Fortnite's *BIG* Mistake... (RIP)

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Fortnite News - Bad changes, new updates + MORE!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
Runtime: 11:57


Brea Shanique
Brea Shanique - 2 dager siden
Actually what drew galactus in was the voyagers you know that challenge where you fixed up they’re space ship then rifts would appear well when we opened the rifts, the rifts revealed power drawing galactus in, and btw the chapter 1 island is on a completely different island so if the explosion did bring galactus he would go to the chapter 1 map not the current map.
Hasnain The Flash
Hasnain The Flash - 14 dager siden
Yoooo i bought your merch ts o coooool its so cunnfy the hoosie was so warmmmm
Angelia Potwin
Angelia Potwin - 15 dager siden
laura green
laura green - 16 dager siden
I love you.
Supso5 Night night
Supso5 Night night - 19 dager siden
I rage off fornite because my freinds freind kicked me because I am bad
Jamieoofe - 22 dager siden
likes = funny number
Allison Bluemke
Allison Bluemke - 22 dager siden
Oh but sweaties are more important than leaks to fortnite.
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - 22 dager siden
Adnan Hanif
Adnan Hanif - 22 dager siden
It’s Adnan not andnan
Rubbish GamerYT
Rubbish GamerYT - 23 dager siden
I thought the ghostbusters came coz of the shadows and fortnite nitemares and ghosthusters catch ghosts but for fortnite they catch shadows if u know what i mean
Rubbish GamerYT
Rubbish GamerYT - 23 dager siden
Tbh i thought it was a stark guy before start industies was a thing and it was just his lab
Epic J UK
Epic J UK - 23 dager siden
Filipe Oliveira
Filipe Oliveira - 24 dager siden
Do you know what ever happen to Shadow Midas Skin? Will Epic release it?
Abhiram Ruthala
Abhiram Ruthala - 24 dager siden
im poppin code alia in the alia merch store
fpanoncialman - 27 dager siden
aaron grimshaw
aaron grimshaw - 27 dager siden
I like some of your vids but not all of them:(
Sssnipary 1
Sssnipary 1 - 28 dager siden
Why does it says 6 days ago and I got the notification now
Faze Ranger
Faze Ranger - 28 dager siden
POV: you just care from the notification
David Gyulay
David Gyulay - 28 dager siden
ME 11
stew5650 stew5650
stew5650 stew5650 - 28 dager siden
Tomorrow is the live event with glactist.
stew5650 stew5650
stew5650 stew5650 - 26 dager siden
It's actually on the 5th.
Buckeye Brennan
Buckeye Brennan - 28 dager siden
Tom Finnemore
Tom Finnemore - 28 dager siden
A-lia I'm your biggest fan
Tom Finnemore
Tom Finnemore - 28 dager siden
The meteor in season3 chapter 1 is kinda like galacts
Infinite gamer
Infinite gamer - 28 dager siden
Do you ship to South Africa during lockdown?
Goldengods playz with Diamond Girl
Did u guy see that at the back
Jack Kerr
Jack Kerr - 29 dager siden
owenzworld-245 - 29 dager siden
Im just cominf back to fortnite since i looove apex legends 😂
MrCapMaster - 29 dager siden
Alia is a cool replay dude, how long does alia play fortnite? How alia edit videos? Like me know PC players👇
PHANT0M RE4PER - 29 dager siden
Why do u still play no hate btw I’m just sayin they ruined fortnite
DeezRBLX - 29 dager siden
wait no way
Aman Saad
Aman Saad - 29 dager siden

HI 👋🏼
June Herft
June Herft - 29 dager siden
Can u make purple merchandise please
FazeAbdulelah756 - Måned siden
Glactus is the mediour
Garrett Elliott
Garrett Elliott - Måned siden
Theory: Galactus eats us like a meatball and we all die
Raeen_ Dj
Raeen_ Dj - Måned siden
Falcon - Måned siden
There might be a fruit and veg bundle coming out with the mushroom,loser fruit(different version) and cabbage clan skin with the cabbage patch emote not sure though:)
Jesus David Gonzalez
Jesus David Gonzalez - Måned siden
Did you know that Lachlan got his own skin
Guest User
Guest User - Måned siden
who was the guy in the headphones
MarjamaaKill - Måned siden
I hate leaking
synconroblox - Måned siden
I love how Alia constantly uploads:)
Linda Sandström
Linda Sandström - Måned siden
I want to have a skin cool my 10
Tyger207 M V
Tyger207 M V - Måned siden
Can i play white you on ps4
Tyger207 M V
Tyger207 M V - Måned siden
Or ps5
Tyger207 M V
Tyger207 M V - Måned siden
Can i plauy ehote you ali a please on ps4
CulzyEu - Måned siden
The goat
Tyger207 M V
Tyger207 M V - Måned siden
can i play white you
Pumpk1n Playz games
Pumpk1n Playz games - Måned siden
please read ali-a
OLIVER GOODWIN - Måned siden
My theory is that the Star Trek poster means that we will lose the fight with galactis and as the poster suggests the poster says Into Darkness means are map will be destroyed and we will be saved yet again by the visitors, as shown in the loading screen there are seven stars, and they will bring us to their home which very possibly could be Kevins dimension, a dark dimension or Into Darkness. Let me know your thoughts on my theory.
xdstreamerbtw24 - 28 dager siden
Star trek into darkness is literally a film
Latoya Ridgeway
Latoya Ridgeway - Måned siden
You star in season one
Latoya Ridgeway
Latoya Ridgeway - Måned siden
I don't play Fortnite anymore but when my daddy gets off call duty play Fortnite
Electro FN
Electro FN - Måned siden
You can still play fortnite mobile but on android phones only.🤫
Penguinplays _
Penguinplays _ - Måned siden
So galactus has been coming to the island since chapter 2 season 1
Pumpk1n Playz games
Pumpk1n Playz games - Måned siden
i think the person who summoned midas from the dead is the mystery character from season 2 who stole midas's chair !think about it he's the only person who had his chair wich summoned midas at the top of the ruins and he's going to summon meowscels the only thing is how did meowscels die?
Aiden Marks
Aiden Marks - Måned siden
he said " i dont want it to hit tilted yet"
ƒøX ENTERTAINMENT Group - Måned siden
Could u plz put me in the next vid?
ƒøX ENTERTAINMENT Group - Måned siden
The Gijoe thing is a trophie thingy!
Jackson - Måned siden
No midis shadow skin
lf xol
lf xol - Måned siden
Just cuz the ceo has toys and pictures don’t mean they comin
Ayham Safwat Lotus
Ayham Safwat Lotus - Måned siden
The m is like majin it means if it could be a DBS X FORTNITE
Jeremy Turner
Jeremy Turner - Måned siden
Can I get peel bones my user name is RadMooseman7
games unlocked
games unlocked - Måned siden
Adem Djouma
Adem Djouma - Måned siden
oh daddy papa smurf
Frazix - Måned siden
I just posted a video on free PlayStation Gift Card but I get no views 😭
Frazix - Måned siden
I just posted a video on free PlayStation Gift Card but I get no views 😭
BulleWS - Måned siden
He is playing on the new PS5 btw lol did no one notice?
brayden ?
brayden ? - Måned siden
i have a theory in the event galactus will win and the battle bus will have to take us to a new island plus what would the battle bus do in the event?also how else would it be a bigger event than the end
Edp445 Lives
Edp445 Lives - Måned siden
Fortnite is trash cod is better.
tortoise tube
tortoise tube - Måned siden
near the weeping woods bunker there is some tnt. tntna might return
Tammie Brandon
Tammie Brandon - Måned siden
can i please have any thing in the item shop and my name is zilla E
Cohen Kirby
Cohen Kirby - Måned siden
I wish old fornite rows that
Billy Pedley
Billy Pedley - Måned siden
I just wondered if you might ever go to other games/ go back to them because I always watched you but lately I just haven’t been into fortnite and I don’t think I will ever like it again
OffRoadLife - Måned siden
Ali is back to playing cod go look at new channel Ali a plays. For all you ogs that might not know
Adam Bhamjee
Adam Bhamjee - Måned siden
you are the best
Grapefruit54 Pog champ
Grapefruit54 Pog champ - Måned siden
Oooo another fortnite video 😒
HyperBoom 28
HyperBoom 28 - Måned siden
Is black panther coming
Ahmed Adil
Ahmed Adil - Måned siden
imagine watching ali a
caroline dodd
caroline dodd - Måned siden
RIP tilted
Sarah McCarthy
Sarah McCarthy - Måned siden
I have a theory the device from season2 will help us in the war against galactose
St0mphead - Måned siden
When they realise the orb was just a plazma ball 🤡 🤡🤡
Ollie Steel
Ollie Steel - Måned siden
Fortnite always are prepared for a new season why do they delay it
Matthew john
Matthew john - Måned siden
Xz Sammy
Xz Sammy - Måned siden
That’s sick if your watching make sure to go to Alia shop
xshieldz - Måned siden
Lol stop trying to be relatable in a way it's just cringe
Alex Hobson
Alex Hobson - Måned siden
Hay I live in eroup
ThunderHog - Måned siden
Play Cod
Jason Jennings-Rigg
Jason Jennings-Rigg - Måned siden
Poo poo face
Tracey Bokermann
Tracey Bokermann - Måned siden
Ghoul Rainz
Ghoul Rainz - Måned siden
Battle bucks reminds me of roblox tix
Krystin Noah
Krystin Noah - Måned siden
I love you Ali a
ocean - Måned siden
Can I get a yeet ali a
Jason Deguara
Jason Deguara - Måned siden
Tiffany Wellman
Tiffany Wellman - Måned siden
ummmmmm heres a question after the ghost rider things done with will it come in the shop?
Micah Bell
Micah Bell - Måned siden
Every time I watch a Ali a video I ask myself how did I get here?
Come watch This
Come watch This - Måned siden
Fort nite is a mistake
Maria Perez
Maria Perez - Måned siden
Stop the cap
the boi
the boi - Måned siden
Yo Ali-A I joined your discord and I can't contact you
I am the Boi
Flame - Måned siden
If u didn’t notice,Ali is playing on ps5
Jan Jimenez
Jan Jimenez - Måned siden
He can just be a fan
Amarjit Rana
Amarjit Rana - Måned siden
I miss the old days
Ghazala Shah
Ghazala Shah - Måned siden