I OPENED the *SECRET* Spawn Island VAULT!

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Fortnite Spawn Island Secret Vault - WHAT'S INSIDE?
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Wyatt Barron
Wyatt Barron - 2 måneder siden
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Me who has already liked the video 😏
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Epic is KARMA.Vol.2
Karl Matu
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I did please gift me
walid Altayeb
walid Altayeb - 4 dager siden
Football kid m00s3
Football kid m00s3 - 7 dager siden
Nice man you got your comment ponned
Yolibeth Mejia
Yolibeth Mejia - 11 dager siden
Lautaro Costa
Lautaro Costa - Time siden
Yo ya se lo que hay adentro es muy fácil entrar
Lautaro Costa
Lautaro Costa - Time siden
No hay nada solo una caja
Lautaro Costa
Lautaro Costa - Time siden
Solo ve una repetición tuya y pon camara libre y ve al búnker
Debbi Pratt
Debbi Pratt - 17 timer siden
Cost bean0
DarkEl3ctro - Dag siden
You can see inside the vault on replay mode and its empty
Jose Pereira
Jose Pereira - Dag siden
yes Hi how are you solid
Jose Pereira
Jose Pereira - Dag siden
Jordan McGhee
Jordan McGhee - 2 dager siden
The Bosses spawn in battle lab
Desha Fernando
Desha Fernando - 2 dager siden
Subscribe to 2
Desha Fernando
Desha Fernando - 2 dager siden
ICICI property
Desha Fernando
Desha Fernando - 2 dager siden
Patricia mia
Talal Arafat
Talal Arafat - 3 dager siden
He could've use replay mode agree
colakitchen - 4 dager siden
maybe the vault will be opened in the galactus event to help fight him along with the turrets |:,'
Kristopher Hahn
Kristopher Hahn - 4 dager siden
Courtney Furr
Courtney Furr - 4 dager siden
Wow I want to do that
lucy Xxx
lucy Xxx - 5 dager siden
Me I liked and subscribed
Ger Byrne
Ger Byrne - 6 dager siden
Your crigny
Zeppelin Carper
Zeppelin Carper - 6 dager siden
go to the bosses
Josue Huerta
Josue Huerta - 6 dager siden
Josue Huerta
Josue Huerta - 6 dager siden
Fe Ry
Fe Ry - 6 dager siden
I now for me it not Working But you now
LeDarren Powers
LeDarren Powers - 6 dager siden
I did it
Jack Vincent
Jack Vincent - 7 dager siden
thanks for the boat idea
Tommy Vella
Tommy Vella - 7 dager siden
When he went in and it blurs check the times
Da goat 3
Da goat 3 - 7 dager siden
Solar Beatz
Solar Beatz - 7 dager siden
Bruh ur a meme lol
landen Phelps
landen Phelps - 7 dager siden
Ali a is a clickbaiter
Trent Playz
Trent Playz - 8 dager siden
What if it needs Galatus' keycard???????
Shannon Dudgeon
Shannon Dudgeon - 8 dager siden
why do you have to be so fake🤬😡
Mckayla Alexander
Mckayla Alexander - 8 dager siden
Karina Aparicio
Karina Aparicio - 9 dager siden
Ali a: opening the vault. Me: going in replay mode
Ghost Rider  marshmallow Lightning . Infinite Legend
Use spectator mode you can go through any Fault
Hayden Morris
Hayden Morris - 10 dager siden
I liked it in one second
Charlotte Perry
Charlotte Perry - 10 dager siden
😂 😂 😂 😂
[The skate shop]
[The skate shop] - 10 dager siden
fake you went to creative and build fake vault
Tyrell Knight
Tyrell Knight - 10 dager siden
can I get the hulk smashers
Dean Cooper
Dean Cooper - 10 dager siden
Mark Stipakov
Mark Stipakov - 11 dager siden
you play on playstation!!!!!!
Player 1
Player 1 - 11 dager siden
Bosses spawn in battle lab😤
Player 1
Player 1 - 11 dager siden
I’ve been there with my friend but couldn’t open the vault
kau4dar0s - 11 dager siden
Erin O'Grady
Erin O'Grady - 11 dager siden
Halsted Black
Halsted Black - 11 dager siden
Im гцгаэd
Im гцгаэd - 12 dager siden
Doctor doom is in battle labs
Francesca Ancona
Francesca Ancona - 12 dager siden
Fortnite Gama2.0
Fortnite Gama2.0 - 13 dager siden
You should try to go to Galactis in a boat🤣
Poetic Passion
Poetic Passion - 14 dager siden
I subbed liked and notifications on
Poetic Passion
Poetic Passion - 14 dager siden
I used code alia in the item shop
Linda Shagroon
Linda Shagroon - 15 dager siden
I love you
Jada Patrick
Jada Patrick - 15 dager siden
it say it needs a keycard but it does not say any key card???
Jesper Karlsson
Jesper Karlsson - 15 dager siden
Nice hiding how you did it.... hahaha fake idiot
Sarah Soignier
Sarah Soignier - 15 dager siden
There is nothing in the valt because chests don't spawn in battle lab
Marie Guerin
Marie Guerin - 15 dager siden
Hi ali
Not Theo
Not Theo - 15 dager siden
Dillan Copado
Dillan Copado - 16 dager siden
I Subscribe to you YouTube
david gibson
david gibson - 16 dager siden
Alia just what u can’t do it in battle lab because who ever poi is on the hellicaria the might have their own chest in the vault just like iron man s vualt
Valarian - 17 dager siden
thats kinda disappointing...
may aung
may aung - 17 dager siden
I just helicoptered there
Adrianjr Chávez
Adrianjr Chávez - 17 dager siden
Hi mi nam is blassito 1
Henry Gamer
Henry Gamer - 18 dager siden
Aaaaaaaaaa shi t
PUG MUG - 18 dager siden
Do you really need to make a 10 minute video just about that
ben myers
ben myers - 19 dager siden
Taiya Hardy
Taiya Hardy - 19 dager siden
Bruh your in battle lab 💀
ali ALDHAFEERI - 19 dager siden
He’s liear he go to iron strati and he go to the valger
one friend
one friend - 20 dager siden
Arnav Achal
Arnav Achal - 20 dager siden
Arnav Achal
Arnav Achal - 20 dager siden
I don’t play Fortnite
Nathaniel Clarke
Nathaniel Clarke - 20 dager siden
I Spa Louisville
Sharon Brock
Sharon Brock - 21 dag siden
Love video
Sharon Brock
Sharon Brock - 21 dag siden
User wildnamib no capital
David Manriquez
David Manriquez - 21 dag siden
that is cool
Janice Cunningham
Janice Cunningham - 21 dag siden
I couldnt get it to work so I just went back to using - opcodes . top
MOHAMMAD H - 22 dager siden
چرا حس میکنم ایرانی هستی؟
Not your business
Not your business - 22 dager siden
Jasper West
Jasper West - 22 dager siden
You know that nothing spawns in a.vaulr in battle lab and there are bosses and henchmen so that is how I know lol and I have tried it my self
Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart - 22 dager siden
we are fighting on the spawn land
Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart - 22 dager siden
Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart - 22 dager siden
thats not galagos thats a gorger
Pissamai Roongwitoo
Pissamai Roongwitoo - 23 dager siden
Doctor Doom is in battle lab
Zeppelin Hollon
Zeppelin Hollon - 23 dager siden
its fake look at the time stamp before he gets in the vault
Joey The only kid
Joey The only kid - 24 dager siden
I liked and subed Ali
Mark Keys
Mark Keys - 24 dager siden
Lukemelo80 epic game name i hope I get gifted something I like your videos as I've said before
Traci Dudley
Traci Dudley - 25 dager siden
lol glacktis
Mckay Pro
Mckay Pro - 26 dager siden
drop a like and sucribe with the nofis and use your code
Jacob Morris
Jacob Morris - 26 dager siden
Rawlinson Family
Rawlinson Family - 26 dager siden
such a waste of time... and boats
Tessa Hebert
Tessa Hebert - 26 dager siden
I hate Ali-A
Juzer Bearingwala
Juzer Bearingwala - 27 dager siden
I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter😂😂😂
Saff Abyza
Saff Abyza - 27 dager siden
He’s in battle lab.... idk if he was suppose to or he changed it because it was suppose to be in solos or sum
Faze ghubash
Faze ghubash - 28 dager siden
Your videos are the bedt plz shout out
Cabungcal Car Repair 101
Cabungcal Car Repair 101 - 28 dager siden
Shamneh 3
Shamneh 3 - 28 dager siden
plz gift me username:your1234dad
Joshua Lyle
Joshua Lyle - 28 dager siden
The helicarrier might become a POI
Oakley Mills
Oakley Mills - Måned siden
Dr. Doom is in battle lab
Ben Riley
Ben Riley - Måned siden
Who wen into the chat to see if dis was clickbate
wlazer - Måned siden
Plss gift me my epic name:cryingwolfii
Edward Ardern
Edward Ardern - Måned siden
Sory, but, faaaaaake
The Gaming sisters
The Gaming sisters - Måned siden
Try all the key cards now
joann merritt
joann merritt - Måned siden
Ali-A *Falls wigh boat*
Ali-A*Its Ok the ramp is builded.
Me thinking* Oh oh oh Is the Rzmp gonna break!?!?
Ali-A*Goes in vault*

Since i feel bad i subed and liked.
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson - Måned siden
There is nothing inside it because if there is something inside it like chest u can hear some sounds.
Laura Dallon
Laura Dallon - Måned siden
can u also helicopter up there