NEW *GLITCHING* to Galactus in Fortnite!

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Fortnite Glactus Glitch - Can we get to Galactus!?
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
Runtime: 10:36


Stop Motions
Stop Motions - Dag siden
i used ur code and im a big fan!
Hunter Chadwick 303
Hunter Chadwick 303 - 2 dager siden
ZapZ 55
ZapZ 55 - 5 dager siden
We clicked on the video to see galactus not someone talking too much
Lukas Robb
Lukas Robb - 6 dager siden
Who’s here when galactus is 3d
Trennan Paul
Trennan Paul - 6 dager siden
I am waiting for the Galactus skin and the Galactus event
Cosmic Yolder24
Cosmic Yolder24 - 7 dager siden
It would be better to glitch at h when he was visible but it's too late cause he landed but you can't find him
OG PLAYER - 7 dager siden
Drka doka ona oka ah ah ah
U a kazi mi da idem u hrad lol
Impulse Fortnite
Impulse Fortnite - 8 dager siden
Galactus kinda looks like Hawkmoth...
Logan Stephens
Logan Stephens - 9 dager siden
it`s logan
ave gilbert
ave gilbert - 10 dager siden
Joaquin Bas
Joaquin Bas - 12 dager siden
Try to glitch to galactic now that he is closer
khalid alameeri
khalid alameeri - 13 dager siden
May Mahady
May Mahady - 13 dager siden
Hi Ali can you pls gift me something my epic id is aflcricketstar12 or it is FootyFreaks-YT
J Mooers
J Mooers - 13 dager siden
I like Your vids
Alr Ooo
Alr Ooo - 14 dager siden
W que no me gustaría saber si no se me gustaría me gustaría saber si gustaría saber si gustaría saber si gustaría saber gustaría gustaría Christopher Nolan y Nolan 66 años de edad años y no y no 6x8p en el en el en el en un problema 6rdrf problema de edad y que y que y que y que y 3 años de edad años 6x8p a la 6x8p de 6x8p de edad y que y 910sbf10000💲💲💲💲💲
MrCooperandMrShadow Woof
MrCooperandMrShadow Woof - 15 dager siden
Get a hacker in the game
Brooklyn Fontus
Brooklyn Fontus - 15 dager siden
U talking bout taking him down we want the knew Yoda the 😂😂😅😭😭
Snakeless Gaming
Snakeless Gaming - 16 dager siden
Yay 116k swing at galacttus
KingWisdom - 16 dager siden
I am ironman SNAP!!!!!!!!! Yeet
Guardian Leafeon
Guardian Leafeon - 18 dager siden
Ngl you kinda sound like morgz but you aren’t trash
EPIK - 18 dager siden
Who remembers when Ali a said he would enter pat the portal and didn’t
Jayden Payne
Jayden Payne - 19 dager siden
Me in my cousin saw him Rodriguez
You don't have to do an irregular solo you can just do it in bad or Lab
Benjamin Henriquez
Benjamin Henriquez - 19 dager siden
Galactic his pickard is in the vult
Benjamin Henriquez
Benjamin Henriquez - 19 dager siden
Galactic stolde spider-man
TTVBEETO GAMING 1277 - 20 dager siden
TTVBEETO GAMING 1277 - 20 dager siden
Teguh Sandy
Teguh Sandy - 21 dag siden
Mario & Sonic 101
Mario & Sonic 101 - 22 dager siden
Noooo dancing ahhhhhhh two hours later why am I dancing still AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha - 22 dager siden
melanie pieta
melanie pieta - 22 dager siden
You are a great youtuber
JOKE SMOKE - 22 dager siden
Why do you not use your face cam anymore
luke webdale
luke webdale - 24 dager siden
Ali a fun fact galactus is always west on the map
luke webdale
luke webdale - 24 dager siden
sharkyboy doggo
sharkyboy doggo - 25 dager siden
David Cayash Vasquez
David Cayash Vasquez - 26 dager siden
You are the best
Gamer zone ee
Gamer zone ee - 28 dager siden
Bro why you sound like morgz
SiZzy - 28 dager siden
is it just me or i herd laserbeams old outro
Demelo Gangland
Demelo Gangland - 29 dager siden
There is nothing can Iron Man's fault
8retton Epperson
8retton Epperson - Måned siden
crazy thought... what if mecha team leader came back to fight Galactus? hear me out; remember that one creative hub we got featuring mecha team leader? it was kind of outta nowhere. also, it got a new variant, mecha team shadow. again, out of the blue (plus it made a random return to the item shop). and, at the end of the final showdown event, after defeating the monster, it flew into space. galactus is coming from space. mecha has to have seen him. like, wouldn't it be awesome if, say; the superheroes try and fail to stop galactus. they're all wounded and can no longer fight. then, in a final, desperate cry for help, thor sends a rainbow beacon into space, alerting mecha. and right as galactus is about to eat the zero point, mecha swoops in and smacks him. then they fight, blah blah blah that's up to epic games. idk, just a cool idea i had randomly.
Tarek Zahran
Tarek Zahran - Måned siden
Yes yes never give up
Ofer Dar
Ofer Dar - Måned siden
Best video never saw it
dwdreamdontsleep - Måned siden
it will take 2 million likes to take out galactus
Lateefah West
Lateefah West - Måned siden
Lateefah West
Lateefah West - Måned siden
Hi ail I’m sdan
Christian Lee
Christian Lee - Måned siden
if u would have gotten wolverines claws u would have went way farther
Pokegaby 612
Pokegaby 612 - Måned siden
Maybe we’ll help the avengers
Emmanuel Benson
Emmanuel Benson - Måned siden
You sound exactly like communicgamming
You can go to a plane and get the grout ball
ام فيصل الديحاني
Ashaz Mohammed
Ashaz Mohammed - Måned siden
poppy head poppy check the grammer
Toasted Jinx
Toasted Jinx - Måned siden
I smell CAP
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia - Måned siden
Don't like fake
Kevin Carden
Kevin Carden - Måned siden
He just cussed holy moly
Kamdyn Guy
Kamdyn Guy - Måned siden
Please add me
Kamdyn Guy
Kamdyn Guy - Måned siden
I liked and subscribed I am your best fan my user name Is KamoSlamo
Lauren Murphy
Lauren Murphy - Måned siden
lol 7 😝😝😝😝😜👾
Biljana Jovanovic
Biljana Jovanovic - Måned siden
nathan copeland
nathan copeland - Måned siden
2 million damage will be done to Galactus WE WON DA FIGHT!
Adventure Alfie
Adventure Alfie - Måned siden
You’re videos are great
Andy Insignia
Andy Insignia - Måned siden
Y u celld irn man!! He’s a herow
FRL Alotibi
FRL Alotibi - Måned siden
‏حدث ‏
FRL Alotibi
FRL Alotibi - Måned siden
gtmaurer1 - Måned siden
Glagsas: he’s red
Ali-a: the purple star in the sky lol
kivu paterson
kivu paterson - Måned siden
what did i used to watch here forgot he was alive
Erin ward
Erin ward - Måned siden
galactus weight is 2000000000000000
Kiara Woodmass
Kiara Woodmass - Måned siden
Boooooooo ewwwww
OOF_LOL _XD - Måned siden
Congrats on stealing lazarbeam old outro
KINGDELLY Sznapsz - Måned siden
Milka Miliano
Milka Miliano - Måned siden
I use your code
WEhigh_PEEPS John
WEhigh_PEEPS John - Måned siden
Sherif Ramadan
Sherif Ramadan - Måned siden
I hate galatus
Sherif Ramadan
Sherif Ramadan - Måned siden
Superhero’s can galatus
Sherif Ramadan
Sherif Ramadan - Måned siden
Is Galatus destroying that map
Carter Gaming
Carter Gaming - Måned siden
How did Ali -a
4 tinytoystamp4
4 tinytoystamp4 - Måned siden
Liltoy_stamp4 Please gift me I have no skins and i subscribed with notificatoins on
Jason Feavel
Jason Feavel - Måned siden
Thanos vs galactus
Rexical 360
Rexical 360 - Måned siden
Because of the gravity does not mean you will go further
bro there is a light in the scy
Ibrahim LOL
Ibrahim LOL - Måned siden
Petition for AliA to bring back his old intro
Ashlynn Gouge
Ashlynn Gouge - Måned siden
sotoshotgun sotoshotgun
sotoshotgun sotoshotgun - Måned siden
you are the best youtuber in the world
Jangel Jacobo
Jangel Jacobo - Måned siden
Toxic Ultra
Toxic Ultra - Måned siden
ibrahim mohamed
ibrahim mohamed - Måned siden
Use code Ali-a or galactus will crash and fortnite will shut down for two days like the end event.
Akutet Barac
Akutet Barac - Måned siden
Stream it worth typical gamer
HHH YT Gaming
HHH YT Gaming - Måned siden
FaZe Furniturekingdo
FaZe Furniturekingdo - Måned siden
No swearing in description *swears because of storm*
Shawnplays 7 Alkire
Shawnplays 7 Alkire - Måned siden
us a car
RZR_MUTE - Måned siden
Ah yes the purple star
José Manuel Cano Avalos
José Manuel Cano Avalos - Måned siden
Now he is clickbaiting
Wayne Jenkins
Wayne Jenkins - Måned siden
Havent heard from ali-A since pixelmon
Fernando Alvarado
Fernando Alvarado - Måned siden
Oh uh got to go toy
Super Nate. YT
Super Nate. YT - Måned siden
Can you do an anth glich
Yo Conrad
Yo Conrad - Måned siden
manni man
manni man - Måned siden
yoooooo Ali a goat
Kenzie Botkin
Kenzie Botkin - Måned siden
Rob Samuel
Rob Samuel - Måned siden
Best content guys subcribe plz
Deyiki - Måned siden
for code ali-a he literally just puts the same people on
River Magri
River Magri - Måned siden
ALIA-A a tiny little pure star ME *sighs*
Elemental Games
Elemental Games - Måned siden
Do u guys care about Midas?