EVERYTHING *NEW* in Fortnite SEASON 4! (Map Changes, Weapons + MORE)

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 everything NEW - Weapons, Fishes + MORE!
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Runtime: 13:42


Albenaachim Aldinova
Albenaachim Aldinova - 15 dager siden
AliA am not a scammer but can you please gift me the battle pas
Sweet Playz
Sweet Playz - 15 dager siden
I love how he says btw
melissa rizk
melissa rizk - 15 dager siden
Gamer Boy Nishad
Gamer Boy Nishad - 27 dager siden
3:43 pr ooooooooooo
Sharon Hafenbrak
Sharon Hafenbrak - 27 dager siden
AliA *We CANNOT crash into anything
also AliA *crashes into a brick wall and four bushes
me *lafing* :P
RazviFn - Måned siden
Already 2 months...
Gamer Boy Nishad
Gamer Boy Nishad - Måned siden
I fanilly got Tony stark bulit in emot
Steven Yule
Steven Yule - Måned siden
And my nameis jackAYW2013
Steven Yule
Steven Yule - Måned siden
I hav not have not won in the game and i an six
Mona Williams
Mona Williams - Måned siden
Toni Frazier
Toni Frazier - Måned siden
you give me the deer devil skin
Emo Amin
Emo Amin - Måned siden
I love you Alia
i love ali cause my name is ali to
TakedaNoKami - Måned siden
What if thanos comes by and snaps hes fingers?🤔
Ayan vlogs And games
Ayan vlogs And games - Måned siden
Use code AliA in the fortnite item shop
Use code AliA in the call of duty item shop
Use cod AliA in the rocket league
Ayan vlogs And games
Ayan vlogs And games - Måned siden
Item shop
terminator - Måned siden
but no wins
Xs Yoda
Xs Yoda - Måned siden
Will mice be back next season
Harpreet Chadha
Harpreet Chadha - Måned siden
Ur channel is very nice .My son enjoy it .Thank you.
hadeel alotaibi
hadeel alotaibi - Måned siden
0:17 screen gets covered
hadeel alotaibi
hadeel alotaibi - Måned siden
Exact time 0:27
Argus Argus
Argus Argus - Måned siden
Can you give me the iron man skin pls
Kanyn Washburn
Kanyn Washburn - Måned siden
Ail a I got the Midas flopper.
Frost_ Ninja
Frost_ Ninja - 2 måneder siden
Brand new fishes
Grammar poet
J0NAT E - 2 måneder siden
Am gonna start to play IT again
Poop Pee
Poop Pee - 2 måneder siden
I want Bucky Barnes in fortnite
Jay Anderson
Jay Anderson - 2 måneder siden
I use your code
Rithwick Reddy
Rithwick Reddy - 2 måneder siden
Charge is the best no doubt
Rithwick Reddy
Rithwick Reddy - 2 måneder siden
The thing is about charge is if you yeet yourself to the enemy in mid air you fully charge and and hit the head with full charge it is a one shot. So sweats use charged more
Alicya Life
Alicya Life - 2 måneder siden
It sad cause I play mobile
Jakey Boi
Jakey Boi - 2 måneder siden
4:26 ali a actually uses aimbot
MissAmazanda - 2 måneder siden
I love playing fortnite and also collecting the toys, they need to make an agency playset that would be sweet...
HoodieMonster64 - 2 måneder siden
4:35 did he really just miss a purple charge lol
Vishwa prabhakar
Vishwa prabhakar - 2 måneder siden
Charlie Cawthorn
Charlie Cawthorn - 2 måneder siden
I love you ali
Angel Solano
Angel Solano - 2 måneder siden
I Caught the vandetta flopper
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait - 2 måneder siden
I made a tutorial about picking up girls on Discord.
victoria white
victoria white - 2 måneder siden
PAUSE ON 8:15 it looks sick
suresh manghnani
suresh manghnani - 2 måneder siden
Make a video
Kimberly Mathieson
Kimberly Mathieson - 2 måneder siden
I use yo
Kimberly Mathieson
Kimberly Mathieson - 2 måneder siden
tunalatte - 2 måneder siden
Do you play on controller Ali-A?
Hunter Adamson
Hunter Adamson - 2 måneder siden
Nu the tacky wacky
mostapha chaarani2007
mostapha chaarani2007 - 2 måneder siden
I hate tac smgs but not much bc it doesn't deal a lot of damage
Isaac Walmsley
Isaac Walmsley - 2 måneder siden
Did anyone forget about me on mobile
Nancy Reyes
Nancy Reyes - 2 måneder siden
BattleDoze op
BattleDoze op - 2 måneder siden
Jaiden Sgroi
Jaiden Sgroi - 2 måneder siden
I am in your serverDiscord
Miriam Torres
Miriam Torres - 2 måneder siden
when u can’t play the new season because yr a mobile player 😔
Yes Ok
Yes Ok - 2 måneder siden
Have been waiting for a iron man skin since it came out, but since apple banned fortnite from mobile, I had to switch devices.
MyAim Disrespects
MyAim Disrespects - 2 måneder siden
Go back to cod
bryan and isabella show
bryan and isabella show - 2 måneder siden
I like and subscribe
Blooper BEAN
Blooper BEAN - 3 måneder siden
I’m on Mobil so I don’t have the new season
Ninja Warrior
Ninja Warrior - 3 måneder siden
The best built emotes are the ones that change ur appearance or give you a rocket raccoon
xnc young slice
xnc young slice - 3 måneder siden
Atomic _ Mudkip
Atomic _ Mudkip - 3 måneder siden
Insane Ugi
Insane Ugi - 3 måneder siden
You are talking so weird fr
Jake Argueta
Jake Argueta - 3 måneder siden
I use code alia
Kenrick vazkya zakie
Kenrick vazkya zakie - 3 måneder siden
Ali-A is bad youtuber fresh is better
Patrick Orallo
Patrick Orallo - 3 måneder siden
Nexus war
Ross McDougall
Ross McDougall - 3 måneder siden
Ali mate ur o.p
Vegan Chloe.lodess
Vegan Chloe.lodess - 3 måneder siden
Hi baby I love you so much
Manaulee Roblox
Manaulee Roblox - 3 måneder siden
fortnite: hunting rifles and heavy snipers gone!!

fortnite:the tac smg is back
me: **loses all anger and throws a party**
Maciu Lisiecki
Maciu Lisiecki - 3 måneder siden
Maciu Lisiecki
Maciu Lisiecki - 3 måneder siden
krishna gohil
krishna gohil - 3 måneder siden
Do the Dr Doom place
Arnav Agarwal
Arnav Agarwal - 3 måneder siden
He sounds just like morgzz. The most annoying voice ever
sweaty antonieboss
sweaty antonieboss - 3 måneder siden
Alia ur so trash 1v1 bot
Essa Suhail
Essa Suhail - 3 måneder siden
Ali a u look like Finn balrer
96Inumisu - 3 måneder siden
Who remembered when the Scoped AR was op it’s still ❤️ The Scoped AR
Aaryan_dembla - 3 måneder siden
I used code AliA in the item shop
Callumstoneee - 3 måneder siden
I love you videos
Rocket.League God
Rocket.League God - 3 måneder siden
I got the battle pass it is sick
the receipts
the receipts - 3 måneder siden
It is so unfair how IOS players can’t play 😩
Noura Almheiri
Noura Almheiri - 3 måneder siden
did anyone realize the sides of the authaurity have been remeved
one2leon - 3 måneder siden
YouTube do be doing us with these double ads
Gondrong Gondrong
Gondrong Gondrong - 3 måneder siden
Semangat ya alia untuk bikin vidionya,,,,,
Zean Ibis
Zean Ibis - 3 måneder siden
Ali I’m going to get the chapter 2 season 4 battle pass so you don’t need to send anything to me in Fortnite
Good Juju Gourmet Cookies
Good Juju Gourmet Cookies - 3 måneder siden
Hey Allie you can friend request me my user name is closer for 27 but if that doesn’t work well my user name is
is great
Julie Munoz
Julie Munoz - 3 måneder siden
Can you get me a Nintendo switch I have an iPad
Jay.B - 3 måneder siden
I'm not enjoying it because I can't buy the battle pass
Mike Wills
Mike Wills - 3 måneder siden
I want fortnite to do a jurassic world season
Jesus Reyes
Jesus Reyes - 3 måneder siden
I love it
Levy Gaming
Levy Gaming - 3 måneder siden
The jellyfish is actually a chug splash
Impulsitie - 3 måneder siden
My aim used to be godly until I took a break for a month
Rolandas Novogrodskis
Rolandas Novogrodskis - 3 måneder siden
Bro u play ps4 lolll
FireKing plays
FireKing plays - 3 måneder siden
No one:
Logan Paul in Japan: 8:12
Kristen Cheston
Kristen Cheston - 3 måneder siden
Code Alia
Barrett Hannon
Barrett Hannon - 3 måneder siden
Hey dude I’ve never gotten a win so can you help me my user is NinjaHannon
gage garwood
gage garwood - 3 måneder siden
if you use code typical gamer ile be happy
xd Raider
xd Raider - 3 måneder siden
You can side grade charge to a pump
Aggelos Komis
Aggelos Komis - 3 måneder siden
I clicked the video just for the intro and it's not here
Daianaly Reyes
Daianaly Reyes - 3 måneder siden
hi Ail-A am a big fan
Carleigh T.
Carleigh T. - 3 måneder siden
He called a helicopter a plane 😂
Michał - 3 måneder siden
Stary Ali a lepszy🥺
Fire Kid
Fire Kid - 3 måneder siden
I use code alia
Tony C.
Tony C. - 3 måneder siden
Are use your code I do you for fortnight code
TH3 PHAZE - 3 måneder siden
Plot twist: Fortnite is running out of ideas and they go with Ali a's predictions and theories
Jordan 09
Jordan 09 - 3 måneder siden
I can't do anything here.
I play on my iPad😭
gamesforever snowfox
gamesforever snowfox - 3 måneder siden
What if the robot came back
K.laltlan Hlui
K.laltlan Hlui - 3 måneder siden
It would be so funny if epic games add jojo brizzel adventure in fortnite
Savage Gunner
Savage Gunner - 3 måneder siden
Anyone notice that the iron mans back bling opens up when you aim down sights
EB Gaming
EB Gaming - 3 måneder siden
The fire trap has been released in save the world they just added it to battle royal
Olivia Williams
Olivia Williams - 2 måneder siden
Tuym is at 3
Olivia Williams
Olivia Williams - 2 måneder siden
Me yozi namp is Eliah blike 117