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Fortnite Live Event - Galactus returns and MORE info!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
Runtime: 11:50


Joe Mama
Joe Mama - 44 minutter siden
The old intros are better
Jan Carlos
Jan Carlos - Time siden
I got among us if we go in downtime
Phantom _Future
Phantom _Future - Time siden
I have a theory: you know that planet in the travis Scott event right? Some people including me saw a purple dot in the sky I thought it was Kevin the cube what if instead of the travis Scott thing it was galactus
PGB H-townorbit
PGB H-townorbit - 2 timer siden
Ali-a I want to glacties to win but I still hit the like button
Alijah Parks
Alijah Parks - 3 timer siden
I do use yer code but I don’t have Facebook or Instagram
Ryne - 3 timer siden
Imagine if GALACTUS eats the whole entire map😱😱😱
Baby Cloud
Baby Cloud - 8 timer siden
I’m so happy you’re one of the youtubers that still play Fortnite. Unlike others who abandoned the game
MR. UNKNOWN - 11 timer siden
TEAM GALACTUS i want somethink new
poop pooppp
poop pooppp - 12 timer siden
Hes in the water u can see his horns sticking out
Mallory Becker
Mallory Becker - 13 timer siden
I think the fortnight world is going to be destroyed the The fortnight world is going to be blown up into a Oblivion
Urte.k - 13 timer siden
Noce T5G iron man
Jaden J Gaming
Jaden J Gaming - 13 timer siden
sadly I can`t watch the live event. I live in a nother country and it is 11pm here.
Supergamingdog! - 14 timer siden
Do you mean iron bus ;)
Jason Sepulveda
Jason Sepulveda - 15 timer siden
we like Fortnite we like Fortnite we like Fortnite…we like dead fortnite
PoorPanda890 _
PoorPanda890 _ - 15 timer siden
I think he will cause some sort of time warp and next season will be about time travel that would be dope
Devin Denham
Devin Denham - 16 timer siden
I am ready for black hole
Jenn Donaldson
Jenn Donaldson - 16 timer siden
He landed he's under the map
Taylor Richardson
Taylor Richardson - 17 timer siden
I use your code Ali-A
Taylor Richardson
Taylor Richardson - 17 timer siden
I used your code my name is squallynest5654 I don't have a head set
Malachi Holsinger
Malachi Holsinger - 18 timer siden
One like = 1 vote to go back to the old map
Lucas Hantsch
Lucas Hantsch - 18 timer siden
Reply if you think that we well lose
Mirya Mason
Mirya Mason - 19 timer siden
Are you kidding me it is on a school day😭
Andrew Letts2
Andrew Letts2 - 19 timer siden
I’m from the future in the live event we lose but the power of the zero point is to much and kills him and we get a really new map my time is 2048
Ana Melendez
Ana Melendez - 20 timer siden
It sounds like he’s saying footnite
Jax Neering
Jax Neering - 21 time siden
He's under the map
Riley Clarke
Riley Clarke - 21 time siden
That would be sick yalll
I think it will be in the background tho
Oliver Ferguson
Oliver Ferguson - 22 timer siden
We’ve probs lost to black winter
Nirtro_boss 08
Nirtro_boss 08 - Dag siden
Imagine if iron man takes a rift to grab the robot from season 10
puglifegamer frootloop
Fornite: kids friendly. Call of duty warzone: why kids friendly
Gigox TT
Gigox TT - Dag siden
My friend Gabriel loves fortnite too❤
Gigox TT
Gigox TT - Dag siden
If you love love fortnite like my comment😍
Gigox TT
Gigox TT - Dag siden
I love fortnite❤❤❤
CSE_ Shotty
CSE_ Shotty - Dag siden
If u look around u can see galactus horn out of the water
Marco Bush Prada
Marco Bush Prada - Dag siden
Marco Bush Prada
Marco Bush Prada - Dag siden
i seee galactus
Jordin Klopper
Jordin Klopper - Dag siden
go away galactussss!!!!!!!!
Talitha Jones
Talitha Jones - Dag siden
There’s going to be the black hole again
voo403 - Dag siden
imagine he goes up against the big ice king. Thoughts?
xRxvenge - 20 timer siden
The 6 visitors
xRxvenge - 20 timer siden
Cube can fight too
xRxvenge - 20 timer siden
The Storm
The Storm - Dag siden
Charles Leone
Charles Leone - Dag siden
If you look right by Fort crumpet you can actually see in the distance See his Horn peak out
Ali-king-on Wsfalr
Ali-king-on Wsfalr - Dag siden
Peapol who wants galactus to win like
Thor - Dag siden
Seth Thompson
Seth Thompson - Dag siden
He’s under the waster near coral castle, u can see the top of his helmet
J4ck Hyp3r
J4ck Hyp3r - Dag siden
You saw his new video lol
Seth Thompson
Seth Thompson - Dag siden
Ali I know where galactus is
LouLou - Dag siden
Hi Ali, perhaps you could address the MERCH situation please? Ordered a hoodie in October, still has not been shipped, just saw your store now longer exists or has it been temporarily shut down due overwhelm? Some correspondence would be appreciated. Losing faith it will ever arrive for my son.
Adam Dingley
Adam Dingley - Dag siden
Look towards where he used to be and look down in the water! You can see a bit of his horns!!!!!!!!!
Adam Dingley
Adam Dingley - Dag siden
Arielle Dossie
Arielle Dossie - Dag siden
Thank you for telling us what it is going to be for the live event and what season it’s gonna be after the live events over
Arielle Dossie
Arielle Dossie - Dag siden
Alyea I love your YouTube channel so much
Manzoora Shaheen
Manzoora Shaheen - Dag siden
i love his intro
Nathan Ighodaro
Nathan Ighodaro - Dag siden
am ready for the black hole brani and ali a I sub and like
Jessie Ennis
Jessie Ennis - Dag siden
He isn't here i checked
Alan Thespider
Alan Thespider - 2 dager siden
I've found the Galactus helmet in the battle pass screen!
Brychan Hughes
Brychan Hughes - 2 dager siden
Ali a has no dad
Unknown Dani
Unknown Dani - Dag siden
gerard mac
gerard mac - 2 dager siden
Can I have a PS5 please
James Pauley
James Pauley - 2 dager siden
Relexerxz - 2 dager siden
Who is ready to get in the galaxy for like 20 days then go back to the og map
xRxvenge - 20 timer siden
Hipefully thats how it goes
Brayden Campbell
Brayden Campbell - 2 dager siden
You can see part of galactus when you are on the battle bus
Fiona Lord
Fiona Lord - 2 dager siden
the battel bus might hit galactus in the live event
Fiona Lord
Fiona Lord - 2 dager siden
Yea i agree
Gyroscope888 - 2 dager siden
I like how Thor is 100x times smaller than galáctics and got there in 0.1 seconds but galactics got there in 1 season
Jane Anne Bedford
Jane Anne Bedford - 2 dager siden
i now were glaxsis is still in the sky
thx laurentiu
thx laurentiu - 2 dager siden
He is under water
Merc With A Mouth
Merc With A Mouth - 2 dager siden
Galactus: Eating everyone
Me: Vibing with my walk man dancing during the chaos
The Family
The Family - 2 dager siden
im on team galactus because spoiler alert: we are going to lose the event and he will get the zeropoint and cause a black hole.
The Family
The Family - 2 dager siden
im ready for the black hole
Kenny of Robloxia
Kenny of Robloxia - 2 dager siden
i liked even though i want galactus to win because i want the chapter 1 map back
Fernando Penado
Fernando Penado - 2 dager siden
How is Marvel going to beat him
Bluemonkys _on_yt
Bluemonkys _on_yt - 2 dager siden
I used your code😃😃😃😃
Bethel AG Hindi Service Doha Qatar

Triple J.A
Triple J.A - 2 dager siden
Galactus to eat travis scott world 🤔
Super Strike
Super Strike - 2 dager siden
I have used your code ALIA
Emil Rasmussen
Emil Rasmussen - 2 dager siden
Bihinde mauntens
Susie White
Susie White - 2 dager siden
Naj Jam
Naj Jam - 2 dager siden
Karlton St J
Karlton St J - 2 dager siden
At stark industries at the back above lazy lake the is midas’s table and the reflection of the agency.
Slix - 2 dager siden
What happend to phanos
Denver Christians
Denver Christians - 2 dager siden
i saw a tiktok that had spiderman in it and we lost against Galactus and spiderman and other super heros i did not see the m but like if you saw it
Kpop Komedy
Kpop Komedy - 2 dager siden
I’ve never played fortnite before, but I am doing some ‘research’ for my younger brothers who are btw 9 and 11. They’re confused as to if it’s an event you can join in as a player? Or do you have to sign up or just watch?!
750SZN - 2 dager siden
Who’s hyped for the event
Byrne Playz
Byrne Playz - 2 dager siden
Joanne Pennington
Joanne Pennington - 2 dager siden
Galactus is under the water
Collaps7_Frost - 2 dager siden
Maybe galactis consumes the plannet and all the plannats he’s eaten combine with fortnites
Iconic Gaming
Iconic Gaming - 2 dager siden
So thor lost his memory that means galactus will lose his memory
hossam hamza
hossam hamza - 2 dager siden
Kh by. H NG. Of. Hj. Po. Hi. Yf. Dj. Gr
Gangstachu - 2 dager siden
Is galactus bigger then ice king event?
Odd One Out
Odd One Out - 2 dager siden
Tommy Jamerson
Tommy Jamerson - 2 dager siden
I hope we win
shhh stfu
shhh stfu - 2 dager siden
oh noes (btw Galactus is 28 ft tall)
Ruben Ortiz
Ruben Ortiz - 2 dager siden
yahya ketabchi
yahya ketabchi - 2 dager siden
Knowing galactus he will definitely devour the Travis world
Cesar Birkholz
Cesar Birkholz - 2 dager siden
You give me brain cancer
Rinzen Lim
Rinzen Lim - 2 dager siden
Hey Ali can I play with u on Fortnite if u are not busy?
Owen Irausquin
Owen Irausquin - 2 dager siden
who else is on team galactus, want him to absolutely obliterate the island
Maria Perez
Maria Perez - 2 dager siden
Is the Nintendo exclusive skin still available
ahmed samir
ahmed samir - 2 dager siden
There's 40/100 Centers will win 60 for Galactus cause he's superbig but hope there no way to Galactus to dir
King Stets
King Stets - 2 dager siden
What If we get mechs and the giant robot in the final showdown to help us with Galactus
Burnt Beann
Burnt Beann - 2 dager siden
I love your videos
Ertugrul - 2 dager siden
Ali-A: You get a shoutout in front of millions of people!
Me: Scrolls down and sees 978,916 views
Cinder Ace
Cinder Ace - 2 dager siden
Honestly, i kinda want us to lose just to see what will happen
the rec room gaming
the rec room gaming - 2 dager siden
he has appered
Javon Griffin
Javon Griffin - 2 dager siden
Javon Griffin
Javon Griffin - 2 dager siden