*NEW* HALLOWEEN UPDATE coming to Fortnite! (OG Skins, Zombies + MORE)

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Fortnite Halloween Fortnitemares update 2020 - Skins + more!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
Runtime: 12:27


Ian Shontz
Ian Shontz - 25 dager siden
Rising issa
Rising issa - 26 dager siden
Raphael FAJINMI - 27 dager siden
I am ninja
Recon expert t
Recon expert t - 28 dager siden
Nobody: Not even a single soul:
Ali-a: *NEW*
caelin k
caelin k - Måned siden
Can you make a new video 😁
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick - Måned siden
smash like for ali a fortite biscuit
Luke Walters
Luke Walters - Måned siden
yo ali can u tell epic to give nog ops an oh style because that was my favorite skin and i had it the day it came out
ADAM HD - Måned siden
Tyler Wargo
Tyler Wargo - Måned siden
Keep OG skins away from item shop!
Add me my name is xdjsich
Lucas Da Cosat
Lucas Da Cosat - Måned siden
Hi Ali. Remember when jelly hit 10mil subs you had 15mil now jelly's ahead
Lisa Mercer
Lisa Mercer - Måned siden
Was Ali-A in the military or the army
Ibrahim LOL
Ibrahim LOL - Måned siden
Petition for AliA to bring back his old intro
Demo x Phantom
Demo x Phantom - Måned siden
The tac shouldn’t come back people will just spam :(
Mr. Pow
Mr. Pow - Måned siden
Two key words “combat shotgun”
Poppy Kay
Poppy Kay - Måned siden
i need tac
preston_branum - Måned siden
I thick they should give people the OG ghoul trooper and OG skull trooper to the 2 people that bought them to!😃
dragon Slayers
dragon Slayers - Måned siden
If they bring out OG skull Trooper they better bring out a colour changing one
Lynx - Måned siden
ali try keybord it feels very nice i swiched at chapter 2 season 2 and im better tan i was on controller im a sweat now try it
Anas G
Anas G - Måned siden
I wish they add purple skull and pink ghoul back
Retro Chan
Retro Chan - Måned siden
The water near stark is lowering
Zale. Skyz
Zale. Skyz - Måned siden
Who else realized Ali a is dieng
The Savr
The Savr - Måned siden
What about an OG variant for Red Knight???
Isaac Wilson
Isaac Wilson - Måned siden
Tamuchin McCreless
Tamuchin McCreless - Måned siden
tac should return
FaZe DaNGball
FaZe DaNGball - Måned siden
Im a biiiiiiiiiiiiig Fan!
Conan Loughran
Conan Loughran - Måned siden
Conan Loughran
Conan Loughran - Måned siden
Anyone else realise that Chapter 1 season 4 was also superhero theme with Carbide and Omega
Emilio Goncalves
Emilio Goncalves - Måned siden
Ali i like the zombies
ZaiOnquack - Måned siden
4:25 why is the Reaper pickaxe purple instead of blue
ZaiOnquack - Måned siden
@ColdVisitor oh ok
Hayden Woods
Hayden Woods - Måned siden
Yes tac should come back get rid of charge its trash
Yeetus Feetus
Yeetus Feetus - Måned siden
Guys what about the concept art of the drought themed season
Emily Bork
Emily Bork - Måned siden
alia you dodo and im just spiting facts fast
Cassandra Barrena
Cassandra Barrena - Måned siden
Tack should never return
Duazy - Måned siden
Who’s ready for fortnitemares?
Taahine Kapeta
Taahine Kapeta - Måned siden
I love your videos
Jacob Moore
Jacob Moore - Måned siden
Use code Ali a
Tiffany Nicole
Tiffany Nicole - Måned siden
Imagine filming a video with mustard in your beard lol
una Hanlon
una Hanlon - Måned siden
Blob iland is gone
Parker Pruski
Parker Pruski - Måned siden
Taking down Wolverine took me non stop playing all day Friday AND all day Saturday
Agent Raven
Agent Raven - Måned siden
Took me like 6 games
Jason Piskor
Jason Piskor - Måned siden
edijedi - Måned siden
the joker is outon amazon
Kyle Loudon
Kyle Loudon - Måned siden
Zombie iron man from spider man
Marc oid
Marc oid - Måned siden
I have the zombie s
Jaiden Bird
Jaiden Bird - Måned siden
Is syth coming back anyone know ?😀
Jaiden Bird
Jaiden Bird - Måned siden
@ColdVisitor thanks
ToOtEd FiShY
ToOtEd FiShY - Måned siden
i use your code :)
Luca Alsop
Luca Alsop - Måned siden
Maybe zombie avengers
Jeremy Givens
Jeremy Givens - Måned siden
My name is suburb sweat
Jeremy Givens
Jeremy Givens - Måned siden
Can u please friend me
Stephanie Feeney
Stephanie Feeney - Måned siden
hey ali the grotto sorta un floding
Toxic cvoils 👽
Toxic cvoils 👽 - Måned siden
Like to bring back old Ali a intro
jose martel
jose martel - Måned siden
Imagine a pack with venom,ghost rider and daredevil🔥
Nedaa Aynousah
Nedaa Aynousah - Måned siden
Ali a took him 2 hours

Me 5 days
Shadow - Måned siden
Nedaa Aynousah lol I said Alia took almost 2 hours to get wolverine and I was on first round trying to pickaxe him first try and succeeded lol
Raz0rC0bra - Måned siden
I hope Pink Ghoul returns because she is one of my most favorite skins and I have enough to buy her.
Bailee gamer10
Bailee gamer10 - Måned siden
No one wants tacs back
Fresh Out Of The Box Gaming
Ali:Look AT The Boxfight And World Cup!
Tutorial And Trios Cash Cup:Am I A Joke To You?
Pixels - Måned siden
Sending virtual hugs to anyone who subscribes to me with notis💜
EncryptedScorpian636 - Måned siden
Yung Faze
Yung Faze - Måned siden
Just to let y’all know Codename Elf is the only Og Christmas skin left cuz it hasn’t came back out since season 2 chapter 1
Yung Faze
Yung Faze - Måned siden
Confused cuz I never saw it XD but let’s still say he’s the rarest Christmas skin anyways
Evo Crazed
Evo Crazed - Måned siden
Lol bro he came out last Christmas. Had to buy it for my kid.
King - Måned siden
Am I the only one seen the smg on very left side
Jay - Måned siden
They need to vault the charge
Ricardo - Måned siden
I used your code I promise
flixz - Måned siden
Is it just me all does the Midas skin give you lex Luther vibes
D.E.D - Måned siden
There are going to add Zombie mitis
Philip Peranio
Philip Peranio - Måned siden
ultra necrozma
ultra necrozma - Måned siden
i got wolverine first try
sam bray
sam bray - Måned siden
i love zombies
MA Starshine
MA Starshine - Måned siden
The zombies might start coming out of steamy stacks but they might look different because of the chaos agent
212 Gaming
212 Gaming - Måned siden
October 1 is my birthday
Goku Son
Goku Son - Måned siden
In fortnite
Goku Son
Goku Son - Måned siden
I found secret
Alpha_ azooz
Alpha_ azooz - Måned siden
The water ate half of the fortilla and nobody noticed
Jiblinski - Måned siden
To be fair fortnite is said and how does a skin make you Og lol
Alex JAMES - Måned siden
by the way there are 3 battle buses at stark inderreties
Fearful Clan
Fearful Clan - Måned siden
The zombies were also in the Ice Storm game mode in Season 7.
Lacey Lobetta
Lacey Lobetta - Måned siden
Yooooooooooooooooo I got me skull trooper
AlphaBoyPlayz - Måned siden
Cps Gameing
Cps Gameing - Måned siden
6:59 that is photoshop you see the other spawn island
John Rodgers
John Rodgers - Måned siden
That midas is called midas rex
Eimir Mu'adz
Eimir Mu'adz - Måned siden
animae poki 79
animae poki 79 - Måned siden
Halloween is .y birthday
Leila Al Ali
Leila Al Ali - Måned siden
Bro ur so clitbait
Dlord Opeaye
Dlord Opeaye - Måned siden
Hi Ali, I was just diagnosed with stage 2 cancer... Would love to play a game with you if that's okay
Fugethecake 1
Fugethecake 1 - Måned siden
I got the skull trooper today if you got it or had it give a like
Noah Gillman
Noah Gillman - Måned siden
Pls 😢😢😢 I need a skin I really don’t have one and my epic is Maggie2016 pls add me you’re my favorite you tuber and I’ve been subscribed with all your notifications on for SO long
Johnny Parker
Johnny Parker - Måned siden
No Ali a
Eddie varro !
Eddie varro ! - Måned siden
I have skulltrooper
BeastPlayz1234 - Måned siden
Diabetes BOY
Diabetes BOY - Måned siden
I hope dead fire doesn’t come back it’s my rarest skin
Harry Dackombe
Harry Dackombe - Måned siden
Chicken nuggets
Jack Oborn
Jack Oborn - Måned siden
Anyone remember the yacht from chapter 2 Season 2/3 RIP The Yacht Probably not popular but idc
Jack Oborn
Jack Oborn - Måned siden
I used code Ali-A bit I can't send a picture so do you still not mind if you shout me out 😨✌
Matthew Girard
Matthew Girard - Måned siden
The zombies can be ennoying but they are fun.
Adrian Lea
Adrian Lea - Måned siden
My user is jimbob12341234
Austin Nnamani
Austin Nnamani - Måned siden
I don't like zombie s
sine pro and Tay master sine the legend
Where is my skin
THE ZODIAC - Måned siden
Your voice is so weird
i found wolverine first time on pc
Trıpy - Måned siden
Arena Boxfights hypes me up
Asxtro Name
Asxtro Name - Måned siden
Like my comment for a chocolate chip cookie!
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer - Måned siden
I’m hoping and preying that the tactical shotgun comes back
Darth Dankulous
Darth Dankulous - Måned siden
Im pretty sure the midas in the bundle is meant to be like he lex luthor character