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Fortnite Cars Update Gameplay - ALL cars and secret changes!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
Runtime: 12:18


Tumisang Lebeko
Tumisang Lebeko - 2 dager siden
u got 2020 dislikes
Metrofan - 8 dager siden
друзья зацените прохождение МЕТРО ИСХОД!!!
Ranranranbusy madman
Ranranranbusy madman - 14 dager siden
I wish you can use wraps with cars
R.Sidhdharth Swaminathan
R.Sidhdharth Swaminathan - 27 dager siden
Replay - 29 dager siden
He’s lookin Kim’s thicc nowadays
sickman248 - Måned siden
now i love Fortnite because thers cars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
glitzen05 dood
glitzen05 dood - Måned siden
0:19 Fast and Furious Logic be like
Niloy Zaman
Niloy Zaman - Måned siden
Such a bad driver
corrinne huish
corrinne huish - Måned siden
Lamborghini faster
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed - Måned siden
How you get fortnite new telephone
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - Måned siden
Fire Wolf
Fire Wolf - Måned siden
kanye west
Daisuke Kambe
Daisuke Kambe - 2 måneder siden
you shout so much
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - 2 måneder siden
Flavinho gameplay
Flavinho gameplay - 2 måneder siden
10 seasons later...
Gavin Is Mogg
Gavin Is Mogg - 2 måneder siden
Make a video how do you make an account
dp and kp
dp and kp - 2 måneder siden
I use code Ali-A in the item shop
Collin Patriss
Collin Patriss - 2 måneder siden
my favorite's gotta be the pickup truck
Stephen Scarre
Stephen Scarre - 3 måneder siden
pp king
Elizabeth Rancourt-Smith
Elizabeth Rancourt-Smith - 3 måneder siden
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - 3 måneder siden
Congratulate me for giving $1,000,000 to a homeless person!
wlf Beats 39
wlf Beats 39 - 3 måneder siden
Cars in Fortnite are not even realistic. Just look at how it turns. Really Fortnite?
LITTLE FBI - 3 måneder siden
Squirting it on the car huh?
StablefluX - 3 måneder siden
1:45 oh ohh 😲
หมวย คําภู
หมวย คําภู - 3 måneder siden
Jeremiah Jones
Jeremiah Jones - 3 måneder siden
It’s the best
Matthew Malivanek
Matthew Malivanek - 3 måneder siden
You can’t drive the van or reboot car
Doctor Charmander
Doctor Charmander - 3 måneder siden
Alli a I did that and I didn't fall out of the car
Jillisa Ragbir
Jillisa Ragbir - 3 måneder siden
Finally cars came😀
Vojin Rašić
Vojin Rašić - 3 måneder siden
if somebody gift me skin in fortnite i will run on the street and tell very very lought that you is a legend few times
Username: Toxic_Voja
Toby Scheller
Toby Scheller - 3 måneder siden
Please play more pixel gun
gorg on
gorg on - 3 måneder siden
Vault cars
gorg on
gorg on - 3 måneder siden
Angelina Armstrong
Angelina Armstrong - 3 måneder siden
Gold gold gold gold gold gold gold gold silver silver gold silver gold silver gold silver gold silver gold is 8 silver gold silver gold silver gold silver gold silver gold silver silver gold silver gold gold silver gold silver silver gold silver gold
Mohammad Isaac Hussain
Mohammad Isaac Hussain - 3 måneder siden
FortniteZombie429 - 3 måneder siden
Ugh no one likes fortnite anymore. Ali please go back to cod ahhhhh
Erick Hernandez
Erick Hernandez - 3 måneder siden
You passed a llama
Michaela Robinson
Michaela Robinson - 3 måneder siden
theres a glich on fortnite battle royal its a infinate gas can glish so keep on geting out you gas can and your pikaxe at the same time then theres aparing gas cans
DAMIAN Salinas
DAMIAN Salinas - 3 måneder siden
That’s so cool
Ali A you’re the boss
You’re way better than ninja
John Neal
John Neal - 3 måneder siden
I used code AliA
A Design
A Design - 3 måneder siden
What is your favorite car
Street BOIS Gaming
Street BOIS Gaming - 3 måneder siden
The car probably won because the choppa hit trees.
justin wicks
justin wicks - 3 måneder siden
Can European youtubers quit yelling......especially when ur not even playing .......u r trash
Jiren the Grey
Jiren the Grey - 3 måneder siden
Everyone: Fall Guys is live Fortnite is out
Fortnite and me: Hold my beer
New Uptade has entered the chat
Gamertime342 - 3 måneder siden

Y A D U N - 3 måneder siden
do u guys see the Tipacal logo on the truck?
like=yes coment= no
Fortnite Frenzy
Fortnite Frenzy - 3 måneder siden
Nice video
Echo - 3 måneder siden
♨⛵ 𝕘𝔦ℱⓣ丨ᑎg ά𝓃yвⓞ𝔻ʸ 𝔴𝔥𝓸 ℓᎥKⓔS α𝓷ᗪ s𝔲𝐁𝐬 𝓘𝐧 𝔱𝐡𝓔 ηẸxⓉ 2❹ ⒽØยRᔕ 卂𝐧𝐃 𝐬𝐭αⓨŜ Lo𝔂𝕒𝕝 𝓕Ⓞ𝓡єv𝐞ʳ! 🐻♡
Jannick Hebert
Jannick Hebert - 3 måneder siden
AZM - 3 måneder siden
I wish there was a rolls Royce type of car
Jnhcc Hohi
Jnhcc Hohi - 3 måneder siden
Scamer is ali a
Tweezy TV
Tweezy TV - 3 måneder siden
i just realized all your titles are the same 😂
FaZe Clix
FaZe Clix - 3 måneder siden
“U just begin squirting it on the car”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😱
Galaga - 3 måneder siden
stop simping
stop simping - 3 måneder siden
cant drive ghehe
Usman Chaudary
Usman Chaudary - 3 måneder siden
Can you play pubg
Rhymzz - 3 måneder siden
ali a predicted driving cars 2 years ago
Aiden Pena
Aiden Pena - 3 måneder siden
How do people find him funny
47 - 3 måneder siden
you seen it here first
How many times did ali a said that ?
Jhoana Comendador
Jhoana Comendador - 3 måneder siden
His team bot be like: imma just break your window i dont even care anymore
Jhoana Comendador
Jhoana Comendador - 3 måneder siden
The taxiiii
BradCraven Headquarters
BradCraven Headquarters - 3 måneder siden
Me notices the truck had 69 fuel

Andy Collins
Andy Collins - 3 måneder siden
To refill u need to BOOM
devlyn - 3 måneder siden
shut up
Hannah Burnett
Hannah Burnett - 3 måneder siden
alay why do you allays shouting
Meena Thompson
Meena Thompson - 3 måneder siden
Tyler Wargo
Tyler Wargo - 3 måneder siden
You should of shown what music the cars have
Slurp Gaming
Slurp Gaming - 3 måneder siden
Use a car at cattyquarter
Ricardo Mejia Salas
Ricardo Mejia Salas - 3 måneder siden
I haven’t watched Ali-A since the second week of Chapter 2 season 1
GH2020 - 3 måneder siden
Ryan Ghantous
Ryan Ghantous - 3 måneder siden
how did you go in the map ?
Aarone Bartholomew
Aarone Bartholomew - 3 måneder siden
Aarone Bartholomew
Aarone Bartholomew - 3 måneder siden
Stop recing
03clanofficiaL 1
03clanofficiaL 1 - 3 måneder siden
Space Gaming
Space Gaming - 3 måneder siden
I really miss the GTa videos🥺
FishyChungus8712 Rayyan zaki
FishyChungus8712 Rayyan zaki - 3 måneder siden
Guys I might be dumb but how do you boost and drift with cars?Thanks😋
Owen Duke
Owen Duke - 3 måneder siden
Alia your so funny
ab_thekeeper - 3 måneder siden
They copied it from a nother battle Royale game
Rio zijn moer Yt
Rio zijn moer Yt - 3 måneder siden
Ed Holt
Ed Holt - 3 måneder siden
that was best
Last digit of the likes is who you get to play with.
0- Bugha
1- Mongraal
2- Ali-a
3- Stable Ronaldo
4- Unknown
5- Lazarbeam
6- Fresh
7- X2Twins
8- Addison rae
9- BH Motion
EZ Clapž
EZ Clapž - 3 måneder siden
"chєєkч líttlє skíds αrσund thє cσrnєr!"
***drívєs íntσ α trєє***
Eshaan Saini
Eshaan Saini - 3 måneder siden
Ali is like ruby rube at the start so enegergetic
Gaming with Thomas
Gaming with Thomas - 3 måneder siden
When it runs out of fuel if u push with another car than u can refuel
Zain Azzam
Zain Azzam - 3 måneder siden
In the car 🚘 intro there was a RPG does that mean the RPG is back btw I dont mean the moradors RPG
Hussein Zreik
Hussein Zreik - 3 måneder siden
Ali you should of done the max height thing with the cars that can boost lol
Cal Horvy
Cal Horvy - 3 måneder siden
The cars are amazing
Sebastian Rivera
Sebastian Rivera - 3 måneder siden
if you didn't notice you can actually switch the radio station with x ps4 b switch a xbox and pc I don't know.
cactus juice
cactus juice - 3 måneder siden
How do you boost???????
Branko Mladichek
Branko Mladichek - 3 måneder siden
I,play on ps4 to
Branko Mladichek
Branko Mladichek - 3 måneder siden
It is the best
Skylar Bates
Skylar Bates - 3 måneder siden
Star Sky
Star Sky - 3 måneder siden
200 IQ counter to vehicles is cones use cones
tyufgong 790
tyufgong 790 - 3 måneder siden
I love you
Trevor Gowder
Trevor Gowder - 3 måneder siden
I used your code and bot something
General Gian
General Gian - 3 måneder siden
3:50 and theres a taxi in the cars cinematic and he didn't even know its gonna be drivable?
WarzoneTips4U - 3 måneder siden
My Nan is my dad
iitsColt - 3 måneder siden
Car: **explodes** Ali A: “Looks like cars beat helicopters!”
Quacked - 3 måneder siden
Yep still the old ali we know
Banana Gamer
Banana Gamer - 3 måneder siden
Defend the car gamemode
Roni7 - 3 måneder siden
Who stopped playing fortnite since chapter 1
Martin Evans
Martin Evans - 3 måneder siden