*NEW* EXCLUSIVE LEAKS in Fortnite! (PS5, Xbox Skins + MORE)

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Fortnite Update Leaks - PS5, Xbox Series X and MORE info!
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Credit to those mentioned within this video!
- Denni YT (Zombies Midas Concept art):
- EA Skate (Ghost Henchmen):
- HypeX (Leaked files)
- SharkToofs (Potential concept skins coming soon)
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
Runtime: 10:57


Yariel JYGN
Yariel JYGN - 6 dager siden
Kgkgjrirjrk old
L2 VO - 7 dager siden
I really want teef skin plz alia
Void 323
Void 323 - 11 dager siden
100% ill get the new xbox till the next christmas
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson - 24 dager siden
hay ail a if you find out what the next battle pass is please let me and my 10 year old brother no thank you
HopsterPlayZz - 29 dager siden
Mobile player:wow everyone forgot about fortnite mobile *crys*
Unknown - Måned siden
Recon ranger returned a few days back
Unknown - Måned siden
How do I get black panther's kinetic armour ,have u a video you milk those mythics
AQ Stxrmy
AQ Stxrmy - Måned siden
My theory that is most likely wrong but still epic is that since the one sentinel seems to be coming to life, Tony Stark is going to repair them and they will fight galactus.
TrippyXDY - Måned siden
So we’re just not gonna talk about the fact that there are nukes on the shield carrier and half of tortilla is missing
Gifting everyone who subs
Gifting everyone who subs - Måned siden
when did u start playing fortnite?
like: chapter 1
reply: chapter 2
Itznothik - Måned siden
Hyprex its wrong bc why would he have a golden scar AND NOT HIS FREAKING DRUM GUN LIKE?
The Gamer
The Gamer - Måned siden
If storm king comes back can we still get the glider if we win?
Nicola Higgins
Nicola Higgins - Måned siden
Any1 started season 10000 only ogs remember
Ale x
Ale x - Måned siden
too much spammers
Mohamed. Ahmed Mansour
Mohamed. Ahmed Mansour - Måned siden
I can't wait for the PS5 to come out,and I think there's going t be a free skin with it,I hope!!!
Larva - Måned siden
People should stop using alias intro he stopped using it and when I go to school my friends say why do you watch alia i don’t care cuz I like watching alia
Ya boi rafay
Ya boi rafay - Måned siden
Peace for me and the other humans not getting the new next gen consoles🙏
hi 2
hi 2 - Måned siden
What is that season 5 yes😃😄😃😃😃
Kameron Lowe
Kameron Lowe - Måned siden
Do better
Kole VanSickle
Kole VanSickle - Måned siden
Wayne Jenkins
Wayne Jenkins - Måned siden
I'd love to play with him
Wayne Jenkins
Wayne Jenkins - Måned siden
Respxct Marvin
Respxct Marvin - Måned siden
U are

Cool dont let anyone bully you
And if you get bullied
You are the best and dont let those
Be mean to you
Faze Arda
Faze Arda - Måned siden
Is it for ps4
Cam rocks
Cam rocks - Måned siden
Not that long a go
BruteMaster - Måned siden
The best youtuber is

Ali A
BruteMaster - Måned siden
I might get the ps5
BruteMaster - Måned siden
Oo la la ps5
michael kamm
michael kamm - Måned siden
Mabye the heII carrier is gonna be a location and that’s why it has a vault it it
Parth Bhardwaj
Parth Bhardwaj - Måned siden
It’s time for New Exclusive skins
Rikex - Måned siden
Is he lying?
statrix gaming
statrix gaming - Måned siden
Hey you know thhe mystery of the seven? I might know all of them! I'm not sure about them but it might be them!
Herbert Winston
Herbert Winston - Måned siden
Herbert Winston
Herbert Winston - Måned siden
i use code ail-a
Elija Smith
Elija Smith - Måned siden
everz 74
everz 74 - Måned siden
What happened to the intro
Tanya Holtzhausen
Tanya Holtzhausen - Måned siden
it is cool
Badr Abdullah
Badr Abdullah - Måned siden
How many times did he say that the star is getting closer lol like if u agree
Khaled Dissi
Khaled Dissi - Måned siden
Me be like what about a exclusive switch skin
Jeremiah Adams
Jeremiah Adams - Måned siden
what if midas was shark midas
GameRaptor MCyeet
GameRaptor MCyeet - Måned siden
Can you not plug your code so much
Aikam Kullar
Aikam Kullar - Måned siden
I love your videos
Dunken Bagles
Dunken Bagles - Måned siden
I think the xbox exclusive is the boosh ranger.
Mario Ortan
Mario Ortan - Måned siden
The banana
ChaseyCoolDog - Måned siden
youtube be loving the ads tho coz i just got 2 non skipable ads ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) bRuUh
Nicholas Lewis
Nicholas Lewis - Måned siden
Can you gi
Zen4r - Måned siden
finzside - Måned siden
Really want hemlock to return
Jammy The dodger
Jammy The dodger - Måned siden
Plague it scourge
Jada Pacheco
Jada Pacheco - Måned siden
chxppax fn
chxppax fn - Måned siden
Can you add me
Thomas Sutherland
Thomas Sutherland - Måned siden
guess who notices the 7 1st ... not me
The Egirls
The Egirls - Måned siden
Imagine an actual ghost henchmen
Kwixxx - Måned siden
I think they should make mystique the boss for spawn island
GWS - Måned siden
goku mui
goku mui - Måned siden
I don't want the skull Trooper to return cuz I have it and I'm not going to be rare anymore rip😞
D-Beast Adventures
D-Beast Adventures - Måned siden
Goul trooper
And War
And War - Måned siden
im at 48 so just need 12 more weekly challenges woohoo Thanks Ali-A
Yoboy Cookie
Yoboy Cookie - Måned siden
Fortnite trying to slowly give clues about the new season Alia BRRRRRRRAAASAAABBRRRRRRRRAAAAA. LEAKS BOOIIIIIII
Mylee family UvU
Mylee family UvU - Måned siden
Hi hypex :3
gamer dub
gamer dub - Måned siden
Update here
Ethan Learn
Ethan Learn - Måned siden
Your intro is a meme.
Rc squad Max english
Rc squad Max english - Måned siden
bonles peely
pleash code ALLI A
Vizion Axez
Vizion Axez - Måned siden
Where is the exclusive switch skin update? I play on switch
Parrotine Pili
Parrotine Pili - Måned siden
6:40 Ps5🤤
JoshHD1234 - Måned siden
The ps5 is sick I'm getting that on chrismas
Arsenemain8 - Måned siden
Does anyone know gregf said that he had a icon skin
Angela Franklin
Angela Franklin - Måned siden
Hey Ali in the last laugh bundle Midas is holdin a skull secret style?
Namat Namat
Namat Namat - Måned siden
But Alia What about galactis binging the mini event
yamir allen
yamir allen - Måned siden
Breezy - Måned siden
Don't lie,who's been a true fan berfore 2020?!
Like:before 2020
Reply:after 2020
Tetra Ezio
Tetra Ezio - Måned siden
Which console will you be buying
1 - PS5
2- Xbox series X
Like - PS5
Comment below - Xbox series X
Raeanna Banana
Raeanna Banana - Måned siden
Ghoul trooper and spooky team leader lol
Bill Pietragallo
Bill Pietragallo - Måned siden
I used code AliA in the item shop plz put me in one if you videos
melovi - Måned siden
Junior Annafi
Junior Annafi - Måned siden
golden knight is midas ????
melse tv
melse tv - Måned siden
i cant wait for it so cool !!!!
RamiTheInsane 100
RamiTheInsane 100 - Måned siden
I’m gonna get the ps5 literally when it comes out
sammy - Måned siden
ghoul trooper
hi hi
hi hi - Måned siden
I think the fortnite people will build the sentinels and they will fight galactus
jeremiah stinson
jeremiah stinson - Måned siden
Can you gift me the battle pass my gamer tag is Thecticstone
Zahra Asghar
Zahra Asghar - Måned siden
Guys I just found my results to my exam and to top it all off I watch ali a to make my day
Btw I passed lol
Toothpuncher X
Toothpuncher X - Måned siden
Ghost midas - Shows Zombie midas
Cxrsh - Måned siden
im not buying anymore exclusives honor guard is rare af anyway
Adrien Diaz
Adrien Diaz - Måned siden
Ali-A iron man has made a battle bus
jeam payanososa
jeam payanososa - Måned siden
wait i know on of the scientist the one i am saying is ware is a fishy scientist wen i playing the LTM
Gaming Cann
Gaming Cann - Måned siden
I would want the witch at the bottom or the zombie soccer skin
Devansh Lad
Devansh Lad - Måned siden
If ghost midas will be extra style for midas
Rasmus Jensen
Rasmus Jensen - Måned siden
i thought right at the beginning of the season that those stars could mean ”The Seven”
Eli Thompson
Eli Thompson - Måned siden
hi i love ur videos add plz JEEMZ257
lamp_ japm
lamp_ japm - Måned siden
Alia can i tell you somthing do like ps5 and Xbox if you like them Hart my comment
Lofi Jinx
Lofi Jinx - Måned siden
It would be so six if they collabed with the walking dead
ghost reaper OG
ghost reaper OG - Måned siden
Gus Gold
Gus Gold - Måned siden
Ghoul trooper
oliver murphy
oliver murphy - Måned siden
we like fortnite we like fortnite we like fortnite we like fortnite
Qing Gao
Qing Gao - Måned siden
LORD MEOW MEOW - Måned siden
Ohhhhhhhhhh noooooo
Nidia G. Rivera
Nidia G. Rivera - Måned siden
AliA can you do a giveaway for the new ps5 and xbox x series because i want to play fortnite but i dont own any ting to play in and i wish you coud reed
Letizia Donati
Letizia Donati - Måned siden
I have purple scull and punk ghoul
Snack trasher
Snack trasher - Måned siden
I would love to see the zombie soccer skin to come back