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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 - Trailer, Battlepass + SKINS!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
Runtime: 10:19


Owie Chambers
Owie Chambers - 3 dager siden
Zander Lojewski
Zander Lojewski - 8 dager siden
No joke but I’m Maryland chapter 2 season four by the way that’s not season three battle pass
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - 18 dager siden
I exposed the evil mastermind Elon Musk!
Gavin Layne
Gavin Layne - 28 dager siden
Who is here at season 4 and you see have much things was wrong about season 3
FaZe1 eddy
FaZe1 eddy - Måned siden
Sebastian Maya
Sebastian Maya - Måned siden
Anyone in chapter 2 season 4
Daniel Lastra
Daniel Lastra - Måned siden
Isaac Grier
Isaac Grier - Måned siden
06:39 lol
MrBoy Bean
MrBoy Bean - Måned siden
Nice mate already on season four
michaelfeliciano - Måned siden
I have aquaman
michaelfeliciano - Måned siden
I’m on season 4
Damion Geoffrey
Damion Geoffrey - 2 måneder siden
Red knight
Mang Jamet
Mang Jamet - 2 måneder siden
Nices Editing F"*kc
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - 2 måneder siden
Love your content
Derek B
Derek B - 2 måneder siden
Mr Jedi Sutherland
Mr Jedi Sutherland - 2 måneder siden
What are you guessing you’re not
Syinth qt
Syinth qt - 2 måneder siden
I’m hyped for season 4
josh parker
josh parker - 3 måneder siden
its lieee
Shampoe - 3 måneder siden
I come from the future. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season X is the best one.
Mark McK
Mark McK - 3 måneder siden
Stop The 🧢
The Mask Boi
The Mask Boi - 3 måneder siden
Cars are great in fortnite
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - 3 måneder siden
I have the secrets to time travel on my channel.
Neo Lundberg
Neo Lundberg - 3 måneder siden
and map idk
Neo Lundberg
Neo Lundberg - 3 måneder siden
Of You
Neo Lundberg
Neo Lundberg - 3 måneder siden
That battle pass is fake but i dont care im a fan
Ziryon Batton
Ziryon Batton - 3 måneder siden
Who else is in season 3 already
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - 3 måneder siden
Congratulate me for giving $1,000,000 to a homeless person!
Kyle Gopaul
Kyle Gopaul - 3 måneder siden
Bruh so fake
ChrisFood - 3 måneder siden
He wasn't that far off
Allen Reed
Allen Reed - 3 måneder siden
Ali a is not tru I'm from the future
Marilyn Gomez
Marilyn Gomez - 3 måneder siden
can you plz gift me the sesen 4 battel pass and if yes my user name is JojoGogo311 plz
Jedi Jensen
Jedi Jensen - 3 måneder siden
Liar liar you didn’t get the season battle pass all edited because it season three chapter 2 now
fortnite bruh
fortnite bruh - 3 måneder siden
It's fake trimx I hate you trimix
Notable Narwhal
Notable Narwhal - 3 måneder siden
It is fake ok
Landon Thompson
Landon Thompson - 3 måneder siden
Me wondering when they will get that there will be a lot more skins in the battle pass:👁👄👁
JK lol
JK lol - 3 måneder siden
alia he made part 2
Ahmed Gamal
Ahmed Gamal - 3 måneder siden
My user name is regional-sweet3
Kelly Gedney
Kelly Gedney - 3 måneder siden
Ur bad
Captain Max
Captain Max - 3 måneder siden
It’s fake am tear 100 already none of the skins are the same
Samantha Bruning
Samantha Bruning - 3 måneder siden
Thy look better and some of the skins you see isint reel
Samantha Bruning
Samantha Bruning - 3 måneder siden
It’s fake
Hannah Viney
Hannah Viney - 3 måneder siden
My birh day is on June the 17
Gg mini boy bro
Gg mini boy bro - 3 måneder siden
I mean season 4
Gg mini boy bro
Gg mini boy bro - 3 måneder siden
I hacked season 3
Keshytubetv - 3 måneder siden
I’m watching in season 3 ch 2 and cringing so bad
MsSandeep999 - 3 måneder siden
Who is here when Atlantis came
Camila Garza
Camila Garza - 3 måneder siden
The battle past so fake
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith - 3 måneder siden
alia clickbaits and copyes vidoes
Cole Brannigan
Cole Brannigan - 4 måneder siden
That battle pass is so fake I hope someone else put that together!
Shaurya Sharma
Shaurya Sharma - 4 måneder siden
Hfhdhdhsgsidbdidhdudbdid dudbdid dudbddidbdisbdidbd
Maurice Anderson
Maurice Anderson - 4 måneder siden
Bros and life Forever
Bros and life Forever - 4 måneder siden
Me just looking at the video from season 3 and him getting it wrong
Noel Mier
Noel Mier - 4 måneder siden
Wow that wasn’t close at all😂
Charlotte Lawley
Charlotte Lawley - 4 måneder siden
I can’t wait about the cars in fortnight
James noel
James noel - 4 måneder siden
Jacob - 4 måneder siden
Jacob - 4 måneder siden
Kim Richmond
Kim Richmond - 4 måneder siden
Great video
mohammedisa ansari
mohammedisa ansari - 4 måneder siden
Anyone want a battlepass can checkout akako's channel he actually gift NO joke
Alex Clarke
Alex Clarke - 4 måneder siden
I can’t find the Aquaman trident
Ellen Turner
Ellen Turner - 4 måneder siden
Watching it in season 3 it's wierd
Elizabeth Jerald
Elizabeth Jerald - 4 måneder siden
Who is watching when chapter 3 is out and none of these things are real
Reagan Lee
Reagan Lee - 4 måneder siden
Who is here when season 3 is live ?
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda - 4 måneder siden
Hello from the future
Kai Da Gamer
Kai Da Gamer - 4 måneder siden
i agree alia u r my hero
BCR GAMEING - 4 måneder siden
Yes I wold epic games do it
Salcan Hatoon
Salcan Hatoon - 4 måneder siden
The battle pass ur a bot
Salcan Hatoon
Salcan Hatoon - 4 måneder siden
Shush it’s wrong
Brody Vasquez
Brody Vasquez - 4 måneder siden
Only two of these skins in the battle pass are real and they look nothing like that
Nery Armando Gonzalez Escobar
Nery Armando Gonzalez Escobar - 4 måneder siden
That,s not chapter 2 season 3
galaxy Gamer
galaxy Gamer - 4 måneder siden
That's all fake
galaxy Gamer
galaxy Gamer - 4 måneder siden
And that's more than that
galaxy Gamer
galaxy Gamer - 4 måneder siden
The graphics looks different
Mohammad Irqayya
Mohammad Irqayya - 4 måneder siden
EpicFunTime !
EpicFunTime ! - 4 måneder siden
Such a lie bc its nothing like that!! 🤬🤬🤬
Leonita & Adelina Ibrahimi
Leonita & Adelina Ibrahimi - 4 måneder siden
That wasn't the real one though
Matthew is Thebest
Matthew is Thebest - 4 måneder siden
It is fake
JPGamerTV - 4 måneder siden
The battle pass is fake
Manny Heffley
Manny Heffley - 4 måneder siden
Wait, so you know how Spongebob has an upcoming film in August? And Season 3 lasts until August? What if they have a Spongebob X Fortnite collaboration, where they have 5 skins: Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr Krabs, and Sandy. And they might take on their "super hero" versions, from the 2015 films.

*Cool theory right*
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - 4 måneder siden
Rabaa Alkamel
Rabaa Alkamel - 4 måneder siden
Stephanie Cruz
Stephanie Cruz - 4 måneder siden
The trailers or fake
Hyperion Rex
Hyperion Rex - 4 måneder siden
He was right jules aquaman and him without armour map flooded flare gun a jonsey skin loot sharks and a female knight robot meowcles all in the game
Michael Olivieri
Michael Olivieri - 4 måneder siden
When I thought meowsceles has no henchman
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - 4 måneder siden
Sir! If you watched my channel you wouldn't be poor right now.
caiden Collins
caiden Collins - 4 måneder siden
You wasn't even close to the battle pass
Asaph Kent
Asaph Kent - 4 måneder siden
the leaked battlepass was wrong
pocket_gamer812 - 4 måneder siden
You can tell it's fake alia because every battle pass in fortnite has 2 tier 1 skins and why would fortnite come out with a peely meowscles even though it would be cool
Kim seokjin
Kim seokjin - 4 måneder siden
Everyone after the official battle pass released come back here and laughs like Bruh
Bronagh McColgan
Bronagh McColgan - 5 måneder siden
jeus is tear 40
krissy Roberts
krissy Roberts - 5 måneder siden
It is chapter 2 season 3
krissy Roberts
krissy Roberts - 5 måneder siden
Dablasagnya - 5 måneder siden
Almost alll are wrong
Francis Cruzada
Francis Cruzada - 5 måneder siden
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - 5 måneder siden
AriElle & Kamuela Kupihea
AriElle & Kamuela Kupihea - 5 måneder siden
I still want the bosses
LostLuke 3000
LostLuke 3000 - 5 måneder siden
Who waching in S3
Jordan N
Jordan N - 5 måneder siden
Fake it’s fake
Севастян Валериев
That not Sison 3
Spying Games
Spying Games - 5 måneder siden
Who is here in chapter 2 season 3
Laila Wooddeson
Laila Wooddeson - 5 måneder siden
ngl I wished the mera skin actually existed
Score_More - 5 måneder siden
Why are all the leaks correct😂
Harry.the.vogger Hs
Harry.the.vogger Hs - 5 måneder siden
Season 3 is nothing like that btw no offence
Shrek _Donkey
Shrek _Donkey - 5 måneder siden
Ali: “a jonsey with a flare gun and a very long beard”.
Bunker jonsey: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?!?!?!
Cesar Rivas
Cesar Rivas - 4 måneder siden
@Lori - Kyle Harben - Hoepner no
Lori - Kyle Harben - Hoepner
Lori - Kyle Harben - Hoepner - 5 måneder siden
does bunker jonesy have a flair gun?
Sh8dow Jones
Sh8dow Jones - 5 måneder siden
I wish some of that stuff was in the season 3 battle pass