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Fortnite NEW Skins, Apple vs Epic update and MORE!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
Runtime: 10:16


Sara Altamimi
Sara Altamimi - 29 dager siden
itsjevansYT - Måned siden
Sub To itsjevans
Sub To itsjevans - Måned siden
5:44 for vid
Rtv AAHIL yt
Rtv AAHIL yt - Måned siden
Ali a the nfl skins have a error plz tell me why I have to refund it for some reason I got it in season 6
Team Rustofsky
Team Rustofsky - 2 måneder siden
so wheres joker.......oh sorry I'm looking at Netflix
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - 2 måneder siden
Wendy Ackman
Wendy Ackman - 2 måneder siden
ramon font
ramon font - 2 måneder siden
You ur pop
Jamie Munro
Jamie Munro - 2 måneder siden
can you and clair do an clare and ali vid:)
R&S Family
R&S Family - 2 måneder siden
No won likes u
Chillax Gamerz
Chillax Gamerz - 3 måneder siden
i doubt
Frank O'neil
Frank O'neil - 3 måneder siden
Jayden Cartier
Jayden Cartier - 3 måneder siden
Free fortnite
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia - 3 måneder siden
I miss it when he played call of duty
Nicholas Johnson
Nicholas Johnson - 3 måneder siden
No Heath Ledger Joker?
They added in Batman from The Dark Knight, Christian Bale
I don't see the harm in have the legendary Heath Ledger Joker being added in as well
BonnPlush - 3 måneder siden
I hate you. You said that Marvel Avengers was for Xbox and PS4, whilst in fact it is available on PC. I believed you, and now I missed the promotion when it was free. For that I hate you. I am hopeful that I forget your lying face exists
UltimateNP - 3 måneder siden
Theory: My friend will get back on Fortnite cause his favorite character of all time is on Fortnite
Like if u agree, if he doesn’t I give u all cookie
Tuna - 3 måneder siden
Ali-A is the BEST creator for Fortnite! I actually created my own channel called (Nitro Speedy) to show even more fortnite commentator videos as well as streams!!-come check it out and I will always follow YOU back!!!*
cod mobile game play
cod mobile game play - 3 måneder siden
F Google and apple
Nathanael Cook
Nathanael Cook - 3 måneder siden
I play on phone and Apple so I Hope Fortnite wins
Kyle,'s Gaming And Vlogs
Kyle,'s Gaming And Vlogs - 3 måneder siden
Midas is oro
exo haze
exo haze - 3 måneder siden
If ur here u most likely dont like ali a anyone else?
Ibronzo 漢
Ibronzo 漢 - 3 måneder siden
Hey guys
Its an awesome video.Pls check out my "she wants it " on my channel and stay safe😊
Isaac Tennyson
Isaac Tennyson - 3 måneder siden
so ur telling me I have to get an xbox to play fortnite now lol?
LuckyNotFound - 3 måneder siden
Emma Hand
Emma Hand - 3 måneder siden
Exotic Gaming
Exotic Gaming - 3 måneder siden
Corona v2 fortnite edition
Chocolate Peely
Chocolate Peely - 3 måneder siden
Admin Playz
Admin Playz - 3 måneder siden
CAPS, no caps, CAPS, no caps
sachin borate
sachin borate - 3 måneder siden
Can you play it on iPad
Gamer Muffinzz
Gamer Muffinzz - 3 måneder siden
Prob not
Aliyah Williams
Aliyah Williams - 3 måneder siden
Aww man I can’t wait even keep up with the skins in chapter 4 😞
Aliyah Williams
Aliyah Williams - 3 måneder siden
LZ Oscar oops I meant season 4
LZ Oscar
LZ Oscar - 3 måneder siden
Its not chapter four season 4
Louis Cascante
Louis Cascante - 3 måneder siden
Can you play fortnite on a Samsung tablets
FM Cooder
FM Cooder - 3 måneder siden
Could you please help me ? My girl canceled her surgery because I lost my job and now I can’t pay anything or even help😔
Larson Tobya
Larson Tobya - 3 måneder siden
Midas found iron mans armor and turned it in in gold bc the armor he is wearing is iron mans
Himiko - 3 måneder siden
Midas wont/didnt die because he is still in fortnite and he would obviously loop in dying and reviving
Hacker 101
Hacker 101 - 3 måneder siden
Me hearing I'm getting ps5 *breaks Xbox*
Hybrid 225
Hybrid 225 - 3 måneder siden
I just wanna see Dc skins cuz I watched so much MCU I got putt off
Hybrid 225
Hybrid 225 - 3 måneder siden
Midas is Rash al Gul
Beasty Cooper
Beasty Cooper - 3 måneder siden
I can’t wait to get the last laugh pack
seb plays fun games
seb plays fun games - 3 måneder siden
Hi alia could we play my name is sebdeewolf
IC3ZZ X - 3 måneder siden
There was a save the world skin before penny
Jonas You are the best
Jonas You are the best - 3 måneder siden
Thanks grape
SilentKnight - 3 måneder siden
Why new season already?? Season 3 isnt even out that long
Simeon Lintern
Simeon Lintern - 3 måneder siden
i put your code in the item shop
كريس - 3 måneder siden
People who remebered when he started his youtube channel making collabs with other youtube creators on call of duty👑
Salah Swedan
Salah Swedan - 3 måneder siden
Mohammad Alhaddad
Mohammad Alhaddad - 3 måneder siden
Private-bank 9 Gamer
Private-bank 9 Gamer - 3 måneder siden
Please gift me a skin please I am a default
Meredith G
Meredith G - 3 måneder siden
Free fortnite
GHOULZ WRLD - 3 måneder siden
Bruh if epic games wana free fortnite y dont they just bring back old map and new battlepass ect.
Zeidan is a Weezee
Zeidan is a Weezee - 3 måneder siden
As soon as I hear the word grape, thanos come to mind
Ahmed Alateek
Ahmed Alateek - 3 måneder siden
They should turn the grotto into the batcave where you can have his helicopter his batmobile and his mythical grappling hook and maybe a mythic weapon.
Electric Babe
Electric Babe - 3 måneder siden
I am a iOS player :( plz help me
PuLsE Reconik
PuLsE Reconik - 3 måneder siden
Samsung can still get fortnite cuz samsung has galexy store
Shahim Hammad
Shahim Hammad - 3 måneder siden
Can I play with you fortnite wat is your name in fortnite please I want to play
with you fortnite I am a fan of you and your videos
Amir Kyle Legaspi
Amir Kyle Legaspi - 3 måneder siden
I am a ios player 😭my user is Cypnox66
Fayaz Uddin
Fayaz Uddin - 3 måneder siden
Ali-a used to actually play fortnite now he's a fortnite news reporter
The Serious Dude
The Serious Dude - 3 måneder siden
free fortnite
Lilraynoodles YT
Lilraynoodles YT - 3 måneder siden
You get too much hate
SixSacks - 3 måneder siden
Don't worry guys you can STILL update fortnite on mobile, Steps: go to the App Store.
Step 2: press at your picture.
Step 3: press at purchased and then scroll down until you find fortnite then press it and you can update fortnite or download fortnite.
SixSacks - 3 måneder siden
I'm not sure if it works and if it doesn’t work I’ll just play on Xbox.
eternalkid vlogz
eternalkid vlogz - 3 måneder siden
AliA : 0:20 "fortnite chapter 2 season 4 season"
Viewers: just say fortnite chapter 2 season 4 LOL
Gahil Gaming
Gahil Gaming - 3 måneder siden
We can play fortnite android using EPIC GAMES APP!!
Gahil Gaming
Gahil Gaming - 3 måneder siden
We can play fortnite android using EPIC GAMES APP!!
Jill Makeever
Jill Makeever - 3 måneder siden
Free Fortnite
daxton jenkins
daxton jenkins - 3 måneder siden
you had to make me miss chaper 1 more come on
ii_Kxng 007
ii_Kxng 007 - 3 måneder siden
Midas might be Lex Luther
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen - 3 måneder siden
King shark from dc that could be what happened to midas
TSM_feiad YT
TSM_feiad YT - 3 måneder siden
Hi Alia can you gift me the battlepass in fortnite my epic name is jasonkillthebot
cool dude27
cool dude27 - 3 måneder siden
Free fortnite
CULT - 3 måneder siden
People don’t have to make any stuck in the past YouTube videos now, just play on mobile
carlo reyes
carlo reyes - 3 måneder siden
hi im liam
Andre DeGuzman
Andre DeGuzman - 3 måneder siden
Freefortnite, save fortnite
sTaTicTz - 3 måneder siden
What about ducky the gamer and grant the goat
Gricel Chavez
Gricel Chavez - 3 måneder siden
I saw. The. Rift
Above caty Cormier
Dusty Boots
Dusty Boots - 3 måneder siden
Can you gift me pls
Joseph Newsome
Joseph Newsome - 3 måneder siden
Ali-A November 17th is my birthday
Joshua Pratte
Joshua Pratte - 3 måneder siden
# free fortnight
marco ramirez
marco ramirez - 3 måneder siden
Lewys Davies
Lewys Davies - 3 måneder siden
Free fortnight
Jacopo Hailu
Jacopo Hailu - 3 måneder siden
Zero 2000 YT
Zero 2000 YT - 3 måneder siden

I guess no season 4 for me 😢😩🥺
Crozier kilkeel
Crozier kilkeel - 3 måneder siden
IOS deserves it thay should of seen it coming ps all IOS people I go agenst are bots
Yan Zhu
Yan Zhu - 3 måneder siden
The midas look like iron man
Ily_CreeperLord 999
Ily_CreeperLord 999 - 3 måneder siden
Android is just better than Apple and thats Just "FAX"
Kody Rogers
Kody Rogers - 3 måneder siden
I see fortnight
Planet Grace
Planet Grace - 3 måneder siden
people who want ali to bring his old intro back
G0ingL1m3 RBLX
G0ingL1m3 RBLX - 3 måneder siden
Yea 1 only
Kelly Laircey
Kelly Laircey - 3 måneder siden
Im on phone and i can play
Abdulhaq Mahmood
Abdulhaq Mahmood - 3 måneder siden
Are you ganna get lol
Hunter Rodrigue
Hunter Rodrigue - 3 måneder siden
Me and my squad were 10 points away from getting the emote
rayzay zi
rayzay zi - 3 måneder siden
People who bought save the world should get the save the world skins free
SoUr KS123
SoUr KS123 - 3 måneder siden
You can still play on android but only Samsung because of the galaxy store so I'm lucky
Paris Thomas
Paris Thomas - 3 måneder siden
Remember when he played COD?
Heroticly - 3 måneder siden
i had it on mobile before the apple thing so i still got it 😎
Ismail Siddiqui
Ismail Siddiqui - 3 måneder siden
Bro avengers are coming and midas too fr sure
jaytube56 - 3 måneder siden
The thor bridge was done by his hammer cap has the hammer now so no thor
Mirage - 3 måneder siden
Can you make a video on how to connect a PS4 Controller to your PC just like you?
Katherine James
Katherine James - 3 måneder siden
Katherine James
Katherine James - 3 måneder siden
I sub
Vojin Rašić
Vojin Rašić - 3 måneder siden
if somebody gift me skin in fortnite i will run on the street and tell very very lought that you is a legend few times
Username: Toxic_Voja
Toby Scheller
Toby Scheller - 3 måneder siden
Please play more pixel gun
ICE_HECHOG - 3 måneder siden
Does that Midas suit not look like those suits from spy kids