite
Vswazy - 20 dager siden
The song at the end is all for me swif7
Zia Islam
Zia Islam - 20 dager siden
0:15 just asking what is that song called
Miloisyeetyt - 20 dager siden
The next season start will be like a three day early bday present😂😂
Lime Dream
Lime Dream - 20 dager siden
fortnite meets minecraft
dxf2978 - 20 dager siden
I have not been playing Fortnite but I’m excited for the event
ShravFN - 20 dager siden
OMI B - 20 dager siden
My birthday is on the 3rd december
Callum Smith
Callum Smith - 21 dag siden
The 3rd is my birthday 😂
Carlos Herrera
Carlos Herrera - 21 dag siden
I just bought the merch and it’s AMAZING
Nicholas Caraviello
Nicholas Caraviello - 21 dag siden
Alia my birthday is december 4
Micah Siegel
Micah Siegel - 21 dag siden
you can se galactus now
Jadenplays1000 - 21 dag siden
Why do they not do it on weekends
Thomas Roberts
Thomas Roberts - 21 dag siden
Yo Ali. a skin was found that you talked about ages ago back in season 7. It's the skin that was changed into the ikonik
Alexis Aguilar
Alexis Aguilar - 21 dag siden
Ayden Vera
Ayden Vera - 21 dag siden
The Jetpack is Archie out
purple ninja
purple ninja - 21 dag siden
Is someone forgot about the peely claws????
Bailey Gamer
Bailey Gamer - 21 dag siden
Lies Marshmello came out in season seven he was icon
space ship27
space ship27 - 21 dag siden
Poggys moment
Nicholas Leanti
Nicholas Leanti - 21 dag siden
When epic games says it’s going to be the biggest event ever they sound like we’re going to chapter three
MR.VenoM - 21 dag siden
30 november is my bday
Connor Sorg-Malyon
Connor Sorg-Malyon - 21 dag siden
@Alia heard about new stark jetpack
Jen George
Jen George - 21 dag siden
Code AliA
Galaxy - 21 dag siden
Let’s get it
Max Pillsbury
Max Pillsbury - 21 dag siden
December is my birthday so fortnite ends on my birthday I am so excited to play fortnite on my birthday
Max Pillsbury
Max Pillsbury - 21 dag siden
December 3rd is my birthday
Ollie Feaver
Ollie Feaver - 21 dag siden
they could sacrifice kevin to galactus
SHAYAAN Mustafa - 21 dag siden
BRO Alia is the best youtuber i know
Abdullah Sajid
Abdullah Sajid - 21 dag siden
Well u Am in UAE and watching ur vids from 3 years 🇦🇪
Leaping Mind
Leaping Mind - 21 dag siden
i live in UAE and i dont know which to vote
Harmin - 21 dag siden
I can't believe my birthday is on the same day that lachlan reveals his skin
Abu Amod
Abu Amod - 21 dag siden
28 November is my bday
Rai Kuragari
Rai Kuragari - 21 dag siden
The PR skin could be phantom rider along side ghost rider
abdullah Warraich146
abdullah Warraich146 - 21 dag siden
No way i am exicted
Austin Price
Austin Price - 21 dag siden
cube in steamy
sky star
sky star - 21 dag siden
i live in uae and I will take side of iron man
CTC Warma1x Tryhards
CTC Warma1x Tryhards - 21 dag siden
Israel Roybal
Israel Roybal - 21 dag siden
Izthashow 13
Is my fortnight acunt
Kev Sealey
Kev Sealey - 21 dag siden
Anyone know what the song is called at the 11.15 mark ?
Owen Gibbons 7
Owen Gibbons 7 - 21 dag siden
Travis Scott is icon so we will have 4icon skins
Jordan Merriwether
Jordan Merriwether - 21 dag siden
I’m trying to find trios partners for the ghost rider cup plz respond if you’re interested
Walter - 21 dag siden
Ali where yours at
Syed Naqi Hussain
Syed Naqi Hussain - 21 dag siden
Christopher 828
Christopher 828 - 21 dag siden
I hope on December 19 cough cough my birthday I can get a free skin from epic
Eli Perez
Eli Perez - 21 dag siden
If galactus eats the fornite world they should make it half of the old world and half of the new world
SW Kay
SW Kay - 21 dag siden
I'm mad I lost my other yt account
Ballistic Baylin
Ballistic Baylin - 21 dag siden
Yajayra Gonzalez
Yajayra Gonzalez - 21 dag siden
Your the best
PooDot StinkPants
PooDot StinkPants - 21 dag siden
The new skins never end in Fortnite.
Sarah Rowland
Sarah Rowland - 21 dag siden
fortnite add a alia skin now
Tyrese - 21 dag siden
Why am I here
Capid - 21 dag siden

“¡ᴍ ɢɪ🄵ᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ (with notis)”🏅
Thenyanight V2
Thenyanight V2 - 21 dag siden
Honestly if the delay is 3 days i don’t care
Amy Figueroa
Amy Figueroa - 21 dag siden
Can you add me on fortnite and gift me a skin my epic username is malachi27109 with no capitals