Fortnite accidentally *BANNED* me...!

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Fortnite BANNED me in the middle of a video!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
Runtime: 11:14


Jeff Thomasson
Jeff Thomasson - 4 dager siden
I got it first try
Alek Dimkov
Alek Dimkov - 5 dager siden
1:26 ended me
Srikar Bhuvanagiri
Srikar Bhuvanagiri - 7 dager siden
7:45 , Thank me later
Sawyer Rand
Sawyer Rand - 22 dager siden
I caught the vendetta flopper a month ago.
Austin P
Austin P - 28 dager siden
Luca Smith
Luca Smith - 28 dager siden
I got the new one
Fortnita - Måned siden
James Harness
James Harness - Måned siden
Asas also hahah
Rupert Mantis
Rupert Mantis - Måned siden
Note are OP
Muaaz Cajee
Muaaz Cajee - Måned siden
Alia can i pls have the battle pass
Mitchell Warkup 2011
Mitchell Warkup 2011 - Måned siden
I have subscribed
hbgf yjs
hbgf yjs - Måned siden
steely dan
نور زاهدة
نور زاهدة - Måned siden
to be honest i got the midas fish in my first try in the game
نور زاهدة
نور زاهدة - Måned siden
and even the vendetta flopper it keeps on doing the same
Bigcouz52 aka Kianna
Bigcouz52 aka Kianna - Måned siden
To catch the mides floper
Bigcouz52 aka Kianna
Bigcouz52 aka Kianna - Måned siden
You need the mides
30 Nirmal
30 Nirmal - Måned siden
What are the headsets that you use
Gaming Channel
Gaming Channel - Måned siden
I found it
RaZe-UP YT - Måned siden
I did a live stream on my channel called TRYING TO CATCH MIDAS FLOPPER and I caught a midas flopper
Tobias Robinson
Tobias Robinson - Måned siden
Banned *US*
Zoé Dionne
Zoé Dionne - Måned siden
0:36 That was so fast!
One sub before 2021? ?
One sub before 2021? ? - Måned siden
Petition for AliA to bring back his old intro
Jonas Bergendal
Jonas Bergendal - Måned siden
daily bumps
Bulba Saur
Bulba Saur - Måned siden
Bulba Saur
Bulba Saur - Måned siden
ALIA ima call 922 on u
Gnashy !
Gnashy ! - Måned siden
Anyone else wants Ali-A to bring his old intro back?
Nathaly Valdes
Nathaly Valdes - Måned siden
Today I got banned for no reason until I got back in
Water Vortex Gaming
Water Vortex Gaming - Måned siden
I’ve caught 3 Midas Floppers
Fortnite Dude
Fortnite Dude - Måned siden
I live in sarn
Fortnite Dude
Fortnite Dude - Måned siden
Can we clab
Fortnite Dude
Fortnite Dude - Måned siden
My YouTube channels name is Fortnite deud
Fortnite Dude
Fortnite Dude - Måned siden
You have inspired me now I am a YouTube er
hamza khan
hamza khan - Måned siden
Fall guys
hamza khan
hamza khan - Måned siden
Morbile is bach
Sharon Rodriguez
Sharon Rodriguez - Måned siden
Miguel Morales
Miguel Morales - Måned siden
I got the vendena and the mides fish at the same time
Kingmally 12
Kingmally 12 - Måned siden
I’ve got the Midas flloper
Big chungas Chungas
Big chungas Chungas - Måned siden
He was using a skin changer if your wondering it’s a thing to give you any skin ninja and true also used it but Ali a got banned they didn’t a skin changer is where you can pick any skin you want
Mya Norman
Mya Norman - Måned siden
I caught the Midas flopper twice
Hype Simulator
Hype Simulator - Måned siden
love the vid, wanna support eachother
Rebecca Tickhill
Rebecca Tickhill - Måned siden
my mum has got the midas fish
13280-Ibrahim Faisal M Alayesh
i found the midas flooper
Recon Aile
Recon Aile - Måned siden
Hi I’m recon
ZacharySnipeZ - Måned siden
I hit the new version of item shop for 24 hours then it was gone
Joshua Talbot
Joshua Talbot - Måned siden
My epic is jtlsnt
Joshua Talbot
Joshua Talbot - Måned siden
I just caught the midas flopper
Lukesh Moodaley
Lukesh Moodaley - Måned siden
Alia:epic accidentally banned me
Epic:you thought
sheeraz najib
sheeraz najib - Måned siden
You got banned because remember you got a free win and Fortnite Epic games saw and Epic games was like I can’t let him have the glider
mostapha chaarani2007
mostapha chaarani2007 - Måned siden
he banned and then he cri
Iconic Rainz
Iconic Rainz - Måned siden
It was es to get it
tenaye mohammed
tenaye mohammed - Måned siden
No way if he got banned then epic do not won’t let nobody wants Everyone not to get the fish even the mides fish
ALEX IKER - Måned siden
i uste your code
Ciaran1210 Coleman
Ciaran1210 Coleman - Måned siden
Will you try get the gorgeous you’re going to get a grip let you do that try fishing so I found on my desktop is so easy that way okay and might work might not work for the new 1.000000000 grow to get a car
Jessica Wilkerson
Jessica Wilkerson - Måned siden
Alyea can you friend me on fortnight dragon
Isaac Rodgers
Isaac Rodgers - Måned siden
Who else watched the tiktok and went to the vid
Fortnita - Måned siden
Tunisha Padilla
Tunisha Padilla - Måned siden
And I was so happy
Tunisha Padilla
Tunisha Padilla - Måned siden
He clickbaited us
Phil Tevaga
Phil Tevaga - Måned siden
dats a flooper i have it
Adrien Diaz
Adrien Diaz - Måned siden
Oh he got ban
Azad Jan
Azad Jan - 2 måneder siden
I used your code
Virginia lea Howell
Virginia lea Howell - 2 måneder siden
1:00 is a w
BlueEyed SkeletonMan
BlueEyed SkeletonMan - 2 måneder siden
Fortnite "Accidentally" banned me

If they banned you it's for a reason
Brandon Yaboy
Brandon Yaboy - 2 måneder siden
Che Nacu
Che Nacu - 2 måneder siden
DarrenEmiliePlayz - 2 måneder siden
What you came for 7:46
Samantha Kenny
Samantha Kenny - 2 måneder siden
Who ever likes Alia
Tomato_ Fortnite
Tomato_ Fortnite - 2 måneder siden
I just catch the Midas fish
Stan Lindsey
Stan Lindsey - 2 måneder siden
My friends have Found the modes fish
tulpexpere 3
tulpexpere 3 - 2 måneder siden
Nah it wasn't accidentally they wanted to ban you
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian - 2 måneder siden
No its maintenance
TG_GAMMING_ PRO - 2 måneder siden
Dan Martin
Dan Martin - 2 måneder siden
nousheen jumani
nousheen jumani - 2 måneder siden
I found the midas flopper
Fh Gh
Fh Gh - 2 måneder siden
Danko TTv
Danko TTv - 2 måneder siden
OKRAM MASTER - 2 måneder siden
Brayden Keep
Brayden Keep - 2 måneder siden
Epic games did make a mistake I got banned to
Jonathan_PLAYZ - 2 måneder siden
I like the Excuse that they accidentally named you lol
Y TEAM GAMING - 2 måneder siden
Fishy gamer #fishy army
Fishy gamer #fishy army - 2 måneder siden
I have the vendetta flipper like 3 times
Aryeh Lichtenfeld
Aryeh Lichtenfeld - 2 måneder siden
What camera does he use
Michael - 2 måneder siden
Everyone got banned tho
gg August
gg August - 2 måneder siden
Ali a i cagthe the midas flopper
Crazyironkid 70
Crazyironkid 70 - 2 måneder siden
He got a small taste of Jarvis
Sconnie And Jam
Sconnie And Jam - 2 måneder siden
I caught the vendetta flopper 4 times
Eli Jackson
Eli Jackson - 2 måneder siden
I heard that there was a hacker that hacked the servers so they had take down the servers
Swifts - 2 måneder siden
midas flopper is in game!!
Phil Mcgill
Phil Mcgill - 2 måneder siden
Alia is the best
Youssef Ayesh
Youssef Ayesh - 2 måneder siden
Мистер Многочлен чебуреков
Help i streamsniped ali-A in team rumble yesterday;-;
Mason T
Mason T - 2 måneder siden
You can find the Vandella fish at Misty Meadows
Machete Cortez
Machete Cortez - 2 måneder siden
How did you keep your AR
Lil Kick_pure
Lil Kick_pure - 2 måneder siden
Iron man card points to the air ship
Mohammed Taufik
Mohammed Taufik - 2 måneder siden
why are you still cringe
Robert Madrid
Robert Madrid - 2 måneder siden
I like the new one
Amillionaire Austin
Amillionaire Austin - 2 måneder siden
Jayden Williams
Jayden Williams - 2 måneder siden
I found the vendetta flopper
Low - 2 måneder siden
my item shop is the new layout
OBADIAH YORK - 2 måneder siden
New layout is cool we’ve had the old one Sence season1 chapter1
Ayodhan Patel
Ayodhan Patel - 2 måneder siden
15 is my birthday yayayayyyayayayayaya